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*laughs in delight*

From the marvelous dualshine here:

See, the thing is no one's been very clear about this post. You've cited the Miller Test, but that in itself is vague, and no matter how many times the question is asked, no one seems to have a clear answer. So, really, just two questions to ask:

1) If a fanfiction is written about two fictional, underage characters, and it is explicit - fly-on-the-wall explicit - will it be removed? Yes or No.


2) You say that it's only considered 'wrong' if it has no artistic, etc. value. So does that mean that an explicit story about underage fictional characters that is written badly (i.e. poor grammar, awful characterization) may be deleted, but an explicit story about underage fictional characters that is written wonderfully will not be. Again, Yes or No. I'd rather not have any beating around the bush. Just two straight-forward answers, if you'd be so kind.

Bolding is mine.

Hmm. Somewhere there are cookies. I shall make them.

What I'm not sure of--how serious is this in a practical sense? I'm all about the theoretical and slippery-slope--but are we looking at Strikethrough 2007 II: The Return of the Horizontal Bar?

Spoilers apparently on page seven. I skipped seven when someone posted the warning. - apparently spoilers deleted.

You know, this might be a good time to wonder exactly what would be required to make our own journaling site. I mean, besides money, experts, and robust servers.

ETA: It's probably wrong I really just want to try and see just how many comments I can post there, isn't it? Very wrong. And probably a bannable offense. I'm sure that being obscenely active falls far outside the safety of Miller.
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