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people for the conservation of limited amounts of indignation

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official word? maybe.
children of dune - leto 1
Acquired from thecaelum:

Anildash speaks on metafilter.

I think this is legit.

The total number of communities and journals affected is about 500 out of 13 million registered accounts. I'm not saying that to diminish the seriousness of the issue, but to give you some perspective. That may have been lost in translation at CNET between the person who actually talked to someone at our company and the other person who wrote the really slanted story.

Listen, we know and love that one of our core communities is the plethora of fen that flourish on LJ. Hell, half of our volunteers and team members actively participate in fandom. We're not going to every deliberately do anything to endanger that. But we do make human mistakes from time to time, especially when we're under the gun to Do Something To Protect The Children.

Read the entire thing.

Nothing on news yet, though the second entry down now marks off at 3315 comments and rising.

fandom_counts at 20,890 and still rising. That's about .15 of all lj's roughly. Need to correct for communities though.

Going to bed. The public statement should be interesting. And by that, I mean, actually tell us something.


news has updated.

It's up. Read, blinked, going to bed officially now.

God. That only took a day. Jesus.

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Go to bed. I'll be sitting here with my Perverted Justice (who apparently told LJ to get their ass in gear months ago) link ready to post.

Gah. Still awake. Very bad headache. Might as well be watching while trying to make it go away.

I am seriously going to *hate* getting up in the morning.

Eep. *goes to make sure she doesn't have work tomorrow*


we'll be updating LJ news shortly with info on what we're doing to fix this stuff, as well as an apology for the mistakes we've made

Dude, it's been an hour and a half. Come on.

I'd comment, but an account actually costs money.

You and me both, sister. Why am I awake at 3.45am?! ::wails::

Oh, yeah, nasty toothache, the heat and menstrual cramps. ::curls up in ball:: Ow.

I got that from here, in a post made by nardasarmy. Nothing on news yet, naturally.

I'm betting this thing will hit critical mass in the next twelve hours. I'm not sure yet if they will fold and apologize for being idiots, or go balls-out and purge more journals. So far it's inching toward capitulation. Should be a fun day tomorrow!

We should really devise a drinking game for each time 6A or LJ staff members eat their own feet over this mess. With small drinks, of course. *g*

Good idea. I have wine, and I have Glenlivet. I also have Absolut for mixing. *g*

Mmmm, Glenlivet. *beams brightly at you*

but it's *not* 500 communities out of 13 million. It's 500 communities out of a sub-community of 20,000 give or take, which were you to compare it to say 500 people having a building fall on them in a town of 20,000 would give a more realistic analogy for the impact this has had on fandom. Sure, some of the people shut down were "pedophiles" (maybe -- i mean i have yet to hear anything more than that the alleged pedophiles were allegedly swapping stories which may or may not have been made up) -- the reason fans are so upset is that a significant chunk of fandom had the building fall on it and the rest of us realized we were living under the same shoddily constructed shelter.

rrrgh. sorry to rant -- I just get more and more annoyed the more I read.

to say that they incidentally singled out a community within the overall LJ nation.

just ignore that last random sentence fragment -- I realized I was starting to foam at the mouth and didn't manage to delete all the ranting.

There's nothing wrong with ranting--I totally agree on all counts.

I was trying to draw a parallel earlier to the renter's agreement and thirty days notice, but it got lost half-way through somewhere. I need to rework that one soon.

Tossing this out as well in addition to anildash's comment on metafilter. http://www.greatestjournal.com/community/fandomtossed/18580.html

I'm ready to faceplant, unfortunately.

But renting is a fabulous parallel. 30 days notice, 24 hours notice for showing, etc.

I'm wondering how many of the LJ and 6A executives are sleeping right now, blissfully unaware of the shitstorm they've caused, for us the end users but also all of the LJ volunteers who are caught in the middle?

ashkitty suggested we all add "fandomcommscount" in all our comms interests, which would give us a more accurate number when combining the number of those comms with the number from fandom_counts.

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