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The Toybox

people for the conservation of limited amounts of indignation

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i really need more hobbies
children of dune - leto 1
djianna posts here on current fannish events. You know, now looking at everything she listed that happened just recently--is it just me or is a lot happening all at once?

I'm thinking about the otw_news project a lot, to be honest. In a positive, oh awesome way. I pulled my fic from ff.net when they instituted the anti-NC-17 policy. I always hated the interface anyway, and I still hate the multi-chapter feature (I like fic in a single long file whenever possible), but I appreciate the sheer hugeness of it, the ambition that set it up, the fact it's still here and still functioning and still *working* pretty damn well. The fact that it's massive and bandwidth sucking and has a variety you can't get anywhere else--hell, some of those categories you literally cannot find *anywhere else on the net*.

One of the bigger gripes in any fandom is the lack of a central archive if there isn't one, or an underused one. The format of it can be a problem as well. The Smallville Slash Archive is still my favorite in the sheer simplicity of using it, of reading in it, though I'd wish for more search capabilities, that's why we have google and the ability to delineate to a specific website for searching.

So this one project. It's catching my imagination maybe, or just my sense of organization is appeased, I'm not sure. I just want it a lot.

I could learn to program. *thoughtful*

ETA - In case I was not clear--join the community and start brainstorming. This is--this is something that we can all be a part of, help form and shape into something that will last and perhaps even go on after us. I do believe it can be just as awesome as it's being envisioned.

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Dude, you totally can learn to program. \o/

I keep telling her there will be plenty of of ways she can exert her draconian ways without needing to program. *G*

*stares at you*

I'm a *writer*. I worked for three years to do nothing else. It's disconcerting to realize the skills I used to have and foster would be useful *now* and I don't have them anymore. Or not much of them.

*sighs* Yes, I know this *theoretically*. For now, I will simply advertise the community. *nods firmly*

*blinks slowly*

You want to know the creepy part that always makes me wonder about how much my RL intersects with fandom? They're offering Java classes at work. The state unevenly offers random and mostly useless trainings, but every so often they toss up a Dreamweaver or HTML or now--er. This.

It's spooky.

I pulled my fic from ff.net when they instituted the anti-NC-17 policy.
Wait, what?? I didn't know that. Why do they do that?

Back years ago--I have no idea if it's still in effect, but it had to be either during the last few months I was in X-men or first year Smallville, I think. Around 2001-2002ish?

You're not the only one who thinks a lot is happening. I just hope we don't lose faith and momentum - and yes, I'm another one who has no coding skills what-so-ever! But I love the idea of a multi-fandom archive and I adore the idea of slowly rescuing lost fic that has fallen through the web cracks since 96.

Yes, God yes. I love the idea of it, and I love that the people doing it are people I know and trust to do it not only right but *well*. And honestly, the opportunity to be a part of it, no matter what I end up doing to help, is just icing on the cake.

And you know, there's a community college nearby. I could totally take evening classes to update my web programming.

...God. I just opened their website. This cannot end well.

*eyes courses*

Okay, okay -- I'm done with the FanLib stuff anyway. Time to do something positive.


Hey, your FanLib stuff? *Was* positive. You did some amazing work there, and I don't know if I ever got around to commenting and thanking you. It made finding out what was going on a *lot* easier and getting fact, not rumor. That in itself is an achievement.

Okay. I still feel like the guy on deck with the binoculars who just fired a torpedo to sink a U-boat. I had to do it, but it's hard to watch them flail in the water.

The real, long-term good will be the archive.


If I, who is only barely in fandom at all and has no discernable skills, can find useful ways to contribute, anyone can; you're completely correct in saying that.

Plus, you advertising it is useful. For now. Until you find other ways to exert your draconian ways.

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