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The Toybox

people for the conservation of limited amounts of indignation

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cthulhu is among us
children of dune - leto 1

(gakked from kernezelda)

That is the most precious Great Older One ever. And he's the Sleeping God! Perfect for pleasantly apocalyptic nightmares! Rains of blood and toads!



I return you back to your regularly scheduled programming.

For my own curiosity, since again, Harry Potter is almost here! - has anyone from lj cited a Miller Test case we can use for the LJ standard yet? I know some people have asked, but I haven't found any concrete examples.

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*eyes well up* He brings his horror to Hogwarts!


I have Super Cthulhu, Beach Cthulhu (with straw hat and sandals!), and Santa Cthulhu. It's just sad that the bells on the ends of his tentacles don't actually ring....

I am so deeply envious I cannot stand it.

Hey, I also have the Gothic Cthulhu. If I still wore a fanny pack, I'd get one of those too...

We've sold that particular small plush Cthulhu in our store off & on for about 5 or 6 years, it's very popular and sells quickly when we bring it in. My husband is a little sad that the wee kiddies who adore him and demand that their parents buy him generally do not have a klew that they are inviting a Great Old One into their home, they just think he's cute. A friend of mine, a fellow fan, purchased the first one we sold and keeps it by her phone, in case he wants to make a Call. She has a classic photo of her cat snugging the plush, with his head resting on top.

Oddly enough, the really big Cthulhu doesn't sell as quickly. It needs to be on the smallish side to be considered adorable.

*grins* Child's almost old enough for me to give him Lovecraft to read. I'm *very excited*.

Gonna warp his mind!

I totally avoid any Lovecraft that doesn't involve deep aquatic life.

I knew a couple (they've since parted ways) who had his and hers plush cthulhus (one was green, the other purple-- each matched the dyed hair of the other partner). It was special.

Ever noticed my default icon? No, it only LOOKS like a happy yellow octopus.

One of my friends has the cthulu backpack, with an interior guaranteed large enough for human intestines.

My best friend's baby boy has a mini cthulhu and it is his favorite toy.

I want that plushie as well. though I do have the slippers - they're terrifically warm and cozy, and scare Duncan wonderfully whenever I wear them.

ari_o has offered her journal as a test case; she has a NC-17 fic involving a 16-year-old Harry and Professor Snape up at her journal that was looked at by the Abuse Team and okayed.

http://www.deviantart.com/deviation/58795006/ <-- Warning: HAPPY Chthulu. All sorts of wrong about that. Check out the rubber...notaduckie! Also: the soaps just finished production and are supposed to be up for sale online soon. I say soaps because there's also http://www.deviantart.com/deviation/59659208/ and http://www.deviantart.com/deviation/58037390/

...clearly I can't spell. Dammit. DOOMED.

I was ensnared by Secret Agent Cthulhu - http://www.trollandtoad.com/p114478.html - not his best picture, but the shades! the briefcase! the shoes! omg, the shoes. lol. 'course it didn't hurt that it was from an estate sale and therefore nowhere near the price I'd normally pay for a stuffed toy. Yes, yes, I am cheap. Conservative. Whatever. *g*

Miller Test case

This person claims to have posted an explicit underage non-con and then had people report it to LJ abuse several times with LJ Abuse saying it was fine and didn't violate the TOS to each complaint:


And petronelle wrote the most lovely critique of nifty.org story, showing it had redeeming literary value here:


Hee! I have that little guy sitting on my shelf at work. He regularly gets decorated by coworkers according to whims. Hat, sometimes. Sunglasses. Chocolate. That kind of thing.

I love mine! [mini]

I think the correct Miller test is: Fuck you LJ. With a spoon. Like on Oz.

No, wait, can it be the Frank Miller test? Because then fucking anything will pass.

Okay, well, I know this is totally out-of-the-blue. I'm writing to ask if you would consider betaing a fic written by me and bard_mercutio. You might remember us from a fic we posted to sga_flashfic (Sigma Draconis).

Anyway, both Mercutio and I really respect your writing and wondered if you would look over a fic we've just finished and let us know what you think. The fic is about 50 pages in Word, and McKay/Sheppard/Zelenka.

Oh *damn*. Okay, my first reaction is YES JESUS, but I'm doing a beta for someone else and working on final edits on one of mine. And at this point, I know my limits; I'll read it gleefully and then put off the actual work for weeks.

I'm so sorry. God do I wish I could. Thank you so much for asking.

Hee. We thank you. That is a massively wonderful compliment. We both also understand being busy. :)

If you'd like a sneak peek at the fic anyway, just for your own amusement, our working draft is up on my livejournal HERE

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