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The Toybox

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instarec - unidentified
children of dune - leto 1
Unidentified by fiercelydreamed

Um. Amazing. AU, and--I have no *idea*. It's perfect. It's beautiful and fascinating and this wonderful AU mix and it's John and Rodney and the things that are constant and the things that aren't. I just--God. I want to forget it so I can read it *again* and be amazed all over again.

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I kind of felt the same after reading this story. simply amazing.

I've really got to read this story. I'm not sure I can handle an amnesia fic at the moment though.

Tonight, I am commenting in every journal that I read, when I usually peer voyeuristically through the window lurk. Some people are going to be very surprised.

That is a fantastic story! Thank you very much for reccing it.

It was indeed amazing. Overwhelming, and I so blame you for all my watching SGA and reading SGA fanfic. I want to start with Crimes Against Humanity tonight.
Anyway, I comment because this fic brought up another amnesia fic that you might have read, but if you haven't, and next time you'll be in the mood for reading QAF fic, read this. It's just as good.

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