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The Toybox

people for the conservation of limited amounts of indignation

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10,000 mark
children of dune - leto 1
*checking watch*

fandom_counts reached passed 10,000 at--*checks again*-- 7:23 PM CST.

It's very hypnotic. What with the *three per second* going on there in the last hundred something.

ETA: Because seriously, watching that thing is *addicting*.

07.28 33 PM CST

10,204 members

07.33.33 PM CST


34.4 new members per minute

300 seconds divided by 172 members.

One new member every 1.7441860465116279069767441860465 seconds.*

Check my math plz?

Also, hey, join now?

Yes, I reveal a level of geeky glee here that I am almost ashamed of. Almost.

*fixed. I knew that felt wrong.

ETA 2: Like we aren't all geeks.

11,001 hit at 7:47 PM CST

797 new members in 19 minutes

41.94 new members per minute

I'll leave off the per second for my own sanity. *sighs* This should not fascinate me so much.

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Oh, I'm so glad I wasn't the only person obsessively refreshing at that point.


Have you seen the CNET story???!!! Relevant quote, face front on thebratqueen's LJ

And to think someone on Lj news referred to us as a small group. 10,000? Not so small. Hah.

And the News comments just reached page SIXTY-NINE!

Granted, the first six aren't related to this, but that's still 63 pages of seriously unhappy people. My comment is on pg 21 (iirc) so this has gone viral in a big way just this afternoon.


you know how we sometimes say "i wish i could friend you just to unfriend you" or its opposite...

at the moment, i kind of want to create LJs just to sign up with more than my 4 i did...maybe my teaching and that one whose password i've forgotten...looks in old mail :)

*beams* I was thinking 100,000 people out of 13 million might ping a few radars.

Now? I'm thinking even more.

Dude. I checked and it was 10,800 and change.

I added my personal journal, and it had jumped over 11,000.

This is fun to watch.

That's awesome. I'm not a joiner and even I joined hours ago.

12041 8:11 PM
12084 8:12 PM
43 in 60 seconds

*grins* .1 percent of accounts now part of it, or over 14,000. *happy*

I joined the comm when it was at 12,700+. A very short while later, I saw this post and checked back. In those few minutes, it has gone to 13,045 13,086. Awesome.

You've got me doing it now too!

I can't stop refreshing that page! Ahhhh!

15,000+! This is so much fun.

I admit I spent way too much time refreshing fandom_counts' profile. 26,000!

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