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tuesdays are not better than mondays
children of dune - leto 1
Came home due to congestion headache migraine. I'm still not seeing how a labeling changes makes a difference in the effect. Nor for that matter that they are actual migraines--from what I have heard, mine are never that bad and I can usually function through them okay. This one was chased with some nausea, though, and a weird lightheadedness, so I decided the better part of valor was to run, run, run home, take my medication like a good little girl, and sleep it off.

The sleeping part would have been nice. *sighs* Every time I try, I get in the--hmm, I can't remember the word for it, but it's like some kind of weird mental negative feedback loop. It isn't even anything useful like worry. It's more a drift, which I usually love pre-sleep, but this sort is just--icky. And it tends to jerk me awake but still wanting to sleep, so I'm going to wait until exhaustion pulls me under or something. That--could take a while. I've been working on this headache for roughly twelve hours from its inception. The nausea is mostly gone, but the dislike of food continues.

*thoughtful* Somewhere in my lj are comfort recs. I am going to read every one of them. And I'm starting with beadattitude. Perhaps with the cat.

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hmm, I can't remember the word for it, but it's like some kind of weird mental negative feedback loop

My friend calls that monkey mind, because of the incessant chatter.

They are actual migraines, never doubt that. What you have sounds very much like mine, and they can be extremely miserable even without aura. I get the lightheadedness and nausea sometimes too, and yes -- misery.

My neurologist gave me samples of migraine pills (not imitrex, but some others because they have fewer side effects and interactions) and told me that I should take them and see if I felt better. If I did, then yes I had migraines. It felt like a moment from House.

Comfort fic sounds like a very good idea. And have you tried heat on your forehead? That can help mine. As can chocolate.

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