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children of dune - leto 1
Okay quick question.

Guy who came up unprompted to tell me my hair looked nice--no, seriously, that was odd.

There's this show from the eighties on Nick called The Third Eye. It took us forever to get the name, and does anyone know where I can find it for him?

He told me I had pretty hair.

Please? I'll offer a snippet to whoever finds it. Anything Sheppard/McKay. Or possibly Sheppard/ex-wife. Possibly Sheppard/ex-wife/McKay.

I so didn't say that. *facepalm*

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There is a guy commenting on this page that he has them on DVD. Scroll down to the bottom.


*still looking*

Here is a tape trading site that lists some of the shows that made up Third Eye


wiki discusses the fact that it isn't out on pro DVD so it looks like tape trading is the way to go.


Ooh, thank you!

*eyes you* So you want a snippet?

Well, I didn't actually provide the eps themselves, but if you need and excuse to create porn... :-)

I have no idea how or where you could find it, but I suddenly wish I were the type of person who knew because... ex-wife!

I *know*. I just have weird shame issues? So I feel someone must force me.

I suspect that where you may run into difficulty there is that The Third Eye was an anthology, and I'm pretty sure the actual stories it ran (there were about, what, four of them? Yeah, yeah, shoot me. I even read the book one of them was based on) were made independently, and just compiled by Nick.

I found some info on imdb by searching the one title I knew. The user comment lists all the individual stories. You might have better luck searching for them.

Hmm. By individula ep. *thoughtful* I'll try it that way. *crosses fingers*


I don't care who finds this for you, but they must demand Sheppard/ex-wife/McKay. OMG I NEED THIS.

*sighs* I want it too. Something very, very dirty, I think.

I think this might be the awesomest idea you ever had. Or if not, then it's damn close.

Very *very* dirty.

Just the fact that you *thought* of this makes me love you even more.

Do want!!!

(Deleted comment)
There's anonymous fangirl crush meme? *blank*

Well, notice. No one yet has provided? So the world is still safe.

(Deleted comment)
I have *no idea* how I'd do it in character for them. It's--*blank*. Very complex. And God, the body parts and pronouns....

As a pirate queen, I can say that I have found access to copies of 4 episodes of the storyline Children of the Stones, which was one of the four completed stories in The Third Eye. Those episodes are 3, 5, 6, and 7. There were 7 episodes total in that series.

Originally, these stories were created and/or aired in the UK or New Zealand. Children of the Stones is still available on DVD from Second Sight in the UK. Here is a copy on DVD.

The Haunting of Cassie Palmer story was a NZ production, six episodes.

Under the Mountain was also a NZ production, 8 episodes, based off the novel by Maurice Gee.

Into the Labyrinth was a British production, 21 30-minute episodes.

The Witches and the Grinnygog story was never completed on the show due to discontinuation, was based off a book by Dorothy Edwards, and was six episodes.

I'm out of time to keep up my hunting right now, will continue later if you like.

Oh sorry! I didn't get the notice! GAH.

For the Children of the Stones? Can you get that one for me? Well, any of it. I am totally at your command for a return favor. *nods wildly*

What, you mean the eps I located? You sure? Because that would put the series very out of whack, jumping in near the middle on 3, then skipping 4, and all? It's a single storyline, and being only 7 eps, it probably needs every single one.

Plus, I move tomorrow morning, so that would make me take looooonger.

Is the DVD link I offered not an acceptable copy? I admit I didn't check the region type.

I was talking about Children of the Stones awhile ago, and found this vendor, but I'm too dumb to figure out if the DVDs are region-free or what. I haven't tried hunting down the other mini-series from The Third Eye, because Children of the Stones is the only one I'd think about watching again -- it was freakin' creepy, yo. (Apparently, mind control was one of my bulletproof squicks even before I knew what squicks *were*.)

Hmm. I'm not sure either. *eyes website thoghtfully*

I may have .avis of the Children of the Stones arc... I think. Man, I loved that show, that and the original Tomorrow People. And er, the remake of TP becausetheboyswerecuter.

Ooh. *wide eyes* do you?

Found them! Had to dig down to the right layer of boxes... *weeps quietly*

So, I'm not sure if I have your address? You can shoot it over to wrenlet at gmail dot com :D

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