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The Toybox

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vid recs, sort of
children of dune - leto 1
This entry is basically a placeholder for vid recs when I finally find my links. I have meant *forever* to rec *and* link, and rewatched the Star Trek III: The Search for Spock vid set to Dante's Prayer and cried my eyes out. Again.

Currently only one now. I just decided if I actually have an entry devoted to it, I am far more likely to, say, remember to do it.

Dante's Prayer
Fandom: Star Trek TOS (Movie: Star Trek III: The Search for Spock)
Vidder: Killa

ETA: Need to find legit link.

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*wipes eyes*
I defy anyone to watch that and not cry.
That's such a wonderful video and really captures the best of the movie... and the relationship.
Thank you for the rec!

poor killa - I think it is testimony to her artistry that her vids keep popping up on streaming sites even after she took them down. this was the first vid of hers I saw and I've been in love with her vids since then.

I wish the uploader would be consistent in her crediting of the vids and would also let commentators know that she did not make the vids. as it now reads a few seem to think the uploader is the vidder.

I'll skip past the issue of whether the uploads are OK with the vidders killa, tjonsey and tzikeh and let them speak for themselves.

ps. you may want to check with the vidders and see if they're OK with the links you provided earlier. never assume - always check. they may be OK with it.

Er, I dont' think I have any other vid recs in my lj. At least, not for the last year or so.

points to your killa vid rec above. I didn't want to put you off by suggesting the link you offered was not OK - check with killa to see how she wants to proceed.

I think the vid isn't available online anymore...

I snagged a copy of it months ago, and I'm glad I have it local. I wonder if she took it down when it was recced by that guy who trashed fanfiction a few weeks ago?

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