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if wishes were ponies, i'd probably be trampled by now

On some level, I know it's probably wrong to go back and re-read the svmaria thing from last year. But on the other hand, she's inaugurated her thirty-sixth-ish name recently, and surely that's a record by now for socks?

...please. Tell me that there is not someone with more. Seriously. I get a faint case of indigestion every time someone applies to sv-inquiry and we realize it's another maria.

In other news, I am drinking tea. Paid tuition. Did bank things. Pretended to do work and actually read email whilst learning Great and Terrible Flooding approaches. (no, really. i could totally post my next email from an ark and call it like, the book of jenn in the Even Newer Testament and God, work has to get interesting eventually.)
Tags: a very special kind of crazy, the eternal darkness of sloths, the slow creep of insanity

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