Seperis (seperis) wrote,

because i am greedy like that

Okay, this is mostly for my own reference--I haven't updated my HP recs since my last HP phase a million years ago. God, I cant' even find the post I put those recs in. Just my webpage.

A Thousand Beautiful Things by Diunn Fionn

Autumn Can Really Hang You Up the Most by Diunn Fionn

Harry Potter and the Slytherin-Colored Lamborghini by Diunn Fionn

Delicate Sound of Thunder by Diunn Fionn

Okay. *deep breath* Recs please? Preference to Harry/Draco or Snape/Lupin. If God is kind, both. Please? I'm in a phase again.
Tags: recs: other fandoms
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