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people for the conservation of limited amounts of indignation

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well damn
children of dune - leto 1
Screw flock. These resources are pulled from flocked posts, but none of the links *are* flocked.

Reorganized entry to avoid confusion.

Okay, I've been offline today and my flist is saying suspensions started. There's a list here.

Can anyone confirm the following people vanished of their own accord?

1. z_rayne - ignore this one, confirmed deletion by user
2. lynntownsend (noted on one of the lists)
3. alden_k - ignore this one, probable deletion by user

Community pornish_pixies also suspended, according to the list.

Lists are here (courtesy of my flist and musesfool, please click cut and read because this is getting long:

catrinella here

lolaraincoat here

florahart here.

femmequixotic here.

liz_marks here on the WFI thing.

Fandom Wank is having a blast here

jamoche is collecting LJ abuse responses here. This is screened and anonymous.

antariel93 has up the response to her inquiry on why her commms were suspended here

azurelunatic posted here.

liviapenn posts here about removing interests, etc.

Community for the purging here.

First: ask around so we can be sure we don't lose our own here. Maybe someone with a lot of people on their flist can make a central point for people to post to, or use one of those threads? Am I freaking out yet? Yes. I am.

Second: can everyone check their userinfo and see if anyone else has vanished? Also check your unfriends in the last twenty four hours--I was unfriended by four and three are deleted, and that makes me nervous.

Reserve the right to flock later if someone who knows more than I do says I should.

This is just for me--if you are on my flist and decide to preemptively delete briefly, please tell me so I don't panic?

Don't know yet. She could be just taking a break or changing names or something. I'm trying to track down a couple of people that know her well to confirm.

(no subject) (Anonymous) Expand
(Deleted comment)
Thank you, reading now.


Just clicking on the names, lynntownsend is giving me suspended, but the other two are giving me deleted.

Oh, I can tell you that alden_k did delete her journal a while back. That's pretty much the only thing I have to offer about what's going on with LJ at the moment except for a big "WTF?" o.O

Thank you so much. She with three others showed up vanished on my defriending thing along wiht pornish pixies and I had a bit of a freak out.

Holy shit. Thanks for posting this.

I just logged in to do a quick check and four posts were about it. Had a bit of a freak out.

I was really WTF? when I first heard that pornish_pixies got suspended from the HP portion of my f-list. But okay, it was porn community on the kinky side with no restrictions against rape or chan or incest or anything, so I can see the reaction if some specific overzealous complaint came in. What's more puzzling is the thing with the RPG villain journals. I mean, suspending the journal of fictional RPG villains when from what I've read the RPG has even rules restricting graphic content and disclaimers all over is kind of bizarre.

It's--yes. Seriously.

Also, I am *so damn glad* when I posted that link that it wasn't hypertexted. Jesus. I don't think there's anything questionable in my lj on those fronts, and frankly, they'd have to go entry by entry to find the few things there might be.

Now I'm staring at my flist blankly, wondering if anyone's going to vanish. It's kind of freaking me out.

I have deleted all my interests. All. That feature is now revealed to be a bug.

Good call. I only list fandoms and hobbies in mine, but I did go through and lock one or two posts that might be questionable. Though God knows, they'd have to go through a lot of entries to find them.

I see you were right to be concerned -- babies and bathwater seem to be getting equal treatment in the first phase. (RPG journals? A community for Nabokov? Vigilance devoid of context is both stupid and dangerous -- and counterproductive.)

I keep refreshing my profile to see if anyone vanishes. It's very disconcerting.

What is the rule of thumb at this point - delete all interests info for the time being as the safest bet for now? *sigh*

Honestly? Anything that's not fairly generic, though some people are deleting all interests, which to me doesn't seem a bad idea.

I am seriously thinking of flocking my LJ. I am having a little bit of a panic attack here. That sort of thing has always freaked me out.

I'm--fighting the urge, to be honest. At least one person on my flist has gone this route.

Thanks for collecting the links.

*grins* I need the distraction, to be honest.

I'll try and keep updated or wave people toward who is doing it. God I wish we had a centralized area to do this already.

*Hugs* One of the things that's making me a little insane is knowing that a couple of fannish people "in the LJ know" (ie who work for LJ or are close friends with those who do) were LAUGHING and calling people crazy and saying that NO, OF COURSE LJ wasn't going to be deleting journals, no, there was nothing at all going on behind the scenes.

Which, you know, now comes across as lies.

There's no one my flist missing, yet.

Yeah, that bugs me too.

(Deleted comment)
Good, good. So far, I'm not seeing a lot of users, just comms.

*crosses fingers for this to continue*

... and someone on my flist just responded to my post on the subject with, "Well if someone is propagating paedophilia in their journal, of course they should be banned." I don't even know how to respond at this point, so I'm leaving it, at least until I've cooled down some.


*blank look*

Damn. I don't think there's anything compromising in my int'rests and my lj is flocked, but still. Fandom has come under a lot of scrutiny lately. :-/

ps: what kind of comm was p_pixies?

HP fic, of hte NC-17 variety.