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The Toybox

people for the conservation of limited amounts of indignation

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the dark days of hasslehoff
children of dune - leto 1
We live in dark times.

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THIS IS ENTIRELY BEST BELOVED'S FAULT. Oh my god, Gmail, I am NOT THIS PERSON. Send Best Beloved the Hasselhoff t-shirt ads! Not me! I am an innocent bystander. I was entirely unaware of Hasselhoff's cult of - I don't know what to call, it precisely, but "ego" seems more appropriate than "personality" - until recently, when sdwolfpup showed me two music videos (one in which Hasselhoff attempts to win the Worst Blue Screening award while holding a plastic fish in his mouth and dancing out of rhythm, and one in which he is wearing a "Don't Hassel the Hoff" t-shirt, which I now realize was fearsome marketing in action). I have not been the same since, although my doctors hold out some small chance of a full recovery for me. My point is: INNOCENT. Also, fragile and not to be randomly subjected to Hasselhoff-related ads.

Did I mock her? No. Well, in my head a lot, but she doesn't yet have cosmic powers and telepathy.

(wait. does she?)

Then. *Then* came my gmail. My poor, poor gmail, that never hurt anyone.

There was an email.

From her.

Mentioning Hasselhoff.

My sidebar now.

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Original printed Hasselhoff t-shirts-three designs

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MY GMAIL IS UNCLEAN. UNCLEAN. IT WILL NEVER BE AS INNOCENT AS IT ONCE WAS. This reminds me of the day svmadelyn blind linked me to a youtube vid that ended up a Hasselhoff music video. I still have traumatic flashbacks.

Okay, pop quiz to satisfy curiosity--open up your gmail, click on a random email, and paste your sidebar ads here. I do not want to be alone.

(Deleted comment)
(Deleted comment)
Mine's... weird, as it was *technically* an SGA story with SG1 characters figuring in prominantly. But. I don't know that anyone can really hold a candle to yours.

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Huh. Real estate?

You know, I wonder if there are some that are standard and just thrown in there randomly.

*tilts head at ads* Innnnterrrresting.

This was from spammed SGA story bits, which may explain the Marines stuff, but... I'm failing to see how any of Lorne's marines would take the manpurses well.

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*collapses laughing*

The Clinton one? Shows up anytime ljtoys monitor shows up in my inbox.

You know, the Marines *could* use manpurses. And I am deeply fond of the Bad Boys and Attracted to Jerks bit. I--yeah.

*still laughing*

Mine was from a forward from my friend Adrienne about Mitt Romney- I got this:
International Herald Tribune - Coalition clashes with Sadr militia in Baghdad and Basra - 4 hours ago

I tried another one and got this:
Engadget - Zombies invade Apple store - 4 hours ago

Also I always get news ads. The only product ads I ever get are for golf balls. Which makes NO SENSE. I hate golf with an unholy passion.

*giggles hysterically*

The Zombies? Just make it better. *grins*

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Now, see - that's a blatant lie. People at my company nearly got into a fist fight over a call by the ref at our whirlyball tournament. ;)

from an email conversation about the Rat Patrol DVDs, and offering a loan of RP zines.

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at least they stuck pretty closely to the DVD & story category, I guess

*squints* Yes.

I am strangely curious about The Legacy of Ogma. *thoughtful*

From a concert listing email service, I got these ads:

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Possibly the concerts were on boats? I didn't actually read the listing...

....that's a lot of boat stuff.

Yes. Concerts on boats. That would be interesting. *thoughtful* Maybe they all offer that as an option?

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From replies to Anderson Cooper (or rather, PRT) fanfic (please don't ask...)

You know, I thought for sure that this would be part of a knitting mailing lists.

....Anderson Cooper fic? Really?

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(From an email planning with friends on how we're going to the Shakespeare Free-for-all tomorrow night. Love's Labour's Lost!)

And I get the Coffee Exposed one all the time. Hilarious, since I don't drink coffee.


The coffee thing must be a standard, like real estate or something. Also? I don't think I've *ever* seen that ad and I? Love coffee.


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...All from an email thread with miscellanny containing snippets of her new McShep fic complete with phone sex.

So confusing.

Maybe it was the heavy breathing?

*bites lip* One day, someoen has to analyze why certain ads come up for certain things.

I am forever going to mentally link McShep phone sex fic to voice instruction now. Actually, there's a fairly disturbing idea for a fic in that.


(Deleted comment)
Oh I am bitter.


This is fun! I'm blocking all gmail ads in Firefox, but I opened IE especially for you.

These are from a short convo with a friend of mine who is sending me (homemade) 'The Office' dvds and just wanted me know she'd mailed them:

"The Orgasmatron" €17.90
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God I love this.

Seriously, what algorithm are they *using*?

From your comment in the other post:

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That is so disturbing. REPEL MOSQUITO? LEARN RAFTING SKILLS? Well, okay, that one is almost logical. In a way that's insane.

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...I should be way more ashamed of this than I am.

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About these links

. . . Most of mine revolve around Japan or writing these days. But sometimes you get sheer "wtf" ads like "Overweight Children" because my best friend mentions McDonald's and the children allowed to roam free and induce rage in her as she's using their wireless internets. Googleads amuses me.