Seperis (seperis) wrote,

the dark days of hasslehoff

We live in dark times.

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THIS IS ENTIRELY BEST BELOVED'S FAULT. Oh my god, Gmail, I am NOT THIS PERSON. Send Best Beloved the Hasselhoff t-shirt ads! Not me! I am an innocent bystander. I was entirely unaware of Hasselhoff's cult of - I don't know what to call, it precisely, but "ego" seems more appropriate than "personality" - until recently, when sdwolfpup showed me two music videos (one in which Hasselhoff attempts to win the Worst Blue Screening award while holding a plastic fish in his mouth and dancing out of rhythm, and one in which he is wearing a "Don't Hassel the Hoff" t-shirt, which I now realize was fearsome marketing in action). I have not been the same since, although my doctors hold out some small chance of a full recovery for me. My point is: INNOCENT. Also, fragile and not to be randomly subjected to Hasselhoff-related ads.

Did I mock her? No. Well, in my head a lot, but she doesn't yet have cosmic powers and telepathy.

(wait. does she?)

Then. *Then* came my gmail. My poor, poor gmail, that never hurt anyone.

There was an email.

From her.

Mentioning Hasselhoff.

My sidebar now.

Hasselhoff t-shirts
Original printed Hasselhoff t-shirts-three designs

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MY GMAIL IS UNCLEAN. UNCLEAN. IT WILL NEVER BE AS INNOCENT AS IT ONCE WAS. This reminds me of the day svmadelyn blind linked me to a youtube vid that ended up a Hasselhoff music video. I still have traumatic flashbacks.

Okay, pop quiz to satisfy curiosity--open up your gmail, click on a random email, and paste your sidebar ads here. I do not want to be alone.
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