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huh. rps and bds,? really?

I am having a very bizarre night.

Whilst looking for something for out_there (I cannot *believe* I lost it) I ran across....

*blank look*

So far.

X-Men movieverse Scott/Gambit BDSM. I--wrote that? Really?

Two (TWO) Tom/Michael SVRPS. TWO. Well. Okay, one cowrite and one--I don't know if I wrote it. It *sounds* like me? But I was still in my transitional thete1 stage of writing, so some of it feels more like her than like me and--yeah. I can't find the actual convo, just the text of an email I sent to someone else.

thete1? Por favor, email or AIM me? I need to ask about one of these pieces.


Anyone want to see the Scott/Gambit BDSM? It's--weird. Seriously. I--was I *high*?

I'm kind of scared to see what the other convos hold. *chews lip* Could be anything.
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