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The Toybox

people for the conservation of limited amounts of indignation

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About Me, Mark 2.5
So there are new people wandering around my lj, and I kept thinking, I should say hi! And stuff. And--you know, kind of give people an idea of what you have just signed on to read here.

About Me. This is fairly boring, to be honest. Blah blah no flaming blah blah boring. It's not even *witty*. God. Okay, I want to point out, anything I wrote pre 2006 that's serious and thoughtful and painfully earnest? You may mock. Just not in front of me.

Stupid Cheese Tricks. This is, beyond a doubt, the single most intersting thing about me. I have a dream. A dream that one day, David Letterman will call me for Stupid Human Tricks.

Okay, so that right there? Encapsulates pretty much my entire attitude toward life.

Um. I have no idea. It's always open season on any troll that appears here; I only ask you be funny, so we can all enjoy it. Do not flame non-trolls, or at least, try to do it when you know I won't be seeing it for a while. If I like you a lot, I will pretend I did not see you flame anyone. People I like tend to send me large amounts of chocolate, coffee, or in ltlj's case, do not get creeped out when I stalk her lj and wildly post adoration of her grocery lists. Not that I have done that yet, but honestly, I think she's just waiting to see if she *does*, if I'll post feedback saying how much I love her well characterized broccoli and the organization process of her list.

My friending policy is painfully simple. I do not like change, and I like what I know. So I tend to friend people who I have been reading for a while, have posted here a *lot* and so lured me into comfort, or posted to mutual friends' pages a lot, or all. I rarely defriend for other than dead ljs or radically changed fandom, so um, settle yourself. This is in some ways kind of like a life sentence.



Stargate: Atlantis - active reading, active writing.

Supernatural - current hiatus, active writing.

Harry Potter - random reading, no writing.

House - current on hiatus from my reading list due to wanting to mass murder every damn person in that hospital. God. But I still love it.


ltlj - Stargate: Atlantis, het, slash, dominantly gen, dominantly Sheppard.

samdonne - primarily Stargate: Atlantis, recently discoverd will read fanfic by her for shows I have not only never seen, but also femmeslash. Wow.

astolat - currently SPN, now in three fandoms running that I like. Currently inacive since I am hiatusing from SPN fic until I finish editing.

cesperanza - currently SGA, Sheppard/McKay, some others.


Anything Ronon/McKay. My squick, my rules. No, I really don't know why. I did finally get an appreciation of McKay/Beckett though outside the disturbing anti-Sheppard ones. They're cute! I think I may be having some kind of breakdown.

Sheppard/Weir long term - I like them in this distant theoretical way that occassionally lets me venture over to check them. What I really want is a Weir/Sheppard one night stand that ends with both happily going about their lives, no one having tragic breakdowns, and ending preferably with Elizabeth/Ronon or Elizabeth/Teyla and Sheppard/McKay. Because I do subscribe to the Everyone Is Gay! School of thought. Realism? Is for those who did not wake up at three in the morning and realized they wrote two sex pollen fics very earnestly. *sad*


I hate low fat milk and nutella. I own one (1) rabbit and one (1) son. That is all.

Hmm. That's about it. Miss anything you are curious about?

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Psst, this is a bit hard to read once you've clicked on the cut tag because you're not repeating the cut tag text in the post. Er, don't hate me for nitpicking?

*eyes you* You are *on notice*.



Comment notifications are still eratic for me, so I almost didn't see this. I got the one from reginagiraffe below, but not yours for some reason. *sighs*

I noticed that too. Some come right on time, others wait. For hours. It's--weird.

Yeah. But at least the really huge backlog from yesterday seems to have cleared up, judging from the load of comments I found in my inbox this morning.

I actually had to go back to my friendslist to reread the cut tags because I didn't know what the lists were.

Please to be not hating me, either.

I think I'm a little in awe of The Cheese Thing.

It really is my only marketable skill. Yet a *tasty* skill.

Thank goodness I'm not the only one freaked out by the Ring. I don't watch horror movies because I'm a giant wimp, but I broke down under peer pressure and watched that and regret it to this day. Let that be a lesson - peer pressure is bad!
I think your cheese trick would have been awesome to see. I get the same way when I'm bored and find something to keep me occupied. I shredded paper once for three hours. It was fascinating.
I agree with your squicks. Lucius - urgh! Thank goodness I have not seen any, because I think I would throw up in my mouth if I did.
You sound like a totally awesome person who can do cheese tricks! You rock!

God, the Ring. I loved/hated that movie. Yeeees. I couldn't sleep for four days because every time I closed my eyes, I would be Firmly Convinced that Samara was standing at the foot of my bed in her white dress, her hair over her face and in her eyes but somehow managing to still. Keep. Staring. At. Me.

And then I'd have to look to make sure she wasn't. It creeped the hell out of me.

But it's a life sentence where there's no fear of dropping the soap.

How pissed off do you get about people forgetting to comment on your posts/fic for a while? Or accidentally being logged out when they do? 'Cause there are times the phone rings, or a manager stops by and I'll have to, um, actually work instead of play on lj...

Also, with you on the Nutella thing. Just doesn't taste right. Might have to do with three people in our household having various allergies to various nuts so I'm not used to it anymore, but it just seems off.

Also, again, do you mean everyone is *not* gay and I've been wrong all these years?

That's okay, because I don't like broccoli.

That made more sense in my head.

Holy shit, the Cheese Arch. :))

processed cheese isn't eddible, so that's just the coolest thing I've heard ever.

Vegimite is just plain evil.

I saw the ring at the cinema, I developed a whole new respect for my tv.

The Harry potter fandom is just scary!

The cheese thing is awesome, plus, I can identify: I once kept an entire table full of 5-11 yr olds entertained with buffet leftovers and cocktail sticks, which was possibly more fun for me than them.

Yeah, I know - the cocktail sticks was cheating, but dude - it was a tough crowd.

Hi, I feel like I should introduce myself. I friended you recently. I tend to lurk. I am really into SPN right now. Um, anything else you want to know?

Any Lucius porn at all.

Which Lucius: SGA or HP?

*skittering out of the darkness of eternal lurkerdom*

I like you even more now that I've read the cheese thing. And the fact that you didn't want to dissemble the cheese arch. You're my kind of gal.

Also, with you on The Ring, fandom slacking, flames and SGA. I don't think I can agree with you on the nutella thing, though. I've only had it once, and it was spread on a warm crepe at the Eiffel Tower. Maybe it wasn't the nutella. Maybe it was just Paris.

Since you are apparently a leading expert on all things cheese, perhaps you can answer a question I have long been troubled by:

In that dream that Buffy and her gang are having in "Restless", what the heck is up with the guy with cheese slices? You know: "I wear the cheese, the cheese does not wear me."

I asked an oneiromancer once, and all he could say was "I dunno." Maybe I needed a cheese expert rather than a dream expert.

Joss said he just wanted to throw something random and nonsensical into the dreams, just like dreams in real life. He said it was a bonus that it was funny.

The cheese trick was kinda unexpected for me from you. *blinks* But I'm waiting to see it on David Letterman nevertheless. :-)
Cheese, chocolate, coffee love - check.
I wanted to ask you one thing though - is there any hope that you ever wander back to long abandoned WIP?

Hey. I've been lurking for a fair while now, but I don't think I've ever introduced myself. So hey.

The no Ronon/McKay thing. Really? Not at all? I've found it doesn't really work for me unless it also involves Sheppard. If it's emotionally a McShep, but lust, aliens, wacky Ancient devices or wraith enzymes lead to McDex as part of a threesome or an alien fertility ritual, then ok. The only time the Ronon/McKay dynamic worked for me, as a valued relationship in its own right, was hth_the_first's Alpha Centauri series, and I still somehow made it through about the first 3/4 of that firmly believing that McKay & Sheppard were MFEO, just with added Ronon.

Uhm. I friended you quite a long time ago (because of SGA and McKay/Sheppard and all), but I never actually said hi except for a occassional comment.

Guess this is a good moment to catch up, so, hi :-)

You say you own one rabbit, but we who've followed the tales (tails?) of rabbit-ness here know the truth - that Waffles guy so pwns you! *g*

I friended you probably the week I got an LJ back in June '03 -- I'm thinkin' your SV fic was the reason. I almost never post on my own LJ, but read everyone on my flist and often comment on other people's LJ, but I've no idea how often I've commented on your LJ.

I also fangirl 3 of those 4 authors you mention, and friended the one I didn't know about figuring if she's good enough for you to fangirl, she must be pretty amazing.

I sometimes wonder why so many people on my flist own rabbits, which they did not used to do. Are rabbits what all the cool people are getting as pets these days?

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