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The Toybox

people for the conservation of limited amounts of indignation

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right. and the timing is utterly a coincidence
children of dune - leto 1
Or How I Had to Wiki Miller's Test

...so it's not April 1st, right? Right. So this isn't a very bizarre joke.

*thoughtfully looks at smallville tags*

ETA: http://seperis.insanejournal.com

You know. In case it comes to that.

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Its perm accounts are $30, last I logged in.

Just got a free account.

You know, lj_biz could just save us all a lot of stress and carpal by just banning us already.

That would require having a backbone and they're as wishy washy as a worm wriggling on a hook.

LJ really need to state outright what content they are and aren't willing to host and stop being so damn ambiguous and cowardly.

Banning works of fiction on the pretence of being law-abiding is just ridiculous - literary history can offer plenty of PUBLISHED works that portray what LJ seems to think is distasteful way more graphically than fan-fiction.

I think if I had a penis and had published before there were flushable toilets, I'd be okay.

*squints* I mean, that's the definition I got there.

I get that too, though the thing that bothers me most is how they are trying to bend the meaning of the Miller Test to fit.

And moreover, how they are saying that fan-fiction lacks literary or artistic merit.

The entire thing is making me very twitchy with the keyboard. I just keep wondering a.) who has these utterly brilliant ideas and b.) WHY ARE THEY STILL ALLOWED TO SPEAK TO OTHER HUMANS?

Seriously. It's just--surreal.

This is all making me want Rodney/Teen!John oh so very, very badly.

*smiles sweetly at you*

That sounds obscene and I am almost *sure* breaks Miller's Law.

And hey, I wrote that already!

I want moooooooar. (if I remember correctly, it was only a snippit! and then there was a bestiality snippit, yes? And then all the HP fen were like "pfft! We get that all in one go and a bit of torture/non-con thrown in for kicks!")

*is never satisfied*

You're welcome! *cherishes the memory of coercing Jenn into writing things*

*flails* *makes you cookies*

It was gooooooood. *loves Jenn's brainmeats*

I kept seeing "Miller's Test" and thinking it was another eppie of SGA with Jeannie...



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