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people for the conservation of limited amounts of indignation

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it's like staring at the bowels of hell
flying pig
SGA is one of those fandoms that I am sure in the future, I will look back on and begin to sweat in memory of the fact that after way too many fic, I am forced to look up unsolved math problems for context on the plotline.

And become inappropriately entranced with Fermat-Catalan. Possibly because it's the first one so far that vaguely resembles something, I don't know, readable.

...I still get shocky after one intrepid writer sent me to one that had brackets. Like, many of them.

Life isn't complete without Madelyn.

svmadelyn: *dares you* I give you six years to solve that.
svmadelyn: if you do, I'll make you brownies. In your house. *nods*

I don't even know how to make that understandable.

I think the icon expresses it all.

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I was reading up on the Millenium Problems and. I'm studying parts of discrete math and even the "simpliest" are blowing over my head. D: How people manage to fic it ASTOUNDS ME.

*sniffles* I want to know why of the ten equations that exist for it, p never equals 2.

*buries head in hands* Please kill me.

See, this is why this fandom is always weird for me because I hate math. I think numbers were put on this earth just to make me crazy. And yet?

Math fandom.


*hugs you in solidarity*

There's math in this fandom? Beyond 6 factorial?

* Looks around wildly *

- Helen

I know. I looked up Millinium problems for Slow Braille of Touch and ended up choosing Navier-Stokes equasions, because it seemed like something John might enjoy tinkering with.

I am SO BAD AT MATH it's not even funny. And my husband majored in it. And ancient Greek. Yeah.

::shivers:; The things we'll do for love and versimilitude.

::smishes you::

*sits with you* It's like a universe that *makes no sense*.

Bless your heart. Luckily, I'm through the tough part of my story and now can get to teh sex.

I'm not thinking about the WIP with PTSD that's waiting for me. I'm more thinking about things John'll do when he gets back to Atlantis, like plaster himself all over a puddlejumper and coo at it, then drag Rodney inside.

And make sure he has his red ball. He'll carry it around for a week, but he keeps jingling it absentmindedly, and it drives Rodney and Teyla crazy.

There will also be a short tussle over the bunnybed, but John pretty much moves in, so it's not so much of a problem. He keeps golf balls, koosh balls, baseballs whatever in it, and once, when Rodney's really, really sick, he might um, have it in the bed with him, just you know, sitting there, while he goes to sleep, And he might be holding it at the time.

Okay. Brain off now, plse.

>>...make sure he has his red ball ... a short tussle over the bunnybed...<<

::dies in melty puddle while making flaily hands and dolphin noises::

I just posted a whole list of 'em!!

I know the feeling. I look at so many of the fics that include the math problems and flail in total helplessness. Math has always been my bane. Meanwhile, i'm in a fandom that it is canon that both characters can do this stuff like they're breathing. Rodney's music i understand much better, because that's my breathable skill. Math? no way, sorry. That adage about musicians being better at math? um no. I freak out at basic Trig!

But i WILL end up looking up some of those theories if i ever get this bunny of out my HEAD. *headdesks* The equations i've seen in the fic alone make me go 'buh?..what?'. I understand japanese better than i do those things! *laughs*

All for the love of an incredible fandom.

Hah. This is so funny because math was always my favorite subject; I took advanced classes all the way to university and I think the language of mathematic is the truest expression of human intelligence. Hee!

Whereas music is a total mystery to me... And! The type of music I prefer is Bach, which I am told makes a lot of use of mathematic structure (due to the relationship between numbers and musical notes or something? Clueless, I tell you!)

It is so weird and so much fun to see how different we all are... Viva la difference!

I kind of feel the same way yet I've always been able to handle it pretty well mostly because I don't feel like I really need to get it for the fic. A

And that was before... before I started watching Numb3rs.

I'm really intimidated by the Numb3rs fandom and all that math that is there. It actually makes me want to learn all that math that pops up in the show. *boggled at this* And calculus killed me in my second semester!


It scares me but I love it.

heh. i'm currently reading "The Science of Discworld III" (chapters of real science theory, inserted between chapters of comic fantasy) and finally, *finally* starting to get the idea of string theory.

Of course, this happens after I've drifted away from writing Rodney, but -- oh, if I'd known it two years ago. I would have inserted even more half-understood physics references.

...that's possibly not a good thing.

...sometimes I feel very odd, being a little bit in love with math, when so many people I know have problems with it.

I mean, I have no genius for it, no talent, no ability to make leaps of logic. I'll never be a mathematician and I don't get the Millennium Problems at all, but. I love math! It's corny, I know, but it's the language of the universe, because it's the language of science. Equations describe distance and velocity, energy and power, the curves of space. I, uh, could go on, but I'll spare you the poetic wax--it's like earwax but stickier.

I totally get why a lot of people get really frustrated with math--I was really lucky not to end up hating it because I had mild dyscalculia, which *still* isn't commonly recognised the way its cousin, dyslexia, mostly is these days--because even if you do understand the numbers, mostly, math is a hard subject to teach because everyone thinks differently and math is so abstract that that matters a lot; everyone honestly needs to be taught math a little differently.

But, yeah. Math is awesome! I actually think it's really cool that SGA has brought people back to it and to physics, at least a little. Because maybe it's helped them see some of the beauty I see, because they're seeing it through the eyes of John and Rodney--maybe it's been able to bring a little joy back to topic. Even if people don't necessarily understand it any more than they used to, maybe SGA has let them hate it a little less, despite that junior high teacher who was incomprehensible and made them loathe algebra, or, you know, whatever bad experiences with math they've accumulated over the years. I always think, when I hear someone say they hate math, that no one ever says they hate art, even if they can't draw at all. It's not the same, because art is rarely something that you have to take for years on end, but... there's something there. So even though I'm not huge into SGA, it makes me happy to see so many people interested, even peripherally. :)

Sorry to blargh all over your comments! It's just something that's been weighing on my mind lately. I'm taking Calculus and it seems like every time someone sees me doing homework, they'll comment "better you than me," or "oh, I'm so sorry," or "oh, man, I hated math," and I'll sit there going "...but I, um, like it? Er."

(Also, completely unrelated, but the recent post of yours makes me think of it. Man, em-dashes and me. I so abuse them. I try not to, and yet, I use like eighty-billion more of them than almost anyone else!)

SGA is one of those fandoms that I am sure in the future, I will look back on and begin to sweat in memory of the fact that after way too many fic, I am forced to look up unsolved math problems for context on the plotline.
I know what you mean! I've read up on the Millennium Problems. Voluntarily!

I think the icon expresses it all.
I like it. :grins:

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