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harry potter and the deathly hallows

Quick note: this is *squee*. Okay? Squee. Please to be not continuing and/or commenting in anti-squee. I do not harsh other squee even when I hate their reason for squee. Unless it's under flock or something where they cannto see the harshing of the squee. Or warn for it. Or--whatever. Don't fuck with my squee.

Right? Right.

1.) It is crass, I'm sure, but every one of us where were OMG SNAPE DID IT BECAUSE DUMBLEDORE SAID TO? We are allowed to be smug. Oh yes. I am looking at the post I made after HBP and *grinning*.

2.) Despite all, I loved it. I just--that was what I wanted. Granted, in my ideal world, it would end Harry/Draco and Hermione/Ron with completely understandable Harry/Hermione/Ron action every so often, but--I just. Yes.

I have all these reasons why even though I don't care for Harry/Ginny or Ron/Hermione all that much, but the thing I guess that really penetrated is--this is the life Harry wanted. Married into a big family that adores him, has his own family, his best friends are also now his relatives, a quiet life--and I'm so glad he got to have that. He's sending his kids to Hogwarts! They have fan names!

3.) Snape/Lily. Okay, what I love about this is fairly simple, and pretty insane--Snape could have had her. One stupid word and boom, it's over, but it wasn't a Lily-and-James-meant-to-be and never was. In a very plausible universe one or two dimensionos over, Snape didn't say stupid shit, he married Lily, and they had a son, Harry, with Lily's green eyes and Snape's black hair.

Of course, following that, Snape and Lily die in a horrendous cottage fire. *thoughtful* Though you know, I wonder. How much a differnece it would have made in the chronology if the child was born to a Slytherin. I think Neville is the one who would have been the Chosen One. Or maybe he would have died.

It also makes an interesting point--Voldemort was perfectly willing to spare Mudblood Lily. I mean, sure because Snape asked, but why would that matter? I kind of wonder, vaguely, if the plan would have ended up being more liberal and therefore more destructive and harder to fight--eventually altering the entire concept into a world where muggle-born kids wiht magic were of course accepted as they would be raised by purebred after being taken from their mudblood parents. I mean, sure, they'd be second class wizards, but after the first purge that established the pureblood in command, it would seem like a really fantastic way to say, bring in the ones who were still rebelling by bending a bit for mudbloods wizards. Bring over some bitter families with squib kids. And for that matter, get complete control over a group of kids that would owe their existence to him, just grateful they were permitted into the ranks of wizards. His own little army. You know, just in case the purebred got uppity.

Yeah. This is how I think. *sighs*

4.) I'm still no fonder of James and Sirius. Saying they remind me of guys in high school is redundant. But being assholes doesn't make them evil. I think possibly one of the things I do like about these books is while the lines of good and evil are drawn, the good aren't necessarily awesomely nice and the evil aren't necessarily monstrous in all ways. Except Lupin, who is awesome in all ways.

5.) Death count, for ref:

(chick I never heard of in beginning, eh)
Mad-Eye Moody
Goyle Crabbe
Voldemort (yay!)
Bellatrix (yay!)

(did I miss anyone?)

6.) It is not a fair world if Neville did not marry Luna. They would have seriously *fantatic* kids. I would babysit those kids.

7.) Kreacher was interesting. And a point not only about kindness, see above in the good not always pleasant, but interstingly about loyalty being built by personal bonds, not necessarily ideological ones.

I think that what got me most was not just the Malfoys, who made me deeply happy back a book when family loyalty--say, oh, *love*--broke through idealogical stand. More than that, it underlined Voldemort's biggest weakness--he did not get love at all. Not even theoretically. Not even in an abstract, huh, maybe they will be slightly less useful if they think I am trying to kill their son. Maybe a woman you have been threatening to torture and kill and torture and kill her son is not going to be exactly one hundred percent trying to put you on a throne. Narcissa, Molly, Lily, even Tonks if you interpret her actions being not only for the husband she loved, but for the world she wanted to leave for her child, even Dumbledore's mother giving up her life, more or less, to protect the daughter she loved--that was a pretty strong message about love all in itself.

It does make me wonder about Snape's mother, actually, now that I think about it.

(Aside: Jesus, Molly rocked. I'd marry Ginny to get that awesome mother in law. Just saying. And God, I knew it. I totally knew Molly had it in her.)

I keep thinking that Voldemort must have had minimal time to be a complete and utter emotional retard with his Death Eaters the first time around, because otherwise there's no way they would have stuck around. Blood purity blah blah blah, whatever--I wonder if the difference is that the first time, they didn't have that to lose. Late teens/early twenties, one, you think you're immortal, and two, they hadn't invested themselves in this tiny person that becomes the center of their worlds, three, ideology seems the be-all and end-all.

(I'm betting money now the night that Voldemort went to kill baby Harry, Draco was picked up out of his crib and slept between his parents in their bed while they watched him breathe. And they didn't sleep that night at all.)

It's just so--appropriate. Voldemort died because Harry killed him. Because Harry loved his friends enough to die for them; because Lily loved her son enough to die for him; because Narcissa loved her son enough to lie for him; because a million years ago, or only a few decades, Dumbledore looked at his sister's body and learned what could grow inside him when he wasn't looking; because Snape fell in love when he was ten years old with a pretty muggle-born girl, destroyed the future he wanted most, and loved her enough to give up everything he had become to be someone extraordinary. Because Draco was many things but never a monster. Because Neville is his parents' son.

Because Tom Riddle never understood it, never wanted it, never thought of it, never considered it--that this love thing that he used against them was the weapon they could use against him.

*thoughtful* He never had a chance, did he?

(Now, Dumbledore; yeesh. That--yeah. I twitch in thinking on that; Dumbledore could have been the awesomely benevolent dark lord of awesome. He could have--God. Yeah. No. I'm not going there. I'm just saying; he could have made the wizarding world into something I don't want to think about. And he could have done it without shedding a drop of blood. He could have made evil look kind and darkness seem like light and Muggles wouldn't have suffered because they'd have no idea they were supposed to be free. Wow.)

Er, what number am I on? *scrolls* Right.

8.) Lupin/Tonks. Not being invested particularly in any ship, that just--I don't get it. I just don't. Now, granted, the story is from Harry's perspective, so how the hell would he know about their Awesome and Sundered Love unless they were doing all of it in front of him? Granted. I didn't feel strongly about it either way, but.

There's this entire thing. The Lupin-Potter-Black menage a trois and the Harry-Ron-Hermione. There's a very real part of me that wonders if any of them will ever have that kind of devotion to other people that they do to each other. If there's any real protest I could make to Harry/Ginny, it's the same one that I have with Lupin/Tonks. And it's also, I think, the point. That Lupin, like Harry, wanted something normal for himself. It doesn't have to be Love Everlasting--he has that, had that, with James and Sirius, like Harry has with Hermione and Ron. They both married women who loved them to distraction, that wanted a life with them, that could give them normality, a family.

(Granted, Lupin was acting *bizarre*. I--seriously. I thought he was under Imperius curse or something.)

9.) Love Luna. I do. I just--Harry and Luna would have made me happy.

10.) Harry and Draco, of course, would have made me happier. I am confident I will be able to find that in fanfic and be content. It's odd--what I want in canon is often not what I want in fanfic sometimes.

11.) Albus Severus Potter/Scorpius Draco--the new black. Also, if Draco is not secretly a Sci-Fi Channel junkie? I will be shocked.

12.) How the hell did Neville get that damn sword? That hat is kind of disturbing.

13.) To be very crass: is there any Harry-goes-to-the-house-of-Slytherin that doesn't turn Harry into the next dark lord? I'm curious; an interesting case could be made on how that would have seriously fucked up the Death Eaters and Voldemort's plans if Harry in house would have caused divided loyalties.

14.) And--moment where I remembered I'm a slasher.


"Come to my office tonight, Severus, at eleven., and you shall not commplain that I have no confidnece in you..."

Anyone but me sit up straight and go--wow. So blowjobs can save the world. Who knew?

Yes, just me then.

(Still, the mental image of Dumbledore leaning over Snape's shoulder just enough for Snape to turn hsi head, breathing the words into Snape's ear, a little smile on his face--oh God I am going to hell.

ETA: Dudley. Wow. That--was unexpected. That was *awesome*. That was totally freaking *awesome*. And he will have one magic kid, I bet you *anything*. *Anything*. And Harry looks ruefully amused at the first Dursley ever to step foot in Hogwarts while her grandparents are torn between utter horror and Petunia feels--

Hmm. Wistful. Bitterly regretful that it wasn't her. But it came *through* her, this magic, and a part of her is now going to Hogwarts, finally. And while Vernon twitches, Petunia listens to her granddaughter's stories and smiles at her when she models her robes and it eases that ache of loss she's never admitted.

Okay, *now* done.
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  • this has been a week

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