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before i blankly try to find something to wear today...

Still have not slept. However, I did stare at the ceiling for several hours. That was enlightening.

My reply to news, possibly coherent, possibly not.

I do believe you're sorry, but I'm not sure if it's for the right things.

For sending a shockwave through ljs by what appeared to be a witch hunt, for not taking the time to post some kind of explanation, or for the discovery that we would revolt.

I--what did you *expect*? You set up deletions and thought no one would notice? Did you have some kind of statement ready and decided not to post? It's kind of inconceivable to me that you'd put together a purge of five hundred ljs and not have something to say about it even if every damn one of those ljs had been active pedophiles bent on predatory intent.

And just for the record--you put your volunteers in a horrific position of being the public face without the authority to speak, taking the brunt of users' bewilderment and anger for almost two days and shaken our trust in them. That, too, is something I feel you should address with them, both with an apology and a policy that never leaves them again as the focal point of user anger without the ability to respond.

I'll reserve actual belief in what's been spoken until I see the mistakenly suspended ljs restored.

You failed us, the users, the community members, and your own volunteer staff.

I can't think of one place you didn't fail.


I have to get ready for work now. *blinks at closet* I am so seriously tempted to see if I can get an extra day.
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