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life at work
children of dune - leto 1
The thing is, I am a simple girl with simple needs. No, really. At work, I just want something interesting and challenging.

Yeah, I'm an idiot.

On the list of "interesting and challenging" projects currently:

1.) create a webpage version of the user manual I wrote for our tracking program.
I have to learn DIV commands, since the table thing is driving me nuts in layout. And because frankly, I kind of want to show off. To whom, I have no idea--no one else in this office is familiar with how to code a webpage. I think writing HTML on a page is enough to impress them.

Like I said, I'm an idiot.

2.) this part is unreal. I got called into a meeting to--no, really--create a music vid about my supervisor's supervisor, to commemorate her receiving her doctorate.
Tell me Adobe Elements will work for this. Please. Also: why does knowing how to build a basic webpage predispose people to think I can create a vid?

God. Why can't VVC be *before* this? Then I could stand outside and offer money to vidders or cry on sisabet or fan_eunice or something and hope they will pity me.

OTOH, I have an excuse to websurf during work to refresh my memory of CSS. So you know, not too bad. Except for the vid part. I may go catatonic over that.

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Strangely enough, I have to do something very similar at my job too, although it's more like a policies and procedures manual. It doesn't help that the much higher ups who want it online are mainly people who know nothing about how good websites should work and it's like trying to go through a really convoluted jungle to try to pare it down to the actual required information :/

Also, if the vid consists of stills with cool effects you might be able to do it with Flash as the easiest one (or if Adobe, then maybe Aftereffects or Premiere. I don't think Adobe Elements can handle video or audio stuff :(

Do you need some references for using CSS? I've collected several in the last few months.

Pretty much any Windows machine comes standard with Windows Movie Maker. Check in your Accessories. That should work for your purposes. Let me know if you have any questions about it.

Nah, for the vid? Use Windows Movie Maker.


I don't use it personally, I use iMovie (on lab computers), which is also simple as all hell, but a lot of people who helped edit my group video project last fall used Windows Movie Maker. It's supposed to be pretty reasonable, and is designed to do what you want to do.

Don't panic. They expected freshmen in an intro class to do this, and they all managed.

Also: why does knowing how to build a basic webpage predispose people to think I can create a vid?

People at my work know that I post to a blog. I design process systems around our custom-built (not by me) software. I am an accountant. I got asked to film a safety presentation and then I was handed the disc. "Erg", I said. "Could you just edit it and make it into a half hour cd to show everyone next please?" they said.

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