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The Toybox

people for the conservation of limited amounts of indignation

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and lo, looked upon the shape of coming watery grave, and it was good
moody cow
I just--don't usually walk out of my house, look back wistfully, and wonder if it will be washed away by the rain.

Perhaps when the coy meterologists smile brightly and say thunderstorm? They should call this something else. Like, oh "God says psyche! Flooding after all!"

Seriously. So wet. You all know I'm not one to complain at all ever, but really. Enough is enough.

Right. Back to your regularly scheduled morning.

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Ah yes. I'd heard texas was getting a wee bit of rain, perhaps?

I swear some weather website tricked me and I ended up leaving my umbrella in my car last night. I wasn't expecting to have to make a run to my car this morning, all the while having to make sure I didn't slip in any puddles. And then when I get to work, my umbrella won't OPEN. I am now sitting here, logging into my computer, shaking, as I wait for my jacket to dry.
So, just to let you know, I feel your pain :)

Oh dear. Be nice to people named Noah, you know?

The one I know is still pre-school age, so I figure I've got some time.

I live at the top of a hill. Come on over. Hope you don't mind a construction zone.

/frivolity. ::hugs you:: I used to live in a tornado zone, love. I know how unsettling this must be.

You Texans always have to go one better than us Brits don't you???

Stay safe

Um, maybe that should have read *worse*

HAHAHA, oh man, is it still raining there? I left for dryer climes a few weeks ago.

So there too? 'Cos England is flooded, and Cape Town (South Africa) had flash floods this afternoon. Spooookyyyyy climate change monnnsterrrrr.

England is flooded
You've made me feel so provincial... There are some dry patches still and I'm not just talking about the tops of hills (though I do happen to live on one)

Over here in drought stricken Australia we had flooding and torrential rain about a month back along the coast where my folks live. They didn't get flooded but they did lose power for three days and the roads in and out were closed. So um . . . buy gas and candles just in case.

*Sends sunshiney thoughts to clear the rainclouds*

It's making me crazy. Crazier.

I always used to tell everyone Austin just gets one big storm per season, as opposed to Houston (how does Houston not fall into the Gulf?) but now, not so much. Still, though it's more dangerous, I prefer the rain than the hot, hot sun.

My god, how is it still raining? How is there anything left to rain? I came to this place resigned to the humidity, not the inundation by raging waters! Damp and miserable, not drowning! Family members are calling me, "concerned." I've taken to immediately explaining how big the state is, over and over, in the hope that they will convince themselves I'm out of the path of the torrent and not stay awake at night.

Send it here! Then I don't have to handwater the 100 or so balled and burlaped trees tomorrow and can have the day off!

Every phone conversation at work today was: "So how are you?" "Oh, looking on Amazon.com for books on how to build an ark. You?"

Dude, seriously! Could it please stop freaking raining for, like, TEN MINUTES?! It's been raining for three months and I am officially done with this crap.

On the upside, TCEQ just declared Texas out of drought, when this time last year we were in the worst drought in recent memory. So, yay for that, obviously.


(basically, i feel you.)

Dude, it's still raining? Oy.

I'll see you your thunderstorm and swap you... oooo, a large section of England. Perhaps Gloucestershire.

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