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You know, there should be a way for communities to sign up--since they do make up part of that famous 14,000,000, and can't be counted in fandom_count.

fandom_counts is at 12504. I'd like to respectfully add the five seven communities I moderate.

Okay, someone start a list? I am in the mood to sign things.

Oh, now at 12,572. It's like Ebay! But with far more personal satisfaction.

I moderate *seven* communities? Really?

ETA As of 10 something CST, 100 pages of comments, maximum comments reached on the top entry in news

*stretches* Cool.

ETA 2 Everyone has moved here.. 1220 and counting. I think to be fair, I should comment once for every community I moderate so every account is--er, accounted for.


I am no longer mature, but having more fun.

*checks off* Third post, on behalf of my second community.

Plz to be sending statement soon? It's very easy to do. Login, type out, hit Post. I won't even hold whatever icon you use against you.

I'll even give you a start.

Dear LJ Users,

During our recent psychotic break purge, carried out by alien monkeys, horrific mistakes were made and wrongful suspensions occurred. We are very sorry for our mistake and would like to apologize to the following users and groups:

(here you list groups. I can start you off--check here. Please continue to keep the actual pedophile ljs and comms deleted. It shouldn't be hard to tell them apart. I've heard you can do this thing called reading them. Wild, I know.)

Here is what we will do to rectify this sitation....

(this is where you tell us how you are rectifying. I mentioned cookies; I also think flowers are acceptable. Unsuspending is definitely a must.)

Thank you for your patience and continuing business and/or patronage.


(insert name here)

You are welcome to use this. You don't even have to credit me.
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