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god, facepalm day already
children of dune - leto 1
I think maybe I'm not all that emotionally stable today, as I was verifiying the webpage I'm working on for work on Firefox, since it's not as forgiving as IE, and my first css table coding is so off and wrong it hurts me and I started to cry.

*sighs* This cannot be a good sign of things to come. I don't know what's bothering me more--that I somehow got it wrong, or that i have to go back through thirty pages and change each one.

Seriously. People are looking at me.

It's the rain. It's gotta be.

And I still don't know why the first table and the header aren't working!

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I know the feeling. I gave up on CSS, because I spent HOURS fighting with it and could never make it work. I bought books, I took tutorials on websites, and it was never anything but a foreign language to me.

It's the rain. It's gotta be.

It is! I love rain normally but even this is really getting me down, two freaking months now! My poor lawn is dying, the grass is fading out in places because it's such a mud puddle. The bricks in the patio are sinking, they're all gray from the mud and it hasn't stayed dry long enough that I could clean them off.

I guess the only plus is that I haven't had to wash my car in ages...

It's not just the rain. It's also the CSS. There's nothing quite like working and working on something and then showing to a friend with Firefox who says, "Oh, that doesn't look right."

I seriously wish I hadn't opened it in Firefox. I just--it *hurts*.

CSS hates us. God.

I am a CSS know-it-most, ackshurely. Point me to your problems and I will mock help! There's also css_forum, started by yours truly but with answers from all over.

I'm deeply deeply tempted, but I'm not sure how to send it. It's a css and a webpage it feeds to. Would email work? I recoded all the div tables to different colored borders for reference--in IE, it looks exactly as it should. In firefox? It's *almost* there. The problem is falling under the ID 'content' I think. The content keeps trying to be larger than the entire div table.

Email addy?

mecurtin at livejournal dot com should do the trick.

If you tried that, it didn't work -- try mec at datagnostics dot com.

Nevermind: I found it. I didn't--I *think*--define every div id that made up the table completely. I'm still not sure *why* the hell content div *exists*, but apparently that one can *destroy the world* if not defined precisely.

Why *does* div content exist? I see the reason for the others, but that one is one that doesn't appear on the actual webpage, but can *destroy lives*. Gah.

*hugs* Thanks for hte offer. And bookmarked the community. NEEDED.

All right, you just made me try to open the family website I've been creating with CSS for the last two days in Firefox. It looks horrible. Thankfully nothing is online yet. Why does it look so different though? *Baffled* I guess I know what to do during the weekend. Am torn between blaming you or thanking you for this.

From what I cna tell with mine? It *looks* like I didn't completely define every single div layout piece by pixel. *darkly* So far.

You could be on to something there. I checked my code and I did define width by pixel in all relevant div elements but not height.

Hmm, it's too late today to make my brain work (11.13pm). Tomorrow, I'll check out that community Mercutin suggested and play with this a bit. Let's see if we can make teh internets break down with our crappy code!

By which I mean *my* crappy code, ahum.

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