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The Toybox

people for the conservation of limited amounts of indignation

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if wishes were ponies, i'd probably be trampled by now
On some level, I know it's probably wrong to go back and re-read the svmaria thing from last year. But on the other hand, she's inaugurated her thirty-sixth-ish name recently, and surely that's a record by now for socks?

...please. Tell me that there is not someone with more. Seriously. I get a faint case of indigestion every time someone applies to sv-inquiry and we realize it's another maria.

In other news, I am drinking tea. Paid tuition. Did bank things. Pretended to do work and actually read email whilst learning Great and Terrible Flooding approaches. (no, really. i could totally post my next email from an ark and call it like, the book of jenn in the Even Newer Testament and God, work has to get interesting eventually.)

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I can't believe she's still trying that BS.

It's really *freaky*. My Spreadsheet of SVMaria will grow tonight. OTOH, very cheap and fast entertainment, so I cannot judge. Much.

Song lyric for you that I tried to comment with on previous entry but could not due to LIVEJOURNAL IS TRYING TO EAT ME ALIVE...

"If death doesn't get you then life surely will." -- from "Fool's Gold" by Bree Sharp

...it seems to suit a lot of your moments. >_>


LJ is being *difficult* the last few days. *glares at it* Dammit.

36?!? Seriously? How can she even keep track?

I...no idea. *blank* That's a lot.

indigestion ! i had to look this up in a dictionary coz i didn't know it before!
thanks :D

re: maria, my list is surely not as comprehensive as yours and madelyn's but the latest of her socks apparently managed to hide/change the IP, coz for the first time in three month, she has been talking to me again, and said in my LJ entry, that she is not maria *g*, and offered her non-chile IP for proof and that she just moved from spain to tampa, us *g*
oh, and this lovely girl rejected my offer to send her a postcard (which of course, might be a wise thing, since i am not entirely sane myself ;D...)

She's very--something there. Nuts does not cover it, really.

*kind of awed*

Jesus up a tree. It was sad before the 10-15 sockpuppet stage, but it hit psychotically creepy at around 20.

At this point it's like watching a train wreck that never ends. I kind of wonder if she'll ever give up.

(Deleted comment)
...okay, so, not being in the SV fandom myself, I had no clue what was being spoken of with this "maria" person. So I checked your tag filter on it, read the bit about the bipolarism, and about BROKE A TOOTH from clenching my jaw in annoyance.

Also, "compulsive liar"? Incorrect. Try pathological, kid.

...I just got pissed at someone who makes sockpuppets in a fandom that I know nothing of. Now I'm amused at myself.

Did you read the fandom_wank report? She's--its just boggling. Seriously so.


that's a record by now for socks

didnt this certain author/person in HP, i forgot her name, had more socks?!?!

the one, who faked to be attacked by some religious group or something?

it's horrible, because her actions impact how I perceive other lj users. Ex: one lj user started going NUTS about svmaria, and I almost defriended them because I was so tired of hearing about it. As soon as they became sane again, they were their usual cheerful self. But they are rabid svmaria haters, and even started learning new, complicated ways of tracing IP addresses because of it. Svmaria really ruins the fandom.


She can use a different one every day of the month and still have some to spare. *boggles*

Sockpuppet record holder - Rat Patrol fandom

I think the record holder for known sockpuppets is actually held by someone in the Rat Patrol fandom: 600 plus sock puppets that dominated a Yahoo group, pre-LJ. Kathy Agel's posted about the story a couple of times on various lists (FCA-L, Zinelist) and it's quite horrifying in it's scope. The effects were even more dramatic given that Rat Patrol has always been a small(er) fandom.

"This has happened in Rat Patrol fandom, specifically on the Yahoo Club that existed at the time -- one person created 600 sock puppets and claimed that they were all members of a fan club that had existed since the 60s, the members of which had written thousands of stories that appeared in hundreds of zines, and sponsored a con that drew 2000 attendees and all the cast members. This person used several sock puppets (those that stand out are a doctor in the Israeli Army, who had been smuggled out of Nazi Germany in a coffin; a Native American who worked as a translator; a former member of the Wehrmacht; a psychologist who loved to attack people on the Club and psychoanalyze them in posts to humiliate them) to control other members, mostly people who were new to fandom (those of us who had been in fandom for years were suspicious of her, and rightfully so."

The RP sock puppet fiasco also ended up having a 9/11 connection, with the puppet master claiming that 18 RP fen had been in the WTC and 6 were killed. Lies, of course, and exposed fairly quickly.

You can find one of Kathy's posts from FCA-L with more details here (posted with her permission):

Re: Sockpuppet record holder - Rat Patrol fandom

I'm glad someone else mentioned this, because all that stuff is in my fandom bookmarks that I haven't yet sorted out & moved to del.icio.us.

I remember the FCA-L post, and just going -- oh my stars & garters! You know? That was madness.

I swear, I keep this icon around just for her.

If she could channel all of these personalities she could write a fairly interesting novel.

It would have to be set in an insane asylum of course.

Trust me, I have seen individuals with way more than 36 accounts. Of course none of the ones I've seen were particularly sane themselves ;)

Man. It's like, she thinks... if she can maintain the facade it'll all be ok, she can start over and her previous actions don't count.

I was rotflmao at the story of this very... interesting lady. I suppose it must be annoying and creepy for people who have been dealing with it for a while, but I just couldn't stop giggling at the sheer ridiculousness and nerve of this girl.

I also wanted to find out about the 'sv inquiry' thing that you referred to? What is it? And how would a person go about joining it?

It's a community for inquiring on anything Smallville story or meta related. sv_inquiry If you want to join, just click the join link and send me an email. The explanation for why is in the userinfo.

Have fun! I hope you find it interesting.

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