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The Toybox

people for the conservation of limited amounts of indignation

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so it's sunday.
children of dune - leto 1



Have new hair. Um. I feel like I should apologize to svmadelyn who once wrote a bullet point essay of sorts on Why Jenn Cannot Have Blonde Hair.

Okay, in my defense, I was joking.

Sandra was recommended to me by Vannezsa a million years ago, and so when I need hair anything, I go to her. Anyway, we were waiting and she asked casually what I wanted and I said blonde.

She smirked.

After getting me in the chair, she studied my hair carefully, then said, close your eyes. It'll be a surprise.

It really, really was.

Vannezsa took pictures--er. Wherever they are. She left for California this morning, so probably currently over Dallas en route to San Francisco. I'll try to get some out this week, if for no other reason than svmadelyn is picturing Dolly Parton right now and trying to figure out how to put out a hit on me and I'm pretty sure that no one really wants me to die until I finish Teacher's Pet.

The color isn't *really* blonde The base color is this blonde-very light brown with a bare hint of copper--weirdly, the chick next up checked out my hair (before I saw it!) and asked for it as well, so think more light caramel. Highlights are definitely blonde. It's also cut fairly short and staightened, which will last basically until I wash it.

I'm not sure I love it, but I need a change. I'm thirty-one--it is totally time for me to have either some sort of strange breakdown and/or do something new with my hair.

*thoughtful* This? Is new.


I continue my job as infomerical girl.

I. fandom_gives

tropes, copinggoggles and bookshop have a fantastic idea and implemented it in fandom_gives.

(apology - I am briefly hotlinking the pic until lj lets me upload it myself. Lj eventually lets me do stuff. Eventually.)

Pulled from the information on the page, since any summary I could do would be, well, bad.

fandom_gives came about as an irony in the wake of Strikethrough '07: What if Livejournal fandom turned the tables around? What if everyone who vowed not to renew their paid account, everyone who swore to give LJ and SixApart no more financial support in the form of extra userpics, or virtual gifts, or more storage - what if all those people took that money and instead donated it to charities for the prevention of child abuse and sexual assault?

And so the idea was born: a fandom drive to collect funds for RAINN, the Rape, Abuse, and Incest National Network, which has been called one of America's Top 100 charities - which then expanded to include a number of the USA and UK's foremost child-protection charities.

This drive is Fandom Gives: Strikeback. Two weeks of intense pimping, and intense donating, commencing at 00:01am EST, June 2nd 2007 and ending at 11:59pm EST, June 15th.

Because fandom_gives is about more than simply a response to the events of May 29, 2007 here on LJ. It's about the idea that fandom has a serious potential energy, a collective drive that can be harnessed, not to make money for others, FanLib, but to bring about positive social change.

*thoughtful* I like it.

II. otw_news

I've decided to mention this as much as possible. I believe in it and I believe in the people creating it, and most of all, I want this. This kind of panfandom project doesn't come around enough, one that we can all leave a fingerprint on for the future, for those who come after us in fandom. Something that will be here even after we leave (seriously, do we ever leave? Or just kind of drift away only to return, like reformed junkies?). So--yeah. Go read, watch the infancy and thrashing out of what could be one of the most important parts of fannish history being born.

You know, I took classes in college *specfically* to be able to say things like that in dramatic portentous tones. Ask me to perform it in action. It's fun. I can do it in Lady McBeth's portentous tones as well!

So come play.

III. "How SixApart's Greed Allied Them with Neo-Nazis", Greatestjournal version.

Expanded with links and details.

So this can be complete--there are some refutations out there on this possibility. I *know* someone posted one but I can't find a reference on my flist. Could someone link me up? This subject is extremely interesting and I want to continue to follow.

Note: Anyone but me think IPO and immediately thought, hmm. So how many shares would it take to get some kind of say in SixApart decisions? Right. Just me. What I know about stock can be summed up in the amount of time my bank has spent explaining to me what they do with my money. It was traumatizing and filled with many words that I thought I knew but apparently mean something else entirely when applied to money and companies.


LJ users as investors by bookshop, contributed by ngaio

And a slow down and think about the IP0 argument given by giogio here. Also brings up some good points. Linked up by ratcreature. Thank you kindly.

I need to think more on this before I have any kind of opinion. Honestly, I love the idea of them going public, because honestly, I would buy shares. I actually spent time the other night with Amireal thinking how much i could budget toward buying and what possibility there was that we could as a group buy, though that would end up being complex if we went over say, any person and their bestest buds. OTOH, Fanarchive as a non-profit could act as a company and I had to stop there or get an internet degree in economics. It would be sad.

IV. This is for me.

I have a favor to ask. I cannot make icons and Adobe and I are not speaking. If I ask nicely, could someone make me a few icons please? John Sheppard ones? Please please please? I'll offer compensation. Er, what would you like?

V. There's no five. I just like posting these in odd numbers.


This is more a general question to everyone. How often do you post generalized hello and this is how my lj works to people who you recently friended or who have friended you? Or do you generally take as a given that they know some basic things off the bat?

ETA: Corrected to add copinggoggles to list of people involved in the creation/organization of fandom_gives. Thank you, tropes

What specifically would you like on your John Sheppard icons?

*blank* Text? I--don't know? I'm easy? Seperis on one would be nice, but for the others, whatever works.

Oh God I am going to have John icons. *excited* This is *so cool*. Thank you!

I can make icons, if by 'making icons' you mean cropping pics and resizing them. Otherwise, I am talentless.

Thanks again for the pimp. :D copinggoggles is also involved, fyi.

As for the last question, I'm not sure what you mean. I think any post I made to that effect would read something like, "Hello. I write things here. Sometimes they're funny, and sometimes they're not, depending on whether I'm in crazytown or not. Have fun and try not to get cut, okay?" Anything else would likely be useless and/or misleading. XD


Hmm. Every so often, esp after I friend a lot of newer people and whatever, I do two posts, one flocked and one not, going over some basics of what usually is considered netiquette for the public and what I do in private meta discussion for the flocked. Actually, I should link you on that one, in casa you ever want to participate or contribute a topic, come to think.

*G* I like your lj so far. I read back about a year. The funny part is, it took me *forever* to figure out who you were. I recognized it, but it was disconcerting to not be able to say Oh, that, fandom, or ooh, saw her there!

huh. i can't wait to see pictures, i bet it looks good. and? no matter what, at least it's not eggplant. :D

when i got my hair cut a couple of months ago, i said i wanted highlights, but didn't want to pay for them. the hairdresser said that i could buy a home highlighting kit and get the same effect (though i have a little difficulty believing that). so i bought one, but i don't trust myself, and haven't done them yet. i should have someone come over and do them for me, methinks. then, if they look ridiculous, i have someone else to take the blame. :D

I keep--doing that hting where I deliberately swing my hair around just so it gets in my face so I can gently loop it around my ears.

God I am such a *girl*.

oh! my eyes! must. shield eyes from the glare of blondeness!

I would like to see pics of Blonde Jenn, plz.
(btw, did you get the chocolate I sent? I'd feel better knowing it's chocolatey goodness is residing happily in your belly rather than languishing in Postal Hell somewhere)

How often do you post generalized hello and this is how my lj works to people who you recently friended or who have friended you? Or do you generally take as a given that they know some basic things off the bat?

I've seen some folks do a "here be teh rulz" post whenever they see a surge of new friends, others do so monthly or quarterly, or whenever the mood strikes, other folks have a backdated post linked from their userinfo. I suppose it depends how concerned you are about a bunch of strangers coming in and tracking mud on the carpet (metaphorically)...

Re: oh! my eyes! must. shield eyes from the glare of blondeness!

oh God, I emailed! I did! That's two people that didn't hear from me!

Okay, I am so sorry. I emailed a couple of days later after listenign to the CD with this long thing of happy sounds. THANK YOU. Thankyou so much. I'm so soryr--I should have backed it up with an lj entry, but was feeling lazy. I'll try to find the email and resend. *hugs hard* Yes. It was awesome. And oh my GOD I took teh chocolat to work and kindly let two people have taste? They send word for me to plz get sick again and they will totally check the mail for me while I'm in the hospital.

*hugs very hard* That was freaking *awesome*. Thank you very, very much.

Hmm. See, I've never had a problem--I tend to friend either people who have posted in my lj a lot (so they know me, I know them, all is good) or people I have been reading for a while and feel comfortable with. Hmm. I feel like I should, though. Hmm.

http://giogio.livejournal.com/608994.html is a very interesting post about evidence that Six Apart probably *isn't* thinking about an IPO.

How often do you post generalized hello and this is how my lj works to people who you recently friended or who have friended you?

*blinks at you* Am I supposed to do that?

I do sometimes? I just wonder if I should do it more often, for some reason. *thoughtful* Maybe a general post of hey, nice to meet you! Etc.


Re #3 giogio made a post last night about the *un*likelihood of the IPO thingy for SixApart. Just for your info. Someone else on my Flist was talking about reasons why we, as users, should be offered share options first for legal reasons which I now can't remember dammit. I could try and go back and find the post if you want?

Thank you very much. I knew I'd seen it somewhere, but had no idea where.

I've also had a couple of people talking about it critically, but I'm assuming you meant gio's post.

can't wait to see the hair!!! sounds neat :)

God it's so--differnet. *shakes head* Camera is down on batteries, will do soon.

(Deleted comment)

*hugs you* Thank you. Just uploaded. Will be new default! OMG SO PRETTY.

Personally, my plan is to invest a little money in the LJ IPO. Not a lot- I haven't got it. but I can do worse things with $100 than buy shares of live journal- you only need one share to get the annual report after all, and to get to go to meetings and have voting rights...

re III: I've seen this http://giogio.livejournal.com/608994.html

re Other: I have a link in my userinfo to a "ten basic things about me and my LJ" post, and I say in the info itself that it is a fannish journal with most posts public and my take on "friending etiquette" which is that I'm thrilled if someone friends me so there's no need to ask (I never understood why anyone would ask whether they can subscribe to my public RSS feed in the first place, but I have gotten comments asking a few times) but that I don't friend back automatically, and I figure that's enough info. I don't want to bore people with a long, confusing userinfo, but people are somewhat likely to see the info link when they click on the button to friend me, and check it out if they are interested.

YES! And okay, now I know where I saw it, it was in my comments by her. Thank you!

http://bookshop.livejournal.com/827777.html Found it! Now I know bookshop is more on the activism end of things but she makes a good point that we/fandom/all LJ paid users could be considered early investors (should an IPO happen) and as such be in a priviledged position? (as far as my very limited understanding of finance/share dealing goes, which isn't very far at all!)

How often do you post generalized hello and this is how my lj works to people who you recently friended or who have friended you?


Maybe I should think about that.

I do sometimes? But I wonder if I should do it as a regular feature every few months, just in case.

This is more a general question to everyone. How often do you post generalized hello and this is how my lj works to people who you recently friended or who have friended you?

Uh, never? I mean, it's not like I have any complicated rules. There's just... nothing to say. *shrugs*

*nods* For me, it would probably be mostly for the flock meta thing I wnat to do and stuff like that. Hmm.

re the IPO thing: That was my thought too! I was all, Hmmm, how many fannish people would have to buy stock for us to be a major force to be reckoned with within the company? Because that would just be levels of awesome and hilarious that I've never encountered before.

God, it *isn't* just me. I was thinking that too! And thinking, okay, what if we can get a group to act together as a block and buy and....

Yeah. See, I know nothing of it, so to me? Awesome idea.

(Deleted comment)
Oh God. Those are *good*. Using. *hug* Thank you so much!.

*staring at second one* God he is hot.