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people for the conservation of limited amounts of indignation

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oh come on
children of dune - leto 1
Okay, seriously.

If kingdoms_eye is not a total fake? I will be utterly shocked.

I'm calling an emergency meeting tomorrow so we can pour over the volume of material I just printed out. This place is corrupted beyond repair. This really needs to become a platform of my political party, and fast. The things people are getting away with here are mindblowing.

I'm going to bed and praying for you all.

With God's Love, YHBT,

Sarah, Kingdom's Eye

You have got to be kidding me.

However, that does leave them open to trolling without guilt. *thoughtful*

Not that I encourage that sort of thing or anything.

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Hey, I don't know about you, but I publish all of my surveillance notes unlocked on lj, after friending the object of my surveillance! Makes it all stealthy-like.

An argument could be made about hiding in plain sight....

So... you're arguing that he is, in fact, more cunning than I give him credit for?

Actually, I feel that my trolldar is mis-firing, since the first time I saw WFI's website I felt they were frankly trying a little too hard to seem unhinged, but they turned out to be legitimately that unhinged. (I apologize for doubting.) But this screencap suggests troll involvement.

YHBT = old-skool usenet-ese for "You Have Been Trolled."



I did not know that.

*makes note*

Bwuah. Coming clean. *snickers*

No, it's meant as a warning signal to anyone clueful who might be reading. If you don't get the hint, you're considered dumb enough to be fair game.

Well, half of the internet is screwed by the last standard. I mean, seriously, most non-Americans have probably said something that could be construed as 'Anti-American sentiment'...

I don't believe in God, and oh, I've written porn. I best run for the hills and hide.

One thing that really bugs me about this whole thing is how people are quick to say that we should censor ourselves, but no-one ever mentions the role of the parent in keeping their kids safe from adult stuff on the interbutts...astounding.

*thoughtful* It's fear, honestly.

I mean--I'm not scared of Child being online because I'm familar with it. I know how to check cache and how to check history and I also know what he'll likely go for as he gets older and am familiar with how it works. I know all the major chat programs and some of the less known ones. I know email and how to go through it, how to IP check. I know to watch teh webpages he' on and I know what to look for when he gets old enough to socialize on the cmoputer.

I also know how to remove his wireless card and cripple all the computers in the house to keep him off if I have to.

I do think a part of the terror is that this is a total unknown. And for a lot of parents who *don't* use it frequently, or don't spend quality time doing nothing but surfing aimlessly and goggling and wikipediaing randomly, it's huge and scary and impossible to guard against.

I can understand it, in a way. I just don't--really get why parents won't go and damn well *learn* it. I know I'll have to do a lot of surveying when he's older just to be safe, but--I mean, that's pretty much why I'm the parent and payign attention to teen hot spots *now*. So I'll be ready.

I agree. If parents want the internet in their house, they need to learn it. I'm not saying all parents are bad at it - you seem to have your bases covered.

What gets me about these vigilante groups is how they assume all the onus should be on the internet to censor itself. Sure, I put warnings on my fics and questionable content. There is only so much I can do as a person though - aside from not write at all. They need to shift some of that responsibility back to the parents, to make them accountable for what their kids view.

You don't see any of these groups offering this valuable information to parents. I could take them more seriously if they weren't just about persecuting fandom for enjoying itself. If there were 'Internet 101' pages for parents to read, it would be a start. A list of software parents can use for content blocking would be good too.

YES! This is the point I tried to make, but failed because I was v tired. If half of these places offered information for the parent, EVEN the programs that help monitor our computer for kids. I'd take them more seriously.

LJ should restrict my commenting to less than 300 characters more often. I can make a point in 300 characters... :oP

*nods* Those groups? I do hate. They're basically fear mongering, for whatever reason, and don't give that kind of basic info. Most of them spend all the time pointing out the evils without bothering to cover all the ways parents can protect their kids on the most basic level.

I just--I hate that. It's like any other group that fires up terror and takes advantage of ignorance.

*takes deep breath*

Will not have rage blackout.

Please don't - those aren't good for you... :o)

They cause headache and an inability to write porn.

*deep breatheS*

*naked john thoughts*


What gets me about these vigilante groups is how they assume all the onus should be on the internet to censor itself.

Eventually I realized that the vigilante groups are just using "protect the children!" as a stalking horse because they have issues with sexual freedom and gender role permeability and recreational pharmaceutical usage and whatever else, and have discovered that, "Children shouldn't be seeing X!" gets a much more cooperative response than, "I don't like X and don't think you should be doing it, especially not in public like that!"

There's a thought trying to crystallize, drawing an analogy between the technophobe parents ph33ring their kids' internet activities and the godbag homophobe abstinence-pushing parents afraid that their kids are going to be off reading HP chan mpreg and grow up to be metrosexuals or fag hags</i> tolerant of others' sexual choices and practices.

Actually, I kind of have fandom to thank for that familiarity. *g* I do a lot of random surfing for stories I'm writing, for fic, for people, and a lot of chatting, I use livejournal to socialize, and both my sisters have MySpace accounts. So it's--well, familiar territory.

indeed. We accept that parents should hold their child's hand, and not let them go to rated R movies when they're young, but apparently parents are totally incapable of locking their children out of the computer? For the vast majority of kids, simply setting up a password to logon or resume from idle would lock them out completely. I mean, I *know* that can be cracked, but not by the average 12 year old. I think a lot of people just don't want to inconvenience themselves, and therefore put the onus on others.

I seriously don't get htat for younger kids. I mean, fourteen up? Can probably figure out how to hack it. But younger than that? The easy way is remove all the damn modems and network cards. I can do that on every computer in the house and possibly do it with only a screwdriver.

*sighs* Yeah. There's that and worry about their kids in libraries or internet cafes or other places, too, which *education* would help with. It's frustrating.

For as long as he's had it, my dad has kept all his passwords on his Palm Pilot. And before that he kept them on sticky notes in his office. He's been doing that since I was 8 or 10, and he could never figure out how I managed to get on the computer. Passwords to keep kids off the computer can be really simple, just don't write them down.

I work with moms who know what a computer is only because they are forced to work with one for their job. One in particular is an excellent typist, picks up all the ins and outs to using the proprietary software we have here, but lacks any and all curiosity about the wider cyberworld.

A relative got her son the computer in their house and she hooked it up to the internet. Long, dull story involving increasingly complex levels of netnanny type software, which the boy just took as a challenge.

She's got no interest in the internet, and he's got no interest in behaving himself on it. She pulled all ISP service to the house and reduced their computer to a word processor. She's fully aware all she's done is put him to the trouble of going to a friend's house to surf smut, but at least her (then) 12 year old wasn't doing it under her roof.

Installing netnanny or other similar programs is not, actually, a particularly good measure, not against a savvy 12 year old. They're mostly intended to keep kids who don't *want* to see explicit content away from it. If I'd been that 12 year old, I'd have felt exactly as he did, as well as insulted. I don't recall being especially interested in porn at 12, but I understand it's not unusual among kids that age. What we really have here, though, is a parenting problem. Parent says, hey, don't engage in behavior X, kid disobeys, either to piss off parent, or due to the hormones that kick in around that age. Conflict escalates. Parents fail to enact any punishment that the kid doesn't shrug off. Parental control: lost. It's pretty much a classic teenage story. If it didn't get acted out via internet, it'd get acted out in some other area.

I sort of view those sorts of posts as entrapment attempts and therefore answer very, very carefully.

But seriously? The only thing that would make this better is if she pulled a Chilean IP. I'm not sure if that's gone beyond the funny place and come out the other side yet though.

God. Chilean IP? Would make this perfect.

A troll is a troll is a troll. I kinda hate that he/she/it is getting so many hits and all that attention, though I suppose it's providing a much-needed catharsis for a bunch of people.

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