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The Toybox

people for the conservation of limited amounts of indignation

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oh hell yes
children of dune - leto 1

Sudoku, easy version, 3 minutes, 32 seconds.

Oh yeah.


(i'm really not resting until everyone's a junkie to it)

Also? I get to go to medium now that I have broken the four minute barrier. Happy.

ETA: Yelling "Who's Your Daddy?" at the computer? Does in fact make one's supervisor do a double take. I'm just going ot point out, he had no reason to be over here. At all. So all trauma? On his own head.

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Heh. Try this on for size. Once you figure it out? It's a weirdly hypnotic place to park you're brain.

I personally turn off the sound. YMMV.

you're brain

Or "your brain," even. See what I mean about it being great for turning off higher-level thinking? \o/

I'm only sad that it's a finite game with an ending. I was sort of hoping there'd be more levels. Woe.

I'm pretty sure this was created to serve as a less-invasive alternative to an outright lobotomy. (Sound warning, although it's mild and more-or-less trance-inducing, too.)




(will email fic tonight)

*still playing*

Hi! Did you get my comment about the Teyla/Bates thing earlier? God, LJ is being annoying today.

yes! Sorry. got it.

I'm getting comments out of order, too. It's very--something.

It's a bit like a very annoying temporal anomaly. Every now and then an old comment will pop up in my inbox long after replies to it did.

So you got the e-mail? Cool. Would you mind watching the comm while the fest is going on, so you'll see updates and reminders? It'd help my nerves, at least. *g*


I was going to do it I swear.

you know, eventually. *nods* before anything was due.

Thank you! There's one more person I need to hear back from, and then I'll put it out of my mind for now and concentrate on mcshep_match. :-)

Y'know, I'd successfully kicked the websudoku habit for *months* until you mentioned it the other day. (My best time so far is 5 minutes 10 seconds.)

The monkey is back.

*sad* It really is a monkey. I cannot stop.

Hmmmm... Well, I tried the game out. I did pretty badly (VERY badly), but I couldn't just let it end there. I'm still going at it. lol. What have you DONE to me?! :-P
It's actually pretty fun; thanks for the link.

ETA: Yelling "Who's Your Daddy?" at the computer? Does in fact make one's supervisor do a double take.

The trauma might be on his own head, but it's totally your fault that I just spit chocolate milk all over my monitor. At least I didn't spit it out my nose. =/

Hee! =)

*scampers off to try websudoku*

Oh my goodness. This is breaking my brain. I won't be yelling "Who's your daddy?" for weeks.

23:17. I am victorious! I'm also ready for a nap. :)

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