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the return! and no deaths!
children of dune - leto 1
Survived the beach. Actually, it turned out almost creepily fun and good, like some kind of television miniseries on family bonding. My sister's fiance was new to the entire Our Family of Multiple Personalities experience but fit in nicely. I do miss her first husband, though, and a part of me really wished he could have come.

I do get that would be worth years of therapy, but still.

Anyway. My dad a couple of years ago was down at Port A with my mom to go on the gambling boat thing and they were looking for some place to stay. We have this one motelish place we always use for like, three freaking generations and dad was practically married to it. Every year, that's where we went.

However, when I began regular travel and booking of hotels I started looking up things like condos and etc to stay at, and when I raved about the place girlinthetrilby booked us in South Padre, they got interested. Anyway, short version they stumbled across a quiet place that turned out to be a lot better than it looked; very plain exterior, but awesome rooms, a huge porch, and on the first floor with a view of the beach. Dad was hooked. The room we got was expandable from one to two to three to I think four bedrooms with a neat series of locking doors. We ended up with the two bedroom, since we'd been kind of hard line on a first floor and beach view, so me and my youngest sister got futons in teh living room. I am not complaining--I had a fantastic time.

Anyway, short version--fun. Just too much.

And I am set for travel until August. I am remembering a time in my life where I never travelled. It's surreal to think of it.


While continuing the obsessive tagging in del.icio.us--my main source of relaxation and entertainment, sadly enough--I remembered I'd left a few stories off that werne't archived on my website. They were part of Unspoken: A Round Robin, which was this accidental thing in X-Men Movieverse. I'd written a story for a friend who gave me very specific parameters to write in, and then kind of left the story in my WIP folder since it didn't really go anywhere--basically just an intro to a radically different AU. After posting, two people asked to continue the storyline--minisinoo and andariel. And then a lot of people jumped in.

At the time, it was a really cool surprise. Everyone picked up different characters, brought in non-movie characters and alternate storylines, and there ended up being fifty-seven stories in the series, a *lot* of which were written in the space of a few weeks. We had a lot of lurkers come out to post a story or two, make suggestions, etc. Being a small list, it was pretty high output there for a while.

*g* And it was fun.

I forgot how much I missed shared universe. That was a serious level of fun there.

And yes, random moment of the day. I am *so close* to being done editing and God, I am terrified.

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(Deleted comment)
*grins* I still get giddy, too.

review for SV '5 Good reasons'

Hi, I JUST finished reading 'Five Good reasons not to date Luthors', and it was an IN-credible experience. I loved it. It was sweet, romantic and funny as hell. I loved how the whole fic was geared to outlining all the reasons why Lex and Clark 'shouldn't' get along together, but every single reason was countered by pure love, sweetness, trust and compromise. It was beautiful to watch.

And the 'funny as hell' part of it. I thought I'd DIE laughing imagining the look on Luthor's face (and the panic he was trying so hard to hard) as he contemplated living in a one bedroom, TINY apartment in the slummiest part of Metropolis. I REALLY enjoyed how his main motivation was not to protect himself from bodily harm, and not to protect his reputation, but to protect his 'stuff'. His very expensive toys... like his cars and his 72 inch Plasma Screen. ROTFLMAO! And I can very easily imagine Clark disregarding all thoughts of material possessions and embracing the 'romance' of a bohemian lifestyle. LOL!

I'm really glad Lex managed to talk Clark around. He might have loved Clark, but love can only make you compromise so far.

heh, seeing Clark dealing with Lex's ex was really fun too. It's great to see that he IS capable of showing his claws at those nasty social functions. And it was swoonworthy seeing Lex coming to play backup support to him like that.

I'm still ROTFLMAO at the way Lex (and the entire Luthor staff) stared in sheer disbelief at the rug that Lex brought into the penthouse. oh, poor Lex.... his entire sense of aesthetics is being challenged and offended for the sake of having Clark naked.... in his bed.... every night... hmmmm, really not that bad a trade-off actually ;)

LOL at the butler crying from the news of the blue lava lamp.

and a huge awwww and swoooon at the nice way Clark 'handles' and 'controls' Lex to keep him from going to the evil side. I suppose all superheroes should consider the notion of controlling the super-villains by keeping their distracted via their libidos. But then again, there are precious few super-villains who are even a quarter as sexy as Lex 'walking vibrator' Luthor.

LOVED the fic, and I look forward to reading more...

Ah, the lovely family bacashone. I love Port A! Though, my family went to Galveston every year, staying in the same place as you mention in a sort of ritual. In the early years we went to Port A some of the time as well. Good times.
I'm currently on yet another family vacation with my mother and sister here from Oregon visiting family in Austin. We were joking while driving down from Ft. Worth that we should keep going until we hit the coast. Though after we've all been to the West coast, the Gulf has lost much of its beauty. So I suppose now it's all about sentimentality.

Yay, glad you had a great time!

oh WOW! After a little bit of obsessive searching through your livejournal, I found the continuation of the ‘Adultery Snippet’ in the form of ‘Breathe Dust’. I CANNOT describe how happy I was to find that the story had been continued, and that there’s a good chance for further chapters in the future.

There WILL be chapters in the future, right? The near future? Pretty please?

Heh, enough nagging… onto the review.

I’ve mentioned that I’m normally a Chlex fan, right? Which means I simply MUST comment on your Chloe. She’s unlike ANY version of Chloe I have ever read before, but she’s an absolutely perfect representation of a Chloe ‘that might have been’ after Smallville. I especially loved this part…

“She'd turned the Inquisitor into one of the top newspapers in the world, she had some of the best and brightest of the current crop of journalists, every damn one of them with the ethics of a jackal. She'd kept the most important secret on the planet for most of her life, and to compensate, never let another truth remain unexposed.

WOW! This was a BRILLAINT summation of Chloe’s character, motivations, ambitions, skills… even her strengths and weaknesses. This little part made me understand EVERYTHING I needed to know about the Chloe Sullivan of your ‘somewhere’ universe… how her past moulded her into the kind of person she is today, and possibly what kind of a future she’s going to have. It was AMAZING descriptive writing and characterization over here.

I really liked the lines about how Chloe was not going to ‘go easy’ on anyone when it comes to her mission to expose the truth for the masses. That she would be merciless, even when the truth is something that would cause near irrevocable damage to her OWN reputation (and perhaps her physical well-being too).

I also finally got an inkling on why Lex cheated on Clark. How he would have ignored common sense, personal integrity, devotion and loyalty to make this UN-believably stupid mistake. It was more than a matter of Lex trying to reconnect with his past (in a very sick, twisted kind of way), it was also Lex indulging in that supreme sense of self-loathing that he constantly carries around with him. He believed Chloe completely when she said that he was nowhere near good enough for Clark, and a sick part of him wanted to revel in that fact by proving his unworthiness beyond all shadow of a doubt.

It doesn’t excuse his behaviour, but at least his actions are not so bewildering anymore.

Heh, and if we didn’t have enough to deal with concerning the delicious angst-factor of this fic, NOW we also have a huge dangerous scandal hovering in the background… on the verge of completely humiliating both Clark and Lex.

It’s not enough that Jenn has to tear apart her beloved couple in the most heinous way possible, now she also has to kick the rotting corpse of their former relationship, and display it out crucifixion style for the masses.

I LOVE it, by the way. I LOVE the way Jenn is piling more stresses, complications and dangers on top of the damage that Lex has already wrought upon the Clex. And I really enjoyed the way that this ‘new danger’ was being analysed and handled. How Lex and Lois went carefully down a ‘list of usual suspects’ to try and arrive at the best possible conclusion, and figure out the best possible angle with which to deal with the threat. It was VERY thrilling seeing the clues come together to form a picture, and then seeing a plan come together based on newly formed picture. It was AMAZING to read the ruthless and relentless deductive thought process of the two conspirators.

And the fact that Lois and Lex HATED each other, even as they were working together only added a special layer of chemistry and intrigue to the situation. It was so thrilling seeing Lex listening to Lois’s ideas and input, while wondering whether she had poisoned his coffee. LOL! This VERY reluctant alliance captured their personalities, and the basic tone of their interaction perfectly, and it was very interesting to see how the two of them ‘could’ cut each other to pieces if they didn’t have the shared concern for Clark working as a buffer between them.

Re: Breathe Dust pt.2

Hmmm, and getting the subject of Clark. I never thought it was possible for me to wail more despondently than I did after reading the snippet. But I cried a LOT harder seeing the after-effects of Lex’s betrayal than I did during the ‘moment’ of the betrayal itself.

I wasn’t surprised hearing that Clark had not left Lex. I ALSO expected that he would wait until Lex’s terms were over before finally walking out. But it was heartbreaking hearing how GOOD Clark had become at faking a ‘good, stable marriage’ out in public while his emotions were undoubtedly rending him apart from within. It’s just not RIGHT, not FAIR that Clark should have to suffer in silence like this.

It was also gut-wrenching to see how Lex was responding to the after-effects of what he had done. This part killed me…

That made it worse, somehow. That he *could* forget, that he could start to say something, make a joke, touch, and feel the world *stop* for just that second, when a brief flash of reality froze everything in place, reminding him that he's abdicated his rights to anything from Clark. They didn't share a room or a bed, they didn't share a life, and Lex had--forgotten, was out of practice, being lonely.

I can see how it would make it worse if Lex could have a bare illusion of happiness, just for a few moments before remembering that his peace and happiness had been shot to a hell of his own making. Kind of like waking up from a wonderful dream to find out you’re actually a POW in some death camp or something.

And just when I thought the chapter couldn’t wring any more tears from me.. I was presented with the phone conversation that ended on THIS heartbreaking note…

Too soon. "Okay. I miss you."
Silence. "Bye."

I cannot describe what it felt like to see Lex clinging, actually CLINGING to the telephone conversation in his typically obsessive fashion. As if just a few moments of hearing Clark’s voice carrying on a conversation with him would make life worth living again.

Oh god… I’m CRYING again!!!

*phew* you ended it on a REALLY horrible cliff-hanger though. It was terrible and sadistic of you…

In his hand is the tape, and they have six hours to find out if Daniel has the balls to break a story that has no proof.

In his office, Lex turns on the news with one steady hand and starts his wait.

Now I don’t know how much longer I have to wait until I get the next chapter/s. I don’t know whether Lex’s (and Clark’s) life is on the verge of destruction… whether Lex is going to be able to pull off another miracle and, not only save hisself, but also find some way to save his marriage.

Pleeeeeaaase update this soon, I desperately need to know what happens next. Are you still working on this fic? It would be unspeakable if this fic was abando… NO! I’m not going to use that horrible word. We’ll just call this one of your ‘current works in progress’… VERY current WIP, one that’s about to have another chapter tagged onto it ANY day now :D

Please update.

your mom and your book...

oh yeah... and I have to admit, I was very curious about how your mom reacted to finding out that her dear little girl wrote Slash!Erotica. Was she cool with it? Did she demand more work? Or was she shocked, and banned you from using a computer EVER again?

Re: your mom and your book...

Hey, glad to hear you're enjoying Jenn's fic so much - but for extensive feedback, it's probably best to send it to her email address, seperis at livejournal dot com. She does check her email!

Re: your mom and your book...

Hey thanks for the advice. I actually thought that Jenn might have preferred having a record of the reviews for her fics on her livejournal account, but if it's disruptive, then I'll send them to her via the livejournal e-mail account.

Thanks again

Re: your mom and your book...

*nod* If you want, you can leave a comment on the original post of the story - I think she has comment notification turned on, so she'd probably see it, even if the post is years old. But email works well too, especially for longer feedback.

Re: your mom and your book...

aaargh! I composed an e-mail for her... and then I realized that I couldn't FIND her livejournal e-mail address anywhere. Please help?

Re: your mom and your book...

Um. It's seperis at livejournal dot com, I spell it out so that bots don't pick it up and spam it. It's also in her user profile. You are new to livejournal, according to your profile.

Protips -

If people turn on comment notification, any comment gets emailed to them so that they see it. This is useful if you comment on lots of different journals or communities.

You can click on the little face and shoulders next to someones username to get their profile - they often have an email address there.

Feedback is good - but put it on the page where fic was originally linked or posted. Due to comment notification, they'll get it and it helps them know where all the feedback is.

Try to consolidate all thoughts about a post into one comment. I know it's hard, and sometimes I don't do it either, but it makes it easier for the author to reply to you in a way that takes all your comments into account and therefore makes sense. Of course, once they post, you post replies, but that way you don't have multiple threads.

It is ok to gently nudge authors and tell them you'd love to see a sequel to a story, but it's fanfic. I've seen Works In Progress (WIPs) sit for months or years before being finished. It's just the nature of an unpaid labor of love. Some people deliberately do not read WIPs so they don't get frustrated by it, some people like the excitement of being there as a story unfolds for the writer.

Anyway, sorry if you already heard a lot of this, I don't know if you're new to fanfic or just livejournal. Feel free to ask me any other questions, though you might want to email me at saint_nothing_42 at yahoo dot com (the email listed on my profile) so we don't clog up Jenn's post.

I absolutely loved your XMen stories.

Resident Alien review

ok, I meant to send this through e-mail, but I can't find a definitive e-mail address for Jenn... so, for now, this remains my clearest means of communication for expressing my love for her fics :P

I finished reading your ‘Tax Challenge’ fic, Resident Alien… and it was a lot of fun. By the way, I giggled at the though of someone issuing a ‘Tax Challenge’ for Smallville fic authors. It’s an utterly ludicrous idea, but so APT and fun a notion. I think I’ll check around and see whether I can find any other fics that were created in answer to the Tax Challenge. Any recommendations?

Anyhow, I really, REALLY enjoyed Lex’s manic behaviour while surrounded all that ridiculous bureaucratic red tape. I can very easily see why he would be in seventh heaven juggling all those complicated rules, by-laws, conditional leeways and the like, and finding ways to skew everything in his favour. It sounded like EXACTLY the kind of challenge that would excite and intrigue him.

LOL! But I have to admit, I never suspected WHAT kind of an excitement Lex would get from twisting governmental policies to his liking. I gaped at hearing him quoting tax laws while Clark was pleasuring him. I gaped, and then laughed hysterically. ONLY Lex Luthor would get unbelievably turned on by the combination of a super-boyfriend and myriads of red-tape.

It was brilliantly written, and a real delight to read through. It gave me quite a laugh.

I also finished reading Wastelands, and it was an entirely different kind of AMAZING. I LOVED how you started it off, summing up Lex’s character as the living personification of ‘excess’ and ‘greed’. How you described that, as a Luthor, Lex has learned to appreciate excesses in every form possible, whether it’s pleasure-filled indulgences, or whether it’s some twisted form of self loathing and self-destruction.

You covered the while self-destructive streak in Lex Luthor VERY nicely in this fic… Showing how he holds himself responsible for his father’s suicide, and how he was trying to simultaneously run away from his guilt, as well as try to APPEASE the guilt bu punishing himself. This paradox is a perfectly Lexian way of handling a bad situation… and making it worse. EXCELLENT writing!

I also found it greatly interesting how Clark kept bringing up the subject of HIS grief over HIS father’s death and kept comparing it to Lex’s, trying to bond with Lex with his ‘I understand how you feel’ sentiment. There were moments when it seemed like there was some genuine bonding in shared paternal grief between the two boys, and other moments when Lex would push Clark away with the truth that Lionel and Jonathan were two VERY different kinds of fathers, and differences guaranteed that Lionel didn’t warrant or deserve the same kind of grieving as Jonathan.

Aaargh! I’m explaining it badly, but it was VERY interesting to see the comparison and the bonding.

*sigh* You should prepare yourself for some nagging now… and you should also know that I’m an unrepentant whiner, so I’m not to feel sorry about continuing to bug you about this ;)

How goes the rest of Breathe Dust? I was thinking about it (AGAIN) today, and I was wondering about what would happen if the news of Luthor’s infidelity did hit the newspaper stands… more specifically, how would Clark react?

I expected Clark to stick up Lex in a public capacity until the end of the Lex’s presidential terms, but there’s a huge difference between smiling prettily for the cameras and pretending nothing is wrong, and outright LYING about your husband’s extramarital affairs. Just IMO, I can’t imagine Clark getting to the point where he would able to stand by Lex amidst all the allegations, and claim in all wide-eyed honesty that ‘my husband has never cheated on me, I completely believe in his faithfulness’.

I think it’s quite probably that the moment the truth comes out in the media, Clark will be gone from Lex’s side, unwilling to carry on the act any longer. But that’s only my private IMO. Perhaps Clark IS strong enough to be able to lie smoothly and effortlessly to the camera with his heart breaking…

I guess I’ll have to wait for upcoming chapters to find out… Is this fic still being worked on? Is there ANY-thing I can do to inspire you to write faster? Chocolate chip cookies? A pornographically explicit picture of Lex Luthor? Please update soon.

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