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Quick Note to Those Following DD's LJ entry

Quick Note for Those At Work Who Surf LJ

Thanks to a marvelously attractive troll (oh, this is totally the guy I want to date; nothing says healthy relationship like anal porn spam), devildoll's lj entry on the MJ thing is no longer work safe. Please avoid page ten for now. But don't worry--if you want to read sad trolls, page nine and eight are still awesome for it. One of them writes poetry!

No, seriously. Well, okay, the trolls all run together, but I thin he wrote poetry. Actually, I kind of want to hook that one up with my sister. They could have a really good time talking about their empty pain and eating fritos. I'm serious. I'm sending her a link to his lj. A troll, to be honest, would be a step *up* in her dating life. This one looks like he bathes.

Those of you at work--yeah. It's not horrifically explicit, but it slams up pretty hard against our work rules.

Okay, for the record--I'll probably be commenting on the MJ thing more. If it's *really* irritating, I'm not going to apologize, but I do understand how annoying it gets when something isn't your thing and you keep *seeing it everywhere*.

(See Fallout Boy. I have nothing against them. But oh my God, I feel like it has surrounded me and is calling for my surrender.)

ETA 1:03 PM - Worksafe! Now you, too, can marvel at the charm and charisma of these fine minds that have raised the level of discourse to such dizzying heights!

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