Seperis (seperis) wrote,

it's like staring at the bowels of hell

SGA is one of those fandoms that I am sure in the future, I will look back on and begin to sweat in memory of the fact that after way too many fic, I am forced to look up unsolved math problems for context on the plotline.

And become inappropriately entranced with Fermat-Catalan. Possibly because it's the first one so far that vaguely resembles something, I don't know, readable.

...I still get shocky after one intrepid writer sent me to one that had brackets. Like, many of them.

Life isn't complete without Madelyn.

svmadelyn: *dares you* I give you six years to solve that.
svmadelyn: if you do, I'll make you brownies. In your house. *nods*

I don't even know how to make that understandable.

I think the icon expresses it all.

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