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people for the conservation of limited amounts of indignation

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*controls self*
children of dune - leto 1
I will not create my own customized link page to the crazy by trawling through F-W to boggle at the links to the scary people. That would be wrong.


Even if it's entertaining.

Very. Very. Entertaining.


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Yes you do, so I won't have to go find them myself. *buffs nails*

I spent a bit of time reading the wank yesterday, and some more today, and you know what? It gets so old so fast. Same arguments, same bullshit, and for me, it just kills the squee. And my squee is alive and kicking, and I don't want to kill it.

The scary people are just that. Scary. Personally, I prefer to avoid them.

Mostly I have to resist correcting one of their biggest misconceptions about something JKR said. *rephrased sentence in case of spoilers*

Now you've got me curious. ;)

And as to me and spoilers, I'm done. Finished yesterday. I just don't know if Jenn minds spoilers on her LJ...

The post isn't marked as having spoilers in the comments (though honestly if someone who wants to remain unspoiled comes and reads, they won't have much sympathy from me if they DO get spoiled), so I'd rather not just this moment. I'm sure Jenn will come in *pokes Jenn* and let us know what's cool.

Sounds good to me. I usually see people as adding "Spoilers in Comments" as an ETA, once they see that they're there, but I totally admire and appreciate your carefulness - it's very sensitive of you. :)

I try and be a good fan, so that when I get all "JESUS HOW COULD YOU??" I have something to fall back on.

Now that the post has been modified.

JKR said something along the lines of "Two more deaths than she expected." I think a lot of people heard the line second or third hand or just interpreted it badly. Many people thought she was only going to kill two characters.

Me: In a book about war? Sure.

So they're all "JKR LIIIED!"
And I'm resisting going "In what universe?"

The way I heard/interpreted/remembered that comment about two deaths was that it would be two beloved characters. I don't know where I'm getting that from, but that's how it stuck in my brain, anyway. And, well, you know fandom - he who is beloved by one is much hated by another. Weird way to interpret it, I suppose.


I do like this icon, though. Just 'cause it mostly touches in on things she said, even if a word or two was taken out of context or forgotten or something, and it's funny. :D

Do you have the exact quote, or know of where I could hear/read it? I'd like to.

Sorry to butt in, but here's the EXACT quote:

JK: The last, the final chapter is hidden away although it's now changed very slightly.
J: Is it?
JK: Yeah, one character got a reprieve.
R: Oh really?
JK: Yeah.
J: I mean you are, I just...
JK: But I have to say two die that I didn’t intend to die.
J: Oh no, two much loved ones?
JK: Well you know, a price has to be paid.
R: Significant?
JK: We are dealing with pure evil! So they don’t target the extras, do they? They go straight for the main characters... Or I do.

This is the same interview in which she said that she'd rather kill off Harry to prevent any pro-written sequels, which Fandom of course interpreted as "oh noes, she thinks she can prevent us from writing fanfic if she kills Harry. Bwahahaha!!" In short, Fandom fails at reader interpretation, but that's not news.

Thanks! And no worries about butting in (at least from my end).

So that's where I got the "loved" (not beloved) part of my recollection, but it wasn't said by JKR, it was said by the interviewer. Interesting. Again, this asks the question, who is loved and who isn't? I know several people who hated Tonks, completely and absolutely, but most of the people I know at least liked Remus.

As you can tell, I have a feeling those two were Remus and Tonks, but that's just a guess. And as to a reprieve, I'm guessing Hagrid. What do you think?

And I'm so glad she didn't kill Harry off. I don't think she could have, not in the context of a Good versus Evil story, set in a children's book. I don't think she gives much thought about us adult fans (in terms of mourning the characters, going through the grieving process, etc), but I bet she does care about the kids, and for them to see Harry die and not survive would have been too much.

It also makes you wonder: "loved" by whom, by Rowling or by the readers? Because Rowling is on record as not really liking Snape or Draco, but we all know how worshipped they are in certain segments of Harry Potter fandom. Personally I think it's Remus and Tonks who got the axe, because their deaths were offpage so to speak and therefore an "easy" addition to make. As for the one who got the reprieve, it can be almost anyone who was in any real danger during the battle and that is... everyone. If I had to guess, I'd say Draco.

I never thought she'd kill Harry either, not because it's a children's book (people die in children's books), but because it's a Rowling book and she's always played it fairly safe. Well, I guess that means Dan Radcliffe didn't get his wish for a dramatic death scene, poor lad. *g*

Go ahead. I put an ETA on the entry.

Okay. I'm weak, I admit it.

Would you give me the link?

*smirks* Which one?

For the Very Special Fandom Wank Post that has linked in it *so many terrifying people*....


My most important problem at the moment: Why do we have to refer to the book by these letters? It's giving me whiplash.

On the other hand... maybe I can get a new problem of the moment? I haven't checked the wank comms at all...

*heads to journalfen to see what the wank is about*


*waves merrily* Have fun! Read the ones that are all DEATH THREAT and CRYING LIFE OVER. Cause man. IT's--something else.

Wow, your idea of entertaining is weird to me... But then I avoid untrusted meta because I'd rather shelter my squee.

Well. I tend toward only the crazy meta. It's like the posts in SGA which are all OMGRODNEY IS SUCH A WOOBIE AND CRIES AND CUTS HIMSELF WHEN EVERYONE IS SO OMGMEAN. *Funny*. I'm avoiding the sane anti-squee. It harshes. And I am wrapped in deep love of all characters.

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