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okay, seriously, post now

Okay, this entry was originally written at three-fourish CST. Could not post. Bitter. But I'd finished it, so might as well post it. A couple of things added, as flist is being less cagey.

Okay, my comments are coming in at five to nine hours late and I can't seem to answer them or check my flist with any consistency. If any of this has already been said, my apologies.

I'm going to be in and out of lj for a few days, so if I don't answer comments for a bit, please don't take it personally. It's RL stuff and I think I burned out all my distractions from it.

Quick update while LJ is still letting me post:

1.) anatsuno said:

as for counting communities, a friend of mine suggested that we add the interest "fandomcommscount" or something like that to the interests of all our comms. Then the infamous interests search engine that landed us here in the first place could give us a good idea of how many comms we own... what do you say?

I agree. As many have stated, the one I remember being mina_de_malfois, may she continue to forever write and entertain the heck out of me, a wake-up call, yes, but also I think for many of us, a revelation. In theory, we knew there were a lot of us, but we don't exactly interact with the entirety of fandom itself.

fandom_counts currently stands at 27,859 user accounts. And that still isn't all of our accounts and doesn't include our communities.

So let's count them like this.

2.) pornish_pixies is back!

3.) From news"

Journals being restored

As promised below we have reviewed the journals that have been suspended and are now in the midst of unsuspended about half of them.
The class of suspensions that are being reversed are;
1. All Fandom journals
2. All fiction journals
3. All journals who that had problems in their profile only

A large number of journals that are clear violations of our policies will remain suspended.

I will write a post in more detail soon but I wanted to get this up now as promised.
We are truly sorry for the mess, we have more work yet to do.


4.) From me, sending support to the fen who also work for lj and who got caught up in the middle of this mess. It must have sucked for you immensely and I hope you're never in this kind of situation again.

5.) For all further Strikethrough 2007 information, catrinella is the place to be. Check here.

And that's--possibly the end of Strikethrough 2007. Please return to your regularly scheduled porn. Of which I hope there is much, and that it is celebratory. tropes mentioned telephone sex. We should strive for new achievements in this worthy genre. (Is this a genre?)

Seriously. Let's try for seven days without a fannish--thing. I mean, all this unity and outpouring of affection is great but extremely creepy. Plz to be returning to usual bitter flamewars and vicious infighting now? I think we will all breathe easier.

Seriously. I got teary when I saw someone criticizing slash on FFR. You go little anti-slasher! You just fight the good fight.

(and yes, I got a full hour of sleep this evening that *killed* my ability to sleep now. i think i see bunnies. i'm fairly sure they are not mine. or in fact, real. vive la hallucinations)

ETA: svmadelyn is home. If anyone wants me, I will be in a yahoo chat box, telling her that sbandoning me to die was wrong, wrong, wrong.

Welcome home. *g*
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