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does this say something about education?

A fantastic post on the origin of the word miscegenation and the world that surrounded both its inception and the laws that used it.

What surprises me vaguely is I remember that being a vocabulary word in high school history class, specifically related to the proliferation of the law after the Civil War.

A link list of posts on the subject. For those who ignored their flist until, er, a few hours ago? zvi_likes_tv posts here about her email exchange with daily_deviant regarding the use of miscegenation for their prompt. It's interesting reading.

And missing the point dramatically. The mods, I mean. I get the entire 'do not want to censor or whatever' except I honestly *don't* in this case. This is not a test case for the fucking Supreme Court; no one is rioting, threatening, or trying to restrict your free speech, laws will not be passed or overturned, and surprisingly, I don't think the integrity of hte process will be wrecked. Find a similar-meaning word that isn't likely one of the founding laws of the Ku Klux Klan. Honestly, I think it's fairly--to excuse the saying--black and white. Erase and synomym already. I'm kind of iffy on the concept of interracial anything be considered a kink prompt, to be honest.

At minimum, disregarding its history, and the fact that oh, a thousand fangirls just freaked out publicly and are kind of beyond appalled and moving into pissed, do it for the sheer PR value, okay?


(randomly: this is one of those things that really *do* freak me out due to personal experience; my aunt's second husband was African American, and while he wasn't the type to talk about the problems they had, she did. Not to mention it's surprising what people will say around kids. I never heard that word used against them as a kid; I didn't hear it until high school. What I did hear was just as bad. There's a very knee-jerk response to it of disgust; not only of its existence, but that anyone with any kind of sense would run across it and think it was a good idea to *use* it.)

(second: seriously, when Fandom Wank is staring at this in blank shock....)
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