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The Toybox

people for the conservation of limited amounts of indignation

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lj news
children of dune - leto 1
News has users asking for explanation, starting on page six about halfway down through--ah, yes, page seventeen.

No, that's page eighteen.

*thoughtful* Seven hundred eighty-five comments now, comment limit, what, 5000?

ETA *raises eyebrow* Make that 839 at 12:43 PM CST.

ETA 2: Huh. 1:13 PM CST - 974

In thirty minutes? Nice.

ETA 3: 1:43 PM CST - 1,118

Okay, seriously, will stop tracking now. Just watch in wonder.

Leave with this:

Erm, ah, I'm h-here on b-behalf of *deep breath* RP c-character journals everywhere. What you're d-doing to us f-fictional c-characters needs to be stopped. I may just be Neville Longbottom, but I'll stop you.

*straightens shoulders courageously*

*points wand*


*takes away your internetz*

I'm Neville Longbottom and I'm in ur internetz, stealing ur dignity. Much as you've stolen the dignity of your blameless patrons.

Direct Link posted by shh_neville

That just amused me to death.

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It's a little surreal, isn't it? That comment tally is rising like last-minute bidders on an ebay auction. I'm strangely fascinated by watching it keep going up...

As I read, each time I go forward a page, there's more!

My suggestion is to max out this post and then go to the previous news post. *koff*

Oh look! "This part of the database is down for maintenance", so one can't post any more comments.

OK, it's back. *posts*

Strangely compelling to watch. Btw, it's up to 24 pages.

I'm feelin' the groove on your tag for this fiasco. Makes me think of The Daily Show!

I think I got it from liz_marks. Was far too awesome not to use.

Your half-hourly check from the Greenwich timeline says it's at 1,123 on 19.44 over here. Which means that tally is... um, going up really exponentially fast!

*bouncy* I totally bet we can max it by--converting times--0100 GMT.

That should be a challenge. *thoughtful*

Isn't it amazing that a company which allegedly specializes in blogging solutions to customer service isn't responding?

Or maybe not - see my theory at http://fengi.livejournal.com/613577.html

That Neville comment is FTW.

Made of awesome. I have that one in its' own page so I can look at it and laugh heartily.

Oh, look, here's a list of suspended LJs. And some of the "contributors" listed on this blog are the same ones on the WFI blog.


So much for their claims that they only reported actual pedophile journals.

*marks down*

Okay, *taht* is creepy. Made an indirect link on my latest entry.

Seriously. WTF is *wrong* with these people?


I love that almost everyone is sane, firm, and coherent, and is requesting some kind of explanation. Page after page of people acting like grownups. It's so great I almost can't stand it.

I just want the facts, ma'am. Just the facts.

That impressed me too. No hysteria, just calm, cool, firm statements. I love it.

I don't even blame them. LJ is a business, and getting pressure from people who push hotbutton issues HARD can be very hard to deal with. But I would definitely like to hear a statement from them about what is happening. I've been defending LJ and its actions and want to make sure I'm barking up the right tree, so to speak.


They... can't possibly be thinking that that many people are interested in Moo cards, right? The hilarious irony is I'd never have even heard of Moo cards except for this kerfluffle...

*grins* Me either. I'm still nto sure what they are. *waves hands* Keep skimming it to watch the numbers.

We're up to page 34 in comments...I don't even know how many that is but the more I read the more I see the anger. Lj had better come up with a response and soon. So much for that permanent account sale.

4085 comments and 79 pages!

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