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The Toybox

people for the conservation of limited amounts of indignation

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request, please
children of dune - leto 1
Um. Okay? I have a request. Could someone make me a Lorne icon for when I post the last bit of A History of Violence? I--er, tried. We will never speak of this again. I cannot believe I lost *that many skills* with photoshop.

*thoughtful* I need to continue the main story soon. Writing the stories around it are way too much fun.

ETA: Yay icon! Thanks eleveninches.

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What kind of Lorne icon?

Violent yet competent with adminstrata? I--have no idea. *blank*


Well, here are icons of Lorne I have pre-made:

If you can think of an ep where he looks particularly rage-y, I can probably make an icon.

You could manip him stabbing someone with a pen. Suffocating someone with paperwads in mouth. The lethal uses of read tape.

Ahahahaha. If only I could manip!

*collapses laughing*

God. Death by read tape. I need to lie down now.

*thinking* He's so zen. He never looks ragey. Damn him.

Okay, the last one okay? I love that one. Saving now.

If you want another, I made an angry Lorne one. ;) One with his name and one without.

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