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people for the conservation of limited amounts of indignation

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so. i feel better
children of dune - leto 1
So finished sort-of final editing for the fic that made me want to remove my own spleen. My sister got married on Monday. My youngest sister is surprisingly not getting into anything that requires bail.

I think my life just calmed down.


So I haven't written anything new since remix, and I need to clear my head with something simple. Exercise, if you will. I may have forgotten how to write.

Give me up to five suggestions on scenes you'd like to see in Crimes Against Humanity. They can be future, past, expansion of a scene already written, porn, torture, genocide, (I can't believe I wrote out all those words together). Snippets will be a minimum of two pages or two sexual acts. I'll write at least three of them.

ETA: I'm seeing a theme of semi-public sex here. *grins* I like how you all think so much.

Oooh Oooh! Pretty please?

1) Rodney killing someone in a fit of pique in front of John and John's reaction.

2) Rodney reaction to discovering that the personnel of Atlantis were copying the physics notes he wrote in his cell while he was in the quad everyday and sending them back to earth where they were being used with absolutely no credit to him.

Um, no, I'm not still obsessed...

slinks away pathetically

P.S. It's good to hear that things have calmed a bit for you.

I'm seriously loving that first one. *eyes glazing* God.

And the second. Hmm.

Uh...I could really go for John and Rodney fucking up against a wall somewhere. They could see someone checking them out around a corner and John could make that person stand in the middle of the hall and watch them. There could be some sort of making that person clean up after them or something suitably mean for, y'know, psychotics.

*chokes* He *would*, too.


I am going to hell for saying this, but -- dirty talk where one of them (doesn't matter which, it works for both) is either reminiscing or promising pain and bloody destruction to the other one.

And now I need to go stare in a mirror and realize yes, this really is me.

Congrats on life settling down!

1) How did Lorne and John meet? And what, exactly, did Lorne do?

2) Also, what is Chuck imprisoned for? Ninja assassination? Aiding McKay? Falling in love with an alien?

3) How Rodney and Sheppard deal with Koyla, and the Genii.

*loves Crimes fic so so much**Yaaaay!*

John finds Ronon and brings him back. As a pet? Rodney gets jealous.

Our Evil Band captures the Daedalus. Bonus points for Hermiod screaming like a little girl when he sees John and/or Rodney.

John "subduing" the Genii, because psychotic violence is always hot.

Yay, glad you finished the editing! I'm really looking forward to reading the final version and I know some people on my flist are going to love it desperately.

And yay, scenes! I have no suggestions for them because my brain is dead, dead, dead, and I'll be lucky if I can finish this comment.

*hugs* I know the feeling.

Promise: if you think of anything you want, just post it, and I'll write it.

*squeals gleefully*

This is my favourite fic of all time, ever, anywhere.

1. Someone putting their hands on Rodney, and John's reaction.
2. John blowing something/someone up, so he and Rodney can get off on it.
3. Oooh! Rodney's reaction to Chaya trying to get into John's pants.

I'm glad things are more settled for you. =)

Rodney finding out that Carson's had the gene treatment ready for a while.
John telling Rodney all the things he's going to do to Earth/Zelenka. Oh hell, Rodney telling John all of the above.

John wiping out the Wraith on a populated planet and Weir stepping smoothly into the shock and awe and bringing the population under her rule.

Rodney finding out that Carson's had the gene treatment ready for a while.


OMG, I'm about to hide behind a cupboard at that one!

John torturing Kolya, with or without Wraith.

Anybody putting the smackdown on Lucius.

Elizabeth using Lucius' herb to control John and/or Rodney.

Well, I'm a backstory whore, and this paragraph was just chock-full of tantalizing bits begging to be fleshed out:

When John Sheppard was twenty-three, he was pulled in for the first of a series of special assignments--SGC code for assassinations, bombings, and specialized kidnappings and interrogations. Usually it was high level diplomats or sect leaders from people like the Tok'ra, who didn't acknowledge the Asgard-Nox-Human triumvirate as the leading force in the galaxy after the Goa'uld had been exterminated, and later, Jaffa who didn't respect the authority of Teal'c.The SGC and John had gotten along well for almost ten years, but like most long-term relationships, John had found, they had fallen out. With the rise of Dr. Samantha Carter and General O'Neill to the top of the SGC, there'd been a switch in policy that had dumped John back into regular Air Force, invisibly marked as dangerous, and quietly sent to Afghanistan to live out the rest of his time in the most boring backwater in the galaxy along with most of his team.

So, my suggestions are John's first assignment, or one of his later ones, or how and why the SGC changed with Carter and O'Neill coming to power, or what John's personal experience with them was, or why his previous long-term relationships didn't work out, or more info about his team - who was on it, how loyal were they to him, what happened to them, or... okay, that's already way more than five :D

Also, um, in case this is my first time commenting in your journal, hi. I got into SGA a while back, and I adore your stuff, but I haven't had a lot of free time for fannish stuff lately, and I honestly can't remember if I've commented/introduced myself here before. So... hi :)

Rodney and John "deal" with the Brotherhood and that chick who takes the ZPM away from Rodney at the end of the show. (killkillkill)

John kills Kolya, bonus if he does it with his bear hands (throat ripping-out).

Er, make that "bare hands" and also? I want Rodney's reaction to the Genii and their sad, sad attempts at controlling nuclear reactions.

Revenge + kink + exhibition.

I want Rodney to have bloody, vicious, genius-type, public revenge on someone who (he imagines?) wronged John. And I want John to have a total kink about some facet of how Rodney did it, and them to have hot, psychopathic, semi-public sex.

okay, the MERE IDEA OF C.A.H. scenes and porn is enough to FRY MY BRAIN so I have absolutely nothing to suggest. But I am positively drooling in anticipating glee in front of my screen now, so, just, don't mind me.

I. um. Yeah. *nearly embarrassed*

How about they come across someone who used to be posted as one of Elizabeth's guards back with her containment on Earth? I'd love to see what they would do to him/her.

So finished sort-of final editing for the fic that made me want to remove my own spleen.



*grins* And I mean betaing yours, too. I'm sorry (god am I sorry). I"m like, five pages from the end (HAVE BEEN FOR LIKE TWO WEEKS). I split it between work and home. I *should* be able to get it to you tongiht--email if it's not there by midngiht in case I fall asleep? Or I'll send from work tomorrow. Mostly I want to go over it one more time and make sure I got everything.