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svreview: visitor, s2e19

I'm very, very tired of Jonathan.

Just for the record.

Short entry, because I got so bored, but there were some happy high points that made me giggle.

One, Clark's hair's cute, his eyes are very green, and he's really boring. I mean, really, really boring this week. I would say his emotive capacity was as one with frogs, but I've read frog!Clark fic, and nope, the frog!Clark did better. But damn, you were pretty, and I see you have added a new expression, confused yet stoic determination. Which is somewhat differnet than mere confused determination and very subtly differnet from the stoic version. This brings your total thoughtful expressions to three. Very impressive.

You woobie well using that stoic determined look, btw. Poor alone baby. Methinks you're feeling insecure now that Mommy adn Dady are having a baby and Lex has a girlfrined AND a brother. Poor, poor lonely Clark.

Two, Lex makes me happy. He is SO obsessed. Dear God, he is obsessed. And lookie there, we're back to the bridge obsession and now it gets its own screen. A very, very big screen. Anyone notice this besides me? And also, Clark's jail pic (wasn't it?) a few feet high there.

I'm curious, though, sport--for all this careful studying of strangeness, why again do we need a three foot tall picture of Clark's face? Hmm?

Also, I forgive you for Helen, because you have just proved that you are going to be GOOD at that criminal mastermind thing once you start objectifying people, and well, a good way to start is with your girlfriend. I'm thinking you're working up to doing that to Clark.

I'd also suggest some therapy, but at this point, I think you'd damage your therapist too much. I am, of course, at your service to help with your army of destruction. Feel free to ignore my obviously-insane Rosetta mumblings about joining Clark. Obviously, I was Very Ill.

Three, Jonathan, go away. You have officially lost my sympathy. You are annoying. Helen KNOWS. And also? Martha is jittery because SHE CONCEIVED A CHILD DUE TO A SPACESHIP, kay? This is not pregnant-mommy hormones, so one more indulgent man-look and I swear, I will kill you in five fics and make it messier every time. Don't push me.

Four, Lana, I'm impressed. That is beautifully manipulative. Seriously. I had no idea you were capable of that kind of advanced planning and foresight. See? THIS is intersting. You may get to nail Lex after all. You're totally proving your worthiness here.

Five, Chloe and Pete, I didn't see much of you but when I did, you forwarded the plot admirably, much like a truck forwards a person down a road. Brava.

Six, Helen, Jesus, pick a side. Your eyes are weird and I don't trust you at all with Lex, because you are going to betray him and he's probably still going to mourn you, in his Lexian way. And that sucks. Are you a Kent-person or a Lex-person? Let me point out--Jonathan's a bitch and Lex gives orgasms. Think for a minute. Seriously. This shouldn't be a choice.

Maybe this ep will grow on me. Visage did. It really, really did.

Though you know, Clark and Lex again amuse me. And I agree with Liv and whoever else said that Lex is perfectly capable of living on two levels--friendly with Clark and also clinically obsessed with him, without ever quite noticing that hmm, this is weird. I suppose anyone who grew up with Lionel Luthor learns the fine art of compartmentalization very very well.

Interesting that he took Helen to that room. I wasn't too sure of what the HELL he was thinking during Fever, other than the fact that someone slipped him a few dozen valium in his coffee, but yes, he knows Helen knows something interesting, and yes, he has every intention of finding out, and yes, Helen, if you try to lie or keep it from him, Something Bad will happen to you. I just wonder if he's the one that will do it.

Re-donning my Lexian jackboots and looking foward to the destruction of all that is good and pure. I'd suggest starting with Clark's technical virginity.

For this, need more coffee.
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