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The Toybox

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children of dune - leto 1
Fell asleep at nine last night. On a loveseat. I got up at four, vaguely conscious, to move to a larger couch. Apparently my bed, with say, oh, bedcovers, is no longer good enough.

*buries head in hands* I am getting old.

In other news: ha, tricked you, there is no other news. Currently putting the userguide from work into HTML. Have conquered DIV commands. Sort of. Currently recreating and resizing images. Also recoloring, since for some reason, when I do a capture, half the time it changes the colors. No, I have no idea why.

Also, registered for classes. Later this year, there will be this--we shall call it "psychotic episode" when it occurs to me I voluntarily submitted to an eight in the morning class on a Saturday.

Just think of me kindly.

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What did you sign up for? Are you taking that pre-cal class?

I'm thinking about it still. The only one available is 7-8:30 at night or like, 7:25 to 9 in the morning. I have no illusions I will be able to do math at seven in the morning--I can barely remember my *name*. If I wait a semester, or until summer, I can get a more convenient class and have time to review--I've done a few review sheets on trig and algebra, and I remember most of it and how to do it, but I hit a snag on matrices and functions. And honestly, if I take it, I can't afford to get less than an A or there's no reason to take it in the first place. So--hmm. If I don't take it, I take philosophy. *makes face*

Heh. If I could get into work at 7:30 AM twice a week to take my class, you can handle Satuday mornings. :-)

God. I can't even *imagine*.


This is, thankfully, my last week. 8am is much saner* time to be in to work.

* On a sliding scale of sane--if I ran things I'd roll in at noon every day.

8am Sat. damn. Well. Maybe you could make something fun out of it, and hit a coffee shop near campus afterwards to review your notes and eat pastries?

That is probably going to be my motivation--there's a good coffee shop there.

When you do what kind of capture? Screen capture?

Yes, sorry, screen captures.

That's probably a windows problem - assuming, of course, you're using windows to do the snapshots. Have you tried using another program?

I had to write a user's manual for work (believe me, I sulked and hoarded the office's crap!coffee for a month), and ran into problems with screen captures 'changing' colors.
If that's the sort of problem you're having, have you tried saving the file as a .PNG format?

Hmm. I've been using GIF, but I'll try that and see. It was *bizarre* when grey went to this grey-green thing.

Ahhh. Never use GIF. GIF is teh evol. At the very least, use JPG. BMP or TIFF should also work, they're non-compressed formats.

She was such a norma-- well-- she never caused any-- well-- She liked bunnies?

Heh. Wait 'til you start falling asleep sitting up. It's definitely an "OMG, I've turned into my grandmother!" moment of despair . . . until you nod off again.

And I'm very impressed you have the energy to take classes. I wish I'd gone that route several years ago. Now . . . now I just fall sleep sitting up. ;)

*laughs* I have done that, but it was after a day or two without sleep.

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