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The Toybox

people for the conservation of limited amounts of indignation

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oh joy
children of dune - leto 1
Life With Tags

I think the funniest part is that ritalin, if nothing else, brings to vivid and deeply disturbing life extraordinarily obsessive organizing fits. svmadelyn, after I asked her about a tag I wanted to use and fleeing in terror, pointed out this was my version of scrubbing the floor with a toothbrush.

Yes, it is.

Indulgence website, indexed

It is fun, though.

For those who want a quick example.

Crimes Against Humanity

Tags: stargate:atlantis slash rodney-mckay john-sheppard elizabeth-weir teyla-emmagen aiden-ford evan-lorne marshall-sumner bates sheppard/mckay au drugs insanity kink mind-control torture wip sheppard-assassin mckay-mad-scientist weir-cult-leader teyla-terrorist ford-junkie beckett-mad-doctor length-long

The order of tagging is:

fandom, type (alphabetical order), character(not yet decided permanent order), pairing, attributes, character-type (refers to AU versions of character), series name, season, episode, length

I'm still refining the process. I seriously have too much fun with this.

Hmm. I always feel more--relaxed after, if that makes sense. Less tense. But yes, also fun. I also tagged and retagged a lot of my fic in my lj as well, which was both fun and revelatory--I post a surprising number of snippets.


In other news--well, there is no other news. Leaving with my family on Thursday for the beach for four days of sun and burning. Oh joy. And close quarters with my sisters? That won't lead to disaster. Not at all.

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I think I am both terrified and envious. Thankfully, both in some kind of equilibrium that keeps me from, say, following your example.

Good luck on the vacation.

It's *very* addictive, but it's like drinking all night and then waking up the next morning and seeing OH GOD I ADDED SEVENTY NEW TAGS? WHY? Very odd.

*grins* I have a similar thing for my del.icio.us site, except 1) I have no set order to it, and 2) I categorize things differently. (Of course, I have a mountain of SGA fic to organize and tag, so I might develop a pattern, for the sake of my sanity)

Mine includes:
category: (alternate-universe, crossover, ep-tag, etc.)
subcategory: (i.e. all those lovable fandom tropes--the subcategory:highschool-au, subcategory:hooker-au, subcategory:vampire-au, etc.)
-verse (e.g. minervacat's Valentine-verse)

Oh awesome. *bounces* I like your categories!

Ha! You inspired me to break down my attributes bundle more into specific categories. I kind of want to label au types as well. Still thinking on that.

*laughs* Glad I could enable your OCD ;)
Seriously, the tag "alternate-universe" just doesn't give enough information! Sometime's it's the gang in school! Sometimes the Atlanteans are Earthbound! (I have a tag just for those stories.) Sometimes they're vampires, or zombies, or girls! (I also have a category:genderswap tag.)

So...does this mean you might possibly forsee a use for the mckay-mad-scientist tag *besides* Crimes Against Humanity? Because that would be awesome. I know you have more than one sheppard-assassin series, which is one of the reasons I have you friended. :)

*grins* I'm always made inappropriately happy when I look at apocalypse tag.

Eight--that's a good number of apocalypses, there. I went to see how many there were, and got distracted by the hurt-comfort and feral tags. And somehow, "Skirting Dignity," which is just as hilarious as the first time I read it. (Heh--mckay-mad-scientist, john-assassin, hurt-comfort, feral, and bondage--this possibly tells you more about me than I would like for you to know. *g*)

It's fun! I keep remembering more things I want to add!

And seriously, I'd *love* to write one more mckay-mad-scientist fic *so much*.

Does this mean what I think it means, ie. that it's really still not possible (at least not simply, easily, amateurishly) to tag index ones own website (at least I wouldn't know how)???

No, it's simple. I'm just obsessive-compulsive sometimes. And it's some kind fo weird challenge for me to see what my own themes are when I write.

My God. The sheer amount of fic you've written just... blows me away. (There's only one you, isn't there?) And makes me happy. And makes me want to stay up all night reading fic. Not that it has ever happened.

*laughs* It's my website fic and my lj snippets and fic in there too. It--does look like a lot.


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