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The Toybox

people for the conservation of limited amounts of indignation

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gravitation = awesome
children of dune - leto 1
I just want to say:

No where in any fandom ever has anyone ever gone after anyone in a giant flying panda.

Manga beat us for the crack.

I have never been so ashamed of us. *sad*

Flying. Panda.

*shakes head* Bowing before the freaking master here.

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Is that a challenge, Jenn? *g*

It really does sound like one.

*eyes you happily* Yes. Yes it is.

The funny part? Asia has us beat on mpreg. The original Journey to the West stories with the monk traveling to india from Xian? The group runs into a spring that makes two of the group of four pregnant. Various and sundry misadventures happen while the monk bitches and faints, and the other three bicker along the way to the abortion spring. Four males, one hellacious road trip. Plowing through the prose is crazy, but worth it for those total WTF moments.

*giggles* Believe me, that's just from china. They've got us beat by a LONG shot. I'd love to see what they'd do to an SGA manga. How much crack could they add to things because SGA supplies it's own.

If we're speaking of crack!manga...

'Chintsubu' is a published manga where our two pairs of heroes switch penises (there's an accident at a fertility shrine; don't ask for a better explanation). Like a mini-body swap.

So that we can tell that this has happened, their genitalia can from that point on: talk (to each other and to people at large), have little faces and one even wears glasses (just like the body he used to belong to). The manga is otherwise of the yaoi romantic comedy of errors sort, as the pairs (and their pene) try to romantic fulfillment despite misunderstandings.

Now, think, couldn't a device of the Ancients do something similar to John and Rodney? Little Rod might never shut up.

Re: If we're speaking of crack!manga...

I've heard of that one! Never got around to reading the scanlations. *gigglesnorts*

But yes, there's a lot of possibilities with that one alone. oh gods. *giggles again*

ah, you haven't gotten to the bunny suit yet, have you?

*squishes Gravitation*

I also *highly* suggest Kyou Kara Maou.

Both as cracktastic and for the giant bee bear thing.

Man, I need to finish dling the fandub of that.

Giant Panda *and* missiles. Can't forget the missiles. And best costumes EVAR.


You should try out Yuki Kaori's work, though it's a different kind of crack. Very id-driven.

I do seem to recall a build-your-own-spaceship quizlet created by lj fandom a couple years ago where my spin of the wheel resulted in a ship that was piloted by strategically hugging the main control: a teddy bear. So, the bear-themed crack is not exclusive to the Orient.

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