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because i am greedy like that
children of dune - leto 1
Okay, this is mostly for my own reference--I haven't updated my HP recs since my last HP phase a million years ago. God, I cant' even find the post I put those recs in. Just my webpage.

A Thousand Beautiful Things by Diunn Fionn

Autumn Can Really Hang You Up the Most by Diunn Fionn

Harry Potter and the Slytherin-Colored Lamborghini by Diunn Fionn

Delicate Sound of Thunder by Diunn Fionn

Okay. *deep breath* Recs please? Preference to Harry/Draco or Snape/Lupin. If God is kind, both. Please? I'm in a phase again.

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If you haven't read her yet, Arsenic Jade writes amazing HP fic. She's done a lot of different pairings (including threesomes) that all work beautifully. They do include some Harry/Draco and some Lupin/Snape. I also love her 'Great Expectations' where Harry is trying to figure out what to do with himself after defeating Voldemort and George helps him along the way. It's also got a side helping of Fred/Draco which is funny and sweet (and everyone thinks Fred is pulling of a brilliant joke).


Arsenic Jade wrote a favorite of mine, An Eye For An Eye, a wonderfully hurtful threesome. Harry/Draco/Severus.

Dang! I just cannot get links to work right today... my apologies, as I'm at work and can't devote any more time to it.

*7!!*&Xoy@@@~! Preview function!

Hi, Jenn.

I'm Carmilla, longtime lurker.

Those are my favorite HP fics.

Maya's Dropdeadgorgeus: It's a WIP. It's histerical and funny.

Maya's Underwater light. It's a classic but....i love it.

Mahaliem's A Slytherin in Griffindor clothes

Aja's Pop quiz

Aja's Love under will

FayJay's Invisible to see:

Mirabella's Harry Potter and the incovenient condition

Lydia Bennet's Sweet

Those are all Harry/Draco but my favorite HP fic has an unusual pairing...


Try it.
It's ....... incredible.


P.s. sorry for my poor english but i'm italian ^_^

I second Underwater Light. Love it!

my favorite harry/draco that hasn't already been recced by someone else in comments is fearlessdiva's tissue of silver universe.

i also made a post here with some old favorites, though most of the rest aren't the pairings you're looking for, i don't think. although transfigurations is harry/draco, i just realized.

My favourite HP story ever is Blood Magic by GatewayGirl here with another, Snakes and Lions, that is also pretty darn good. Blood Magic isn't really about romantic relationships, but there is background Snape/Lupin and it's a fabulous (and looooong) read. The author summary is:

"Blood magic was supposed to keep Harry safe, but his relatives are expendable. Blood magic was supposed to keep Harry looking like his adoptive father, but it's wearing off. Blood is a bond, but so is the memory of hate -- or love."

Snakes and Lions is more about Harry/Draco, though fairly lowkey on the slash.

Oh, and just about every HP fic I really like, I've found through Kai's recs. Divided by gen, het, other and slash with pairings listed, and there are loads.

via friendsoffriends - here are some that I've read recently that I've particularly enjoyed.

Draco under Glass by pushdragon - H/D, postwar.
The Requirement by miggy - H/D (with hardly any H/D), Hogwarts.
Where Draco is a Statue by simmyschtuff - H/D, postwar.
Goodbye to Yesterday by furiosity - H/D and Draco/Roger Davies, postwar.

I gotta go through these links myself, but I agree with the recs for Maya/sarahtales's stuff, and you know about shoebox_project, right? This gorgeous thing set at Hogwarts during the MWPP era that ships Lily/James and S/R but you've got to read it anyway because it's so amazing with the fanart and the character moments and how they created the Marauder's Map and all?

I have had so much fun working my way through all the recs in the comments to this ::sends fannish love from across the Pond:::


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