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10,000 mark

*checking watch*

fandom_counts reached passed 10,000 at--*checks again*-- 7:23 PM CST.

It's very hypnotic. What with the *three per second* going on there in the last hundred something.

ETA: Because seriously, watching that thing is *addicting*.

07.28 33 PM CST

10,204 members

07.33.33 PM CST


34.4 new members per minute

300 seconds divided by 172 members.

One new member every 1.7441860465116279069767441860465 seconds.*

Check my math plz?

Also, hey, join now?

Yes, I reveal a level of geeky glee here that I am almost ashamed of. Almost.

*fixed. I knew that felt wrong.

ETA 2: Like we aren't all geeks.

11,001 hit at 7:47 PM CST

797 new members in 19 minutes

41.94 new members per minute

I'll leave off the per second for my own sanity. *sighs* This should not fascinate me so much.
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