Seperis (seperis) wrote,

tuesdays are not better than mondays

Came home due to congestion headache migraine. I'm still not seeing how a labeling changes makes a difference in the effect. Nor for that matter that they are actual migraines--from what I have heard, mine are never that bad and I can usually function through them okay. This one was chased with some nausea, though, and a weird lightheadedness, so I decided the better part of valor was to run, run, run home, take my medication like a good little girl, and sleep it off.

The sleeping part would have been nice. *sighs* Every time I try, I get in the--hmm, I can't remember the word for it, but it's like some kind of weird mental negative feedback loop. It isn't even anything useful like worry. It's more a drift, which I usually love pre-sleep, but this sort is just--icky. And it tends to jerk me awake but still wanting to sleep, so I'm going to wait until exhaustion pulls me under or something. That--could take a while. I've been working on this headache for roughly twelve hours from its inception. The nausea is mostly gone, but the dislike of food continues.

*thoughtful* Somewhere in my lj are comfort recs. I am going to read every one of them. And I'm starting with beadattitude. Perhaps with the cat.
Tags: the eternal darkness of sloths
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