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official word? maybe.

Acquired from thecaelum:

Anildash speaks on metafilter.

I think this is legit.

The total number of communities and journals affected is about 500 out of 13 million registered accounts. I'm not saying that to diminish the seriousness of the issue, but to give you some perspective. That may have been lost in translation at CNET between the person who actually talked to someone at our company and the other person who wrote the really slanted story.

Listen, we know and love that one of our core communities is the plethora of fen that flourish on LJ. Hell, half of our volunteers and team members actively participate in fandom. We're not going to every deliberately do anything to endanger that. But we do make human mistakes from time to time, especially when we're under the gun to Do Something To Protect The Children.

Read the entire thing.

Nothing on news yet, though the second entry down now marks off at 3315 comments and rising.

fandom_counts at 20,890 and still rising. That's about .15 of all lj's roughly. Need to correct for communities though.

Going to bed. The public statement should be interesting. And by that, I mean, actually tell us something.


news has updated.

It's up. Read, blinked, going to bed officially now.

God. That only took a day. Jesus.
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