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and all of the world shall bow and say yeah, css is of the devil

I have this irresistible urge to post snippets of never-to-be-finished fic. Then of course I look at my wip tag and twitch mightily. Very, very mightily.

I have more RAM. Yay!

When Bad CSS Happens to Hysterical People

My stylesheet inexplicably stopped obeying a class command thing. I get there is a hierarchy, yes, but note.

#content-div {border:1px}

apparently forever disallows

.mhead {border:1px solid #000000}

if both are div. However, if mhead is put to p, it *works*.


It's like magic or something.

However, new favorite place:

The best part is after you read it, you click the little example thing and it shows you the code and you *alter it and see the result on the screen beside it*. It's like a miracle.

You can see my rage is still unabated.

When You Realize You Are Insane

Here's the funny part of my earlier nervous breakdown. It *works in IE*. And at work? WE CANNOT USE ANY OTHER BROWSER. So the only person that would ever, ever know is me. Ever. Ever. It was perfect in IE. To get it to work in firefox, I had to go back and re-work how to place an image, exact pixel a few things, and that's when the id/class debate in div appeared. I--do not even know how to deal with it other than to cry and recode all thirty something pages.

Life After Eternal Darkness

My boss got me a card that sings the Star Wars theme and has a Yoda quote on the front that says he appreciates me. It should not make me tear up and say I never need a raise. But it totally did.

God, he knows me.


I called my doctor for permission to increase my number of doses for a few days temporarily. I do need it; I was not exactly surprised to find out that it's a lot easier to work on websites when I'm using it. I have a better retention, hence the fact I could write the above from memory. Actually, I can do most of it from memory now, which honestly I wasn't able to before. And I retain it between days, which is--really cool.

So I do know now it's not placebo--there is a definite difference in my ability to not only stay on a task and finish it, but also to see mistakes. And oddly, to not make them.

I've been checking out the work I did about five years ago on my website--yes, I have saved versions--and there's some obvious errors in there that surprise me, sloppy coding, weird places I can see I just gave up and went with what was already there. And at that time, I was immersed in this crap. I was doing it daily. I knew it ten times better than I'm relearning now. Except now I'm doing it less by rote and more by knowing how the parts go together. It's like the difference between taking notes on something and just doing it. I--have no way to explain it. It just is cool.

It sounds crazy, but it was such a shock--I spent all this week doing the coding, most of it in the end not even bothering with Notetab except do p's on all the text and to go through and lowercase everything after I was done. It wasn't just being able to do it and do it from memory, or see how all the parts went together--this morning was the first time I had to give myself visual guidelines (to fix the problem, I gave all the div id's and div classes a differently colored border and eliminated them one by one to find the problem). It was I wasn't referring to the visual page to see what it looked like. I knew what it looked like by the way I had coded it. And I didn't even realize that until I opened it in Firefox.

(also, funny note. For some reason, I forgot the easiest way to do nested lists is freaking indent the damn things when doing a list in a list. I was driving myself nuts checking to make sure I'd closed the li's, then stopped and realized *indent the inner lists*. Then I can do a visual check that lasts five seconds, instead of two minutes of freaking *counting*.)

Getting back to--the wonders of drug use.

I have no idea how to express how amazing this is. It's not subtle, but it's not a sledgehammer either. It's like putting on my glasses. Sure I can see fine without them, but the world is a hell of a lot clearer with them. Yes, perfect comparison. And for normal life, without glasses works. But for driving, or for seeing long distances--for specific types of activity--glasses are what I need to do them. And this does the same thing.

Downside A: I've alwasy been a little o/c. Not medically-intervention high, and fairly specialized, but it's always been there, and it would come out at random times. I always thought of it as a kind of decompression, this super-organization kick. It was also fairly cool, because it was, to use the glasses metaphor, a point of clarity. It happened most often when I was writing something fairly long, or when I was working on my webpage, but it broke out at very random moments as well for short periods of time.

Ritalin takes this stuff up a level. It's more controlled, more focused, definitely--but it has and can caused well--you've seen my tagging system, right? Right. And it's a good thing at work! But if I have nothing else to focus on, or if I click over there while I'm on my dose, it's kind of near impossible to stop until I run out of ideas or amireal stages a IM intervention. I really don't often run out of ideas. I have tags for *location* for God's sake. Speaking of which, i need to add the one for 'offworld'.

So not *bad*, per se, just something I'm still adapting to.

Downside B: on weekends, I usually don't take my doses during the day. I don't do any work that needs the concentration. I take them at night when I'm online and work on organizing my computer, tagging my lj, backing up my lj, and my heart out. And writing, oddly enough. Which is why I now have four different sites, one now exclusively devoted to organizing all the links from my Trek Meet and Greet last year. Yeah. Let's not speak of that.

But it does cause sleep problems.

Not--jittery. It's very normal. It feels perfectly normal to be up until eight in the mornign on Sunday when I haven't slept for twenty-seven hours. I don't crash or anything. I simply don't sleep. Not even a little. Finally, finally I get a little tired and then eventually fall into normal sleep. It's not even weird feeling, and that's the weird part. Caffeine crashes--hell, when I was taking ephedrine, ephedrine crashes--were like a train slamming into me. This is just a drift. I do feel a ritalin crash, but it's the equivalent of taking off my glasses, and if I'm physically busy with something, it's almost not noticeable (though there is definitely a short-term downswing in my mood, but not a huge one). So yeah.

Okay, getting back to the point. I called to ask for a temporary increase for four days and mapped out the dates and total number of pills. The individual doses and timing doesn't change, just I'll do a 8, 11, 2, 5 for a few days. (these are the times I take them). One day gets an extra 8 pm as well since I'm working from home on the website.

So knowing he allows limited changes, I'm going to ask about 8, 11, 2, 5 for Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday come August 28 when classes start. It'll be about a twelve pill increase overall and it still wears off well before I'll go to bed. I don't know if he'll approve--if not, I'll have to alter to 9, 1, 4 so I can have the right level by the time I go to class at four-fifteen. Taking off my glasses, so to speak, thirty minutes into class will not be fun. And a lot of the reason I wanted to try this *was* the idea I might want to go back to school.

I think the final proof will be the classes. I signed up for Gen Chem I and Fundamentals of Programming (also the reason I wanted to do the website for work, getting back in teh habit of spending a lot of time staring at what seems to be essentially gibberish and seeing it as actual *something*). Gen Chem kicked my ass once, though not the labs. Give me beakers, chemicals, and carte blanche, I'm some kind of idiot savant. I never had a clear idea of what exactly I was doing, but the lab techs were always came over to watch while I cackled (Jesus, *this* is where Child gets it). But the class itself was always like trying to run in water. I could *do* it if I really buckled down hard, but it just took way too long, comparatively speaking, to how I could float through psych and history and polysci. Those classes, of course, gave a lot of leeway with this thing called an 'essay'. And multiple choice questions. And talking about feelings.

So these will be my test. I'm still debating whether to go ahead and add philosophy and precal. I'm thinking no on the precal, but mostly because the times absolutely suck beyond words to describe and also, I don't actually want a full load the first semester back. I want to use this not only to test ritalin and to, you know, get back in the groove of school, but also set up very strict study habits, as my idea of studying is the cram method two hours before class. Sure, it works, but seriously. Ouch. With two classes, I'll have flexibility to experiment when I can fit in studying, how much I'll actually need per class, find out what my weakest spots are and be ready to compensate for them. I'll be able to spend more time working out these things and not give up say, oh, time with child, or fandom, which let's face it, I'm just not going to. And time to write and express creativity and what have you. And do more tagging.

Also? This is so tl;dr. *grins*


How Awesome Is Nancy!

As you know, emrinalexander was hospitalized. She's recovering, but this has definitely put them back a bit in financial. Ami's putting togther a collection. Go to the link above on details.


Now if only LJ will let me *post*.
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