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Extremely good essay by poisontaster - And the fault is not in making the mistake and using the 'wrong' words. We all make mistakes. We all sometimes say less (or more) than we mean. No. The question—and any potential fault—is in what we do afterward.

To balance the fact I now have a tag for stupidity, I should create a tag for awesome. So it is done.


An open letter to the mods of deviant_daily by oulangi - Look, I understand its horrible and hurtful to be accused of racism. But those first emails were NOT accusations. It was an objection to an offensive word Zvi thought you’d used accidentally. If her letter seemed angry and offensive to you, well – she was angry and offended. Rightfully so. Just because the offense was accidental does not mean people don’t have the right to be offended.

Winner of best title of a entry yet by coffeeandink - Harry Potter and the Racist Daily Deviant Moderators

(Yes, I know all of these will show up in metafandom, but they cheer me up immensely and control the urge to look for more award winning idiots.)
Tags: awesome, meta: links, meta: racism

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