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people for the conservation of limited amounts of indignation

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children of dune - leto 1
So kkpixie did the *awesome* and gave me a copy of Somewhere I Have Never Travelled series in *hardcover*. You have to understand that my excitement sometimes gets the better of my good sense, so while sharing memories of my trip with my mother, I took it out and showed it to her.

She took it away to read it.

Being thirty-one does not change a few key things. One of them is I do not want my mother reading my slash. My mom is fairly open-minded in general and etc. But I'm not sure how that translates into reading her daughter's porn.

I have no idea how to get it back. I need alcohol. Now.

*lies down*

Pre-beach shopping fugue today. Bought a camcorder. It's all unclear, but my memory is hazy up until I walked out of the store clutching a shopping bag of accessories and a box under my arm.

I think I deserve drugs now, kthx.

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Here's hoping she has the same raction my mum did: mainly to start reading it with the best of intentions, and then hand it back when she was a third of the way through, apologisin that it isn't her thing and didn't really hold her interest.

on the other hand, woo for hardback!

hahahahaha, your mother took it.... haha *cannot breathe*

Sorry, sorry, but that is just too funny. *Hands over some drugs of your choice".

I was 32 back in '95 when my mother--a librarian--was testing Deja News for work. Since I was one of the few people she knew who was active on USENET, she searched for me, at which point she found my NC-17 Picard/Q genderfuck, which just happened to be my first slash story ever. When she told me about this a couple years later, she said, "I had this dilemma: which would be worse? Reading your daughter's porn and telling her you liked it, or reading it and having to tell her you didn't think she was a very good writer?" She elected not to read it, a decision for which I am eternally grateful.

Hopefully, your mom will think you're a good writer. :)

*offers chocolate and booze*

*offers tea and cookies instead*



OMG. Does she realise it is going to be porn?


My Mom's not much of a reader. THANK GOD.

I say have a good stiff drink and remember that ten years from now... well, never mind.

I just realized that hey, she'll be reading mine too. (If she makes it...that far.) At least I only featured dancing!


Though. You know, between that and the graveyard thing, I'm not sure she has a favorable impression of me.

Oh my.
I'm interested to see what her reaction will be.


Thank you, you just made my morning better, because last night, I found MY MOTHER'S porn on the internet!!
So thank you for your misery, I guess. *laughs at both of us*


Um. Well, does she have any idea you write porn?

My mom might be weirded out for about 5 minutes. Then she would ask for more :/

Okay, that's upsetting, and yet hysterically funny.

And I am left wondering: what did the book look like? Did kkpixie create some lovely Clexy graphics for the cover or use a graphic someone already made you? I seem to remember a number of excellent covers being created for the series. Or is it just a plain cover?

fehjsjfdjsareydfj How horrifying.

She took it away to read it.

(I'm curious about her reaction.)

You know, she may become new fen. Maybe? *g* I'm going for glass half full here.

Please let us know how this turns out. *bites nails*

Ye gods. I, uh. I'm glad that my mother would have no clue about what I do on the internet. *twitch*

*shares booze*

And here I get mildly annoyed because my 24-year-old daughter refuses to read any of my fics rated NC-17. Of course then I giggle at her squirming at the thought of reading her mom's p0rn. *grin*

normally a Chlex fan, but...

I started out as a Chlex fan in Smallville fic, but I only recently became interested in Clex fics. And your 'Somewhere I have never traveled' series was something recommended by several sites as Pure Gold Clex. And it WAS amazing. I loved reading your very interesting, fascinating and compelling take on an this obsessive of Lex who manages to be so intimidating, and yet so domestic. It's fascinating trying to figure out the nuances of this character... trying to read his motives from his actions, and trying to figure out what he might do next. The first fic is the series which had Lex saying that he would 'never put his life on the line for others'... but the whole time he was planning on sacrificing himself so that humanity (aka Clark) would live. I LOVED the complexity of your Lex, and how his obsessive Machiavellian nature is the perfect foil and complement to Clark's simple, honest and direct personality.

You made Clark and Lex the perfect partners for each other. It was amazing and beautiful to watch.

And I LOVED Gladly Beyond. I enjoyed the 'snippets' which ranged over the course of several years of their relationship, and I loved the way the whole thing was structured backwards so we progressed from a more stable, secure and established relationship to one that was still questionable, difficult and precariously developing. It was amazing to see a relationship's progress spelled out like this, and it really gave a special kind of insight to the Clex dynamic.

The most electrifying scene in Gladly Beyond was easily the sequence where Lex comes within a hair of domestic abuse of his partner. It was terrifying, and I honestly wouldn't have believed that a Clex relationships (ANY ship relationship) could have survived an 'almost-incident' like that. But you managed it beautifully. Especially by showing how LEX was the one who was more horrified by his own actions, and how incredibly contrite, humiliated, regretful, remorseful and repentant he was afterwards... But it was mostly his fear that sealed the deal, and allowed me to forgive him.

I loved how his whole demeanor changed after the 'almost-abuse', changing into something so very... UN-Lexlike. He became diffident, unassuming, doubtful and even timid in his dealing and interaction with Clark. And I loved how Clark knew that he was going to face (at least) a month of this kind of behaviour from Lex, and he prepared himself for it.

I couldn't help but wonder HOW Clark knew that Lex was going to be like this for a month. It seemed like he was speaking from prior experience. I think it's quite likely that this is how Lex always reacts after engaging in a particularly vicious argument with Clark. He always becomes overly accommodating to compensate for losing his temper. This was probably the WORST battle they had ever had... one that bordered on actual violence, but it doesn't mean Lex hasn't hurt Clark with a thoughtless verbal barrage before.

*phew* and speaking of hurting Clark... I also read the snippet where Clark walked in on Lex CHEATING on Clark with Chloe??!!!

Like I mentioned, I am normally a Chlex-shipper, so I very easily see the attraction there... but I would have never, EVER have expected Lex to be a cheater. But then again, I never would have expected Lex to come close to physically abusing a beloved companion either. But the cheating is a much worse form of betrayal, and I simply couldn't imagine how the two of them would ahve managed to work their way through it.

But your replies to the comments have noted that this is part of the 'relationship growth' process of the Clex... which means that Clark and Lex manage to work their way through it... and I cannot wait to find out how.

DID you write a fic about them working through this infidelity and betrayal? If not, are you going to write one anytime? *hopeful smile*

Pretty please?

I'll go now and check out some of the other stories in your collection. I think they're going to keep me happy for a VERY long time now :D

Thanks for writing such wonderful fic. And I look forward to seeing more of your work.

Re: normally a Chlex fan, but...

erm. If you have not written a longer length fic describing the Clex reconciliation after the infidelity, and have no plans of writing one on the future *cringes and sobs at the thought*... any chance of giving a brief outline on how the reconciliation would/might have happened?

Or how about just explaining Lex's motivations for cheating on his beloved? It was so radically out of character for the Lex of this fic-series, that I really feel like there MUST have been some compelling, convoluted 'Lexion' type reason behind him falling into bed with someone other than his beloved.

I also remember another part from one of the fics/snippets? Where Clark had just discovered that Pate had cheated on Lana, and he was shocked and horrified by the revelation, only to have Lex ask him (in near awe) how he could still be so trusting and naive after everything he had seen and reported. The way that Lex talked about Pete's unfaithfulness in that fic (and other fics)... he spoke about Pete's mistake is a truly condescending fashion, as if such a misjudgment would be not only be against his moral fiber (Lex DOES have a sense of integrity, it's just kind of skewed), but also beneath his intellect.

hmm, he also made a comment about how committing infidelity comes with it's own set of problems. Which further reinforced my belief that Lex would never have indulged in such a horrible miscalculation in judgment and reason.

I just desperately want to know what was it that made him set aside his fanatical devotion to Clark, his reason, logic and intellect as well as his integrity long enough to commit adultery?

And what kind of rationalization can he provide that would enable Clark to forgive him?

And also, my most sincere sympathies about your mom taking away your book of Slash!Porn to find out 'what her daughter does on that new-fangled Internet'. I honestly think I would have TACKLED my mother down to the ground, wrestled and pinned her with in a jUjitsu hold before letting her have the 'slightest' bit of knowledge on how I spend the majority of my internet time reading erotica. It's probably doubly humiliating to have her find out that you're WRITING erotica too :P

Poor thing! I hope both you and your mother come out of this with minimum trauma.

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