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gah, times three

Okay, it's like being in a game show with no monetary reward.

By it, I mean, pharmacists. And my doctor. And possibly caffeine.

Knowing in theory what Schedule II meant on a drug list is very different from reality. I got the entire new script for Ritalin every month on three ply paper. Which is freakishly annoying, but okay. I get that this is an evil controlled substance. Whatever.

Here is my issue at this point.

I got my refill on Friday. I went to a differnet pharmacy, picked up my script, went home, took one, settled down to do my thing.

Ah, no. That's where everything got *tricky*. It was a different generic version. A very, very, very *bad* one. For me, anyway.

Monday, I took the script to the local pharmacy, convinced they'd given me the wrong pills. No. Hmm. Called my doctor and left him a message about the strange reactions and waited. Didn't stop *taking* because he'd been pretty darn clear about what I was supposed to do with this, so I continued to be semi-stoned and nauseated with a pounding headache for, oh, the last three days. I finally skipped a dose in a fit of courage and called around to see what my options are.

I cannot take the remainder back and get another version. As it has been filled. I offered them the rest of the bottle, said how many I'd taken, still no go. Wandered over to vendor drug in our building, since they deal with pharmacies, and they told me pretty much the same thing. The only option is to get a new script, which you know, wouldn't be too bad except my doctor is at a conference. He left instructions to cut my dose in half and see if that helped, after going off it for a day. I tried to explain that I'm not entirely sure the dose is the problem, since it's actual function isn't functioning at all. OTOH, for all I know, he's right and lowering the dose will help, except this dose was the one I was happy over for the last two weeks.

You know, I see the logic, I do. I cannot imagine *how* anyone gets high off of this stuff, but I'm willing to go out there and say fine, okay. But Jesus God, why in the name of *God* is it so hard to fix an actual problem? I'm giving them back the ones I can't use. I will give them back.

Gah. I am remembering why I spent so many years refusing medication. This is terrible for my complexion. I think I spotted a blemish.
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