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off today!

Happy birthday bexless!


Sometimes, I DO remember.

I give thanks for the Family Medical Leave Act, otherwise, having to take a day off in only my third week of work MIGHT have been a Very Bad Thing.

On the other hand? I STILL don't have my damn permissions, and I can only file so much before my cuticles rebel. And trust me, they've been rebelling up a storm.

Anyway. I wore jammies until noon. And this doesn't bother me, even though it's Monday. I have brushed my teeth and I am going to crochet slippers.

You hear me? SLIPPERS. Like, the kind that go on the feet. Okay, right, there are no other kinds of slippers, but I'm still amused by the fact my competence with a crochet hook has grown enough to dare slippers.

I also crocheted a pitcher and a teapot and stuffed them with cottonish stuff--fibersomething?. There's supposed to be crocheted plants in them--seriously, these patterns are awesome--but they require chenille something or others, which I took a bit of time wondering, what the HELL is that?--then figured out, right, glorified and overpriced pipe cleaners.

You know, so the crocheted plants stand up. Seriously. This is so cool. If I can get this to work, someone is getting one of these as a Christmas present. Maybe two. The only plant I cannot kill would have to be made out of thread, but I still don't trust myself around it for too long.



Pru Amuses Me

Speaking of my job, five months two weeks until I can interview for a higher position if I want to, which I'm still debating. While chatting with Pru, it amused me a little to think that anyone with a modem and a general idea of how to use google could pretty easily get my entire name if they were willing to hunt around some of the older archives when I was still using my full name (yes, I did that).

Anyway. Went like this.

seperisgrins* I'm often amused about if I ever publish, the fact that anyone with the ability to use google will, in fact, be perfectly able to connect me with any of my fanfic work.
Jenn: Hell, my coworkers could do it if they get bored, and that's equally amusing.
Jenn: I can just see my next interview.
rageprufrock: *LOL*
Jenn: "So are you in fact, a purveyor of pornography on the net?"
Pru: "next interview"?
Pru: *LOL*
Jenn: "I like to call it 'smut', sir."
Jenn: "...smut."
Jenn: "Sometimes involving food."
Pru: *giggles*
Jenn: "Food."
Jenn: "Did I mention it's usually pretty guys?"
Jenn: "..."
Jenn: "I'd be a great asset to your team."
Jenn: "..."
Jenn: "Yes, right now I AM imagining you nailing the guy beside you. How'd you know?"

Yep. How could they not want to hire me on the spot?



I'm nearly spoiler free, which pleases me beyond words to describe, so I'm looking forward to the next six eps. At first, I was worried about spoilers because I just KNEW it'd be last summer all over again and hearing about Lex Marrying a Woman (horror, terror, lalala), and then they showed Heat, and Jesus, the slash ranneth like wine in the rivers, so honestly? Come on. At this point Lex could sleep his way through a brothel and I'd be like "PROOF OF THE BIG GAY LOVE! OVERCOMPENSATION!"

Self-hypnosis and unremovable slash-goggles are, I think, a Very Good Thing indeed. Really, they make life so much less stressful than it otherwise could be.

An interesting discussion last night with a few people on public critique in fandom. I'm not sure if they're hot to identify themselves, so I'll keep this one relatively general. They can chime in if so moved or I get something wrong.

Is it just me that gets a huge kick out of cut tags?

Just curious. Anyway.

This could be offensive. Just so you know.

Here's the hypothetical sitch. You read this story and it has redefined the word 'bad'. One might say, if one was crass, that there is in fact entire monkey tribes chained to typewriters who would, in fact, kill themselves if they realized after nine hundred and ninety-nine years that they wrote this.

Yes, we've all read a fic like that, so you get my drift.

One one side, you have the 'why bother critiqueing when the author isn't going to listen' school of thought. Because let's face it, the people who actually NEED critique never take it, except in that rare blue moon when the sun rises in the west and the day I get to see Lex fuck Clark on national television. Don't say I'm cynical, my VCR is primed for this day. Anyway. Usually it ends up flamewary and annoying and new heights of immature brattiness are reached. I've been involved in one where the chick was defending bad spelling as a part of the entire artistic license thing, okay? It is on the order of beating your head into a very hard brick wall and being rather surprised nothing happens. Except wow, your head hurts. A *lot*. Invariably, everyone's friends are dragged in at some point and it goes to hell oh so very fast and this Does Not Inspire great works of fic, though I admit, the parodies that sometimes emerge could entertain me for weeks. As this is all about me, well, sadness and pouting.

On the other, the ones that do critique, and will, and are perfectly willing to do it publicly no matter what the reaction is. Critique--not flame. Thoughtful analysis of what works and doesn't, or why something doesn't work at all.

Having been and done both from both writer and reader pov, it's more than a little hypocritical for me to say either one is the way to go. I have a lot of reasons I don't bother myself, being of school one-ish, unless I simply love the story, and because I don't bother with bad authors. It's elitist, maybe, but critiquing something atrocious, while it sounds like fun, would require a novel of correction, and frankly, I couldn't figure out how to do it without asking 'what kind of crack are you ON?" ever five minutes or so. Reviewing, reccing, critiquing someone good? Completely different.

That's not to say I don't encourage others to follow school two, and that IS hypocritical, but you know, when spacing out my time, something has to give.

But getting beyond that and into more generalities.

Most people, when asked, will say they are fine with public critique, right up until the second it happens. *grins* And no one, and I repeat this, NO ONE is immune to the generalized feeling of 'gaaaaah' when something you wrote is held up and the mistakes pointed out.

Okay, YOU might be, but hell, I'm not, and I'm relatively secure, so--*sticks out tongue*.

But just because of that doesn't mean critique shouldn't happen, which makes me wonder exactly why it doesn't. A healthier and more open fandom could come of it--or a flamey, strife-filled one of utter despair. Choices, choices. Being able to express an opinion on something without fifty million disclaimers would be great, too. It's not like it won't be equal opportunity--if you're of the social class school of fandom and think BNFs and popular authors won't get critiqued, don't worry--they're probably among the only ones that DO get it, since it looks extremely bad if a BNF gets tetchy in public and because public figures are, in essence, considered a hell of a lot less involiable than say, newbie authors. You think I'm joking, but anyone around the TWoP last year knows Te's fic was regularly dragged out and re-aired as a matter of course. Newbie authors are, in a lot of ways, a hell of a lot safer in that--first sign of critique and someone WILL bring out that thrice-damned flag of "protect the newbie or they won't write ever again!", and you know, I wish that were true sometimes, because if I believed that, I might be inspired to critique more.

Every day, even.

I'm not cynical enough to believe that authors can't improve, because really, almost anyone can achieve a level of competence in writing with practice. I just think a lot don't want to try, or, and this is vaguely unsettling, honest to God do not see the badness.

To-may-to, to-mah-to. I get different opinions on different stories, but sometimes you wonder about the crack.

I'm just thinking randomly again. Surely someone will explain why this is or is not a good thing. Public critique--not me thinking. Or that too. Whichever.


Two Voices by dolimir. An interesting--and VERY different--bit of AU-ness that cannot be described adequately. I was a little thrown by the Lex at the end, but otherwise, it was absolutely lovely and solid and damned fun to read straight through.

Blood by tstar78 Oh. Damn. Lucas and Lex and all that twisty-wrong Luthor family dynamics that screw with their heads. Lucas is a lot more Luthor than even he knows.

Distractions by siobhan. I think this one I read in LJ first, but it's just as good on another read, and so much fun. They keep getting interrupted, dammit.

I'm staring at CLexBrothersFic again and pondering the very sickness of my mind. It's fun, really.
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