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The Toybox

people for the conservation of limited amounts of indignation

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Quick Note to Those Following DD's LJ entry
children of dune - leto 1
Quick Note for Those At Work Who Surf LJ

Thanks to a marvelously attractive troll (oh, this is totally the guy I want to date; nothing says healthy relationship like anal porn spam), devildoll's lj entry on the MJ thing is no longer work safe. Please avoid page ten for now. But don't worry--if you want to read sad trolls, page nine and eight are still awesome for it. One of them writes poetry!

No, seriously. Well, okay, the trolls all run together, but I thin he wrote poetry. Actually, I kind of want to hook that one up with my sister. They could have a really good time talking about their empty pain and eating fritos. I'm serious. I'm sending her a link to his lj. A troll, to be honest, would be a step *up* in her dating life. This one looks like he bathes.

Those of you at work--yeah. It's not horrifically explicit, but it slams up pretty hard against our work rules.

Okay, for the record--I'll probably be commenting on the MJ thing more. If it's *really* irritating, I'm not going to apologize, but I do understand how annoying it gets when something isn't your thing and you keep *seeing it everywhere*.

(See Fallout Boy. I have nothing against them. But oh my God, I feel like it has surrounded me and is calling for my surrender.)

ETA 1:03 PM - Worksafe! Now you, too, can marvel at the charm and charisma of these fine minds that have raised the level of discourse to such dizzying heights!


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I'm tempted to spam you with Fall Out Boy lyrics in the hope that you will snap and call me "an evil h0r" and then the wank is on, baby. I'll be persecuted cause you called me names and don't love the all mighty FOB. You'll feel like I'm stalking you in an attempt to get you to have all of the FOB's bebes. It'll be fun.

Or I can just go and look at pictures of Adrian Pasdar like i've been doing for the past two days hours. Yeah, The Pasdar and his eyelashes make it all better.

*thoughtful* You know, we could have an awesome flamewar. And the best part?

We would have grammatically correct flames.

*sad* My standards have dropped.

(See Fallout Boy. I have nothing against them. But oh my God, I feel like it has surrounded me and is calling for my surrender.)

WORD. Oh my god. I gave in when mmwd posted fic recs because damn, that woman can read. And they were FANTASTIC. And so I spent 2 days thinking I maybe have a crush on a man who is VOLUNTARILY DATING ASHLEE SIMPSON. But then I got over it!

... it passes quickly, is all I'm saying. It's like innoculation! Read 10 fics, get the fever a little, get over it and be fine. This is my prescription.

Ohh. Like getting chicken pox.

That works for me.

You know, it's not my fandom, but the longer it's gone on the more fascinated I have, and the more and more respect I have for everyone in thse fandoms who DOES deal with it, regularly, and without stabbing.

Of course, I also like reading about fandoms that aren't mine more than about fandoms that are because it hurts my brain less. So, um, yeah.

But seriously. All of y'all in the comments there are awesome, and I am, accordingly, in awe.

(I would comment THERE to that effect, but I am kind of afraid that if devildoll passes a certain number of comments she will explode, and that would be bad. Hee.)

*nods* That was my feeling too. Just reading some of the 'outraged' reactions to all the nasty girls who want to take away the balloon-boobies? It was unreal.

I know. Poor DD. Her inbox must be terrifying.

I feel like it has surrounded me and is calling for my surrender.

Gah, me too. /o\

Thanks for the heads up - I live in fear of getting caught and having my internet monitered. :O

Men are weird. Here they are, getting all upset over some livejournal when they could be saving whales. I mean, from now on, when I hear about whales found dying on the beach? I'll think of these trolls as murders. Who didn't save them. When they could have.

devildoll's lj entry on the MJ thing is no longer work safe

You should go look at it now, just so you can see the pretty graphic that says This image or video violated our terms of service.


*wide eyes* You are my hero.

Updating lj now.

(Deleted comment)

Well, since I'm thrice-banned on the MJ thread

I'd like to say that I did read all of her post, and her links. I disagree with virtually everything she says, and stands for. The only part I found amusing was the bingo board, which was brilliant. But she's not sticking to that, she's attacking anyone who disagrees with her based on a very subjective view of the term "troll." This is THE FIRST TIME I've ever been banned by a moderator. I found it insulting.

Re: Well, since I'm thrice-banned on the MJ thread


You called her a prude, then wrote this:

Finally, if you don't like comments that disagree with you, DON'T F-ING BLOG! You're pulling a severe reverse malkin here, acting all offended.

And you seriously aren't seeing a problem here?

Okay, here are the rules on my lj. You can respond to me, politely. You can respond to other people, politely. You may not respond to DD in any way for any reason.

Your last comment to DD was deleted. This is my flist, these are my friends, and these are my basic rules. If you follow them, you're absolutely welcome here.

What's wrong with prude? (Anonymous) Expand
Disable comments! (Anonymous) Expand
I hate to say it, but the whole MJ wank is just making me grateful that I left comics fandom. *shudders* Although it's nice to see so many people (and news publications O.o) taking notice of the shit we had to deal with all the time.

I was talking to pre_emptive about this, about how even though I take issue with some of Fall Out Boy and Panic! At The Disco's lyrics about women and the sexism inherent in the music industry, I can't imagine it ever making me as bitter as I am about comics. She said, basically, that this is because no matter what stupid shit Pete Wentz pulls, he will never hate us the way Dan Didio (or Joe Quesada, or really, pick any Marvel or DC higher-up) does. And it's so true. >_



It's--it's alien for me, as a non-comicfen who has comicfen on my lj.

You know what cracks me up? People calling her a prude, or attacking her for not being sex-positive, or, you know, not liking sexy pictures of women. Hahahahahahaha. Oh, man, angrily passing judgment without context ftw.

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