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The Toybox

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(no subject)
children of dune - leto 1

*listens for ping*

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Also, comment mailing is down. ATM, so do not care. Withdrawal from LJ was *hard*.

YES. Had to remember websites- got headache. Hung out at neichan's, waiting for her to realize THIS was the perfect moment to update, as the entire lj community was her captive audience. She didn't show. Hung out at contrary-perfection, like a homeless person. Wandered over to 852 prospect. Checked Mami-san's site. Then PL Nunn's.

I was going through withdrawal.

*pong* Wait, darn it, someon'es used that. *Pang*.

(Deleted comment)
Well there is a ping. Sort of. If I squint. But for me it's pinging veeeery, veeeeery slooooowly.

Yeah, it's totally not the fastest draw in the west right now.

BUT IT IS ALIVE! *cuddles lj*

DING! (because ping was taken)

LJ's still going to be slow for a few hours, just to warn. The power outages in San Francisco that attempted to eat half the networking internet are still having little brownies now and then, apparently, and SixApart's all "D: We don't know what we did wrong!" about their backup power. Other sites affected include craigslist and technorati. Joy joy joy and pancakes.

...that was a ridiculously long downtime for such a major site.

It really was. Though I do remmber the dark time of a *day* and shudder wondering how I survived.

I wound up spending the evening with the 6A status page up in one tab, the LJ home page error message in another tab, and the comment reply I'd been trying to make waiting in yet another, while I read a longassed fic off LJ and chatted with a friend. We both found it highly suspicious that for many hours there were updates upon updates regarding work being done on getting TypePad up and running and that evidently they saved LJ till last out of all their other downed services.


Oh, man, that's such a relief. For most of today, I was worried that work might have restricted access to the LJ site. I would have continued to live, but, oh, the joy would have been sapped out of my working hours.


what was your GreatestJournal account again? and did you hang out there?


Not so bad when you haven't finished Harry Potter yet.


At least I got to sleep at a decent-ish hour?

on my friendslist, the very next post is the podfic of cesperanza's "Ping" so I figure the universe already answered you

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