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The Toybox

people for the conservation of limited amounts of indignation

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svfic: sparks by pru and jenn
children of dune - leto 1
It was--well, one of those nights.

And--COMPLETELY rageprufrock's fault, kay? I just want to make that clear.

Sparks by rageprufrock and jenn.

Clark figures that this isn't exactly what Lex planned to accomplish tonight.

*happy sigh* mmm. Pretty-boy porn.

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Just so you know, I am posting the same comment here as I did just now in Pru's journal. Because...I'm kinda sleepy and not nearly as cognizant as I would wish. But I still wanted to make sure you read it, thus the double posting. This was sooo much fun to read. :)


No, seriously. I think the two of you may have killed me.

(Conversationally) In case you're wondering when I started feeling like said death was impending...it was here:

There is a large part that makes Clark think that Lex is putting a mark on a person, like having a silver-blue Porsche as a student is a big giveaway that that is the Clark Kent that is friends with Lex Luthor. There's something possessive and not at all subtle about it, like Lex is laying claim.

What ought to bother Clark more is that he doesn't mind. It makes him smile.

He likes it when Lex tries things like this, doesn't care when he ends up on papers with Lex at one event or another: they're very photogenic when they're together, generally smiling, like they're more comfortable in one another's company than anywhere else.

This sucker had it all: Possessive Lex, the strip club, porn and they're going to live together. *hugs you both*

So you know, just thought I'd let you know that you've completely floored me. I'll try and spontaneously reanimate myself in time for the new SV ep on Tuesday, but eh, there's a dying horse and I don't think I especially care after this beauty.

Aww, thanks, chica!

The entire strip club was disturbingly fun-just imaginging poor Clark staring at all that nudity did Good Things for my mood.

*hugs* Glad you liked!

This is funny and hot and good God, I love it when they're happy together! Thank you.

And this: Another new lesson. Red wine for meat and strippers. Always useful.

"Great," he says, and hopes he sounds sincere. Could she and her breasts please go somewhere else?
? Totally cracked me up.

*blinks* Red wine and nudity. Totally the correct wine, doncha think? *grins*

Thanks. *hugs* We had far too much fun writing it.

Oh that was great. How you managed to make it equal parts HOT and embarrassing is beyond me. Picture me reading with a big ole grin and one eye peaking thru my hand the entire time. Thanks!

*giggles* Thanks! Poor, poor, getting-laid-later-but-so-embarassed-now Clark.

He's SUCH a farmboy still.

Nice, very nice. With the strip club and the drinking and the frottage and college Clark. And a story by Pru and Jenn. You just have to know it's going to rock.

*laughs* Thanks so much!

I'm home sick sick sick - living in the land of phlegm (TMI, I know - and not in a good way) but this story made me feel a lot better. I love Clark at the opening - hee hee- He makes this decision to becme a party boy on a SUNDAY?? Classic!


Awww, chica! *hugs* *sends nurses of preferred gender*

He makes this decision to becme a party boy on a SUNDAY??

Look at him rebel! Go Clark! You--little party kid you.

*hugs more* Thanks!

Hero of the Day

You know I love you. You must know, because I write it every day. But today: You are my hero. You wrote a story with my other fav. SV writer. I´m happy. Should I wait with reading till christmas or my birthday? I don´t know.


Re: Hero of the Day

*hugs* Thanks! *g* It was immense amounts of fun!

Best way to start a Monday

Ok, sorry--but it just caught my attention:
A peak he can just see, coming right at him, and he gasps in a startled breath, biting again when Lex moans, low and ark and promising.

ark? or dark?

Otherwise--yay! Porn for breakfast!

Re: Best way to start a Monday

*growls* DARK dammit. That's waht I get for not doing a hand check completely. Gah.

*hugs* Thanks for catching that.

And glad you enjoyed!

Jenn, you can blame Pru or Pru can blame you but, my Gawd, Sparks is a fabulous ! *Doing a happy monday dance now* Because I have clexy hot monday porn to get me thru the day.

God, when did it get so hot? What the *hell* is being an alien good for if he's not even going to be impervious to this sort of shit? And really, he ought to know better because for God's sake, it's *Lex*, one big invitation for wheezing terror and generally inappropriate things smashing into one another with inexplicable grace.

Perfect prose, perfect Lexness. And it's cool that you've let Cark have these complicated and articulate thoughts about Lex, not just author images.

Okay, and this is *really* inappropriate, but Clark scowls, spell broken, and mutters, "Is there *any* ass in here you haven't had?"
"Yours," Lex says instantly, like he's not really *thinking* as he says it. Oh. The fuzziness can't quite make sense of it, but the way Lex looks afterward is absolutely classic.

This is such a very nice 'caught ya' moment for both of them. *HeeHee*

Then of course the lovely nasty alley sex, oh my. Clark tipsy and so hot for Lex that he can just take ! it's a beautiful thing.

Many many thank yous for sharing with me/us. May Pru spur you to even more greater lengths of Clexness. Oh shit, now I have this image of Pru in spurs. *Bad* Vee grins.

Pru in spurs....

*dies laughing*

Thanks so much! Their double realization was oodles of fun. *grins*

Wow. College-boy Clark is on of my favorites! Why were you apologizing for this? The characterization, scenes and Clark's internalizing was dead on. The piles of dirty clothes, the Sunday night routine, no underwear -- exactly how I picture college!Clark. I like to see Clark's inner conflict, the fact that his attraction to Lex sneaks up on him. I also like seeing Lex loosen up around Clark and act a little more his age. I always find it unbelievable when Clark's oversexualized and given such a smooth, experienced demeanor. Oh, and "Clark: What is this? Lex: This is us", this aching feeling in my heart... all your fault.

Heh. College boy Clark IS fun. Erica's totally addicted me to them!

*hugs* Thanks for the comments!

Okay, had a bit of time to think about this as I found it on Pru's LJ first, but still an inarticulate puddle of melted goo over here! *g*

Hee! *happy place* I'm a fan of the goo thing. *nodnodnod* Thanks!

seriously, though:

"Are you *trying* to kill me?" Clark demands.

I've had this very thought while reading many of your fics.

hee! I didn't really get a whole lot done this morning, because when you have porn for breakfast, your brain spends the morning in the Happy Place.

so, thanks!


This is terrific! I especially liked the ending. :)

Better late than never with the feedback, right? I read this when you guys first posted it, and I adore it. I just couldnt quite get around to telling you until now. How can I put this? I am a whore for anything you write, Jenn. An utter whore. (blush)

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