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people for the conservation of limited amounts of indignation

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what is really getting to me is the assumptions
children of dune - leto 1
And the continuing saga of MJ the Comiquette continues.

Gakked from devildoll

EW's Popwatch reports in and, God help and preserve us, Fox News. No, really.

Also possible appearance on Inside Edition tonight. Did anyone see it? *hopeful*

There are no words for how utterly amazing this is.

As it might encourage trolling.

Also, I am now remembering why I don't date, thanks to pages eight, nine, and ten of DD's lj. Some of the comments are funny, some are kind of incoherent, and some make me sad, that there are people in the world who have never, ever been in visual range of a real woman who was able to talk. Tragic.

I--you know, despite that, the overall negative response to the statue surprised me. Granted, I'm mostly hitting blogs of my own people here, but I've read everything linked off of When Fangirls Attack. What I now *wish* I had done is save links to the really interesting ones.

However, I did bring it up with a woman at work and she disageed entirely, which turned into an interesting discussion. I didn't agree with a lot of her points, but her background is very different from mine and I could see where she was coming from. I honestly can't do justice to her views, but they were very well expressed and, to me, pretty reasonable. Which had the side benefit of making me less--cranky would be such an understatement--with the online version, though honestly, there were few ljs or blogs that covered an opposing viewpoint without resorting to the "hysterical" fangirls argument or the "more important things" argument, which Jesus H, I work state funded assistance for people in poverty. I know exactly, to the dollar amount on the FPIL and allotments for TANF and for that matter, the income limits on the low income subsidy for Medicare Part D, how many more important things there are. And I just trotted out credentials, Jesus, but the thing is?

I, and the rest of the people protesting, shouldn't have to.

And it just--the trolls were annoying but they're trolls, blink and forget them; I can't take seriously anyone who uses netspeak and talks about rape with five exclamation points. The ones I got annoyed with seemed to be under the impression that no one they were addressing had jobs, or did community service, or had any kind of participation in anything else. Which begs the question of why they assumed that off the bat, because honestly, people online--from my observation--tend to be *more* active online in things like this because they also assist social issues and services in their offline lives as well. They help at homeless shelters or rape conseling sites or volunteer for different organizations, contribute money to different causes. I think sometimes, one contributes to the other, makes it easier, or natural to extend that to other areas.

Which to compare it to my work; I have one client who is homeless and needs food stamps and housing assistance. I have another with a crappy job and also needs food stamps and housing assistance. One's situation is far more dire. I can help both. I don't have to choose. In fact, in a single day, I can get a lot of these situations fixed or sent to the people who can fix them. Maybe even more than two. Maybe forty. Maybe if my phone stats are anything to go by, two hundred and fifty a week, ranging from healthcare to battered women to children needing Medicaid to referring to the local agency that handles housing and employment assistance to the elderly who can't figure out how that Medicare Part D thing works. Then I go home and bully Child into doing his homework.

And surprise, surpise, I can also say the MJ statuette is breathtaking in its sheer tastelessness and the images it presents and not take a thing away from the others. Imagine that.

And surprise, surpise, I can also say the MJ statuette is breathtaking in its sheer tastelessness and the images it presents and not take a thing away from the others. Imagine that.

Jenn, have I mentioned lately how very awesome you are? Because you are AWESOME. Seriously.

Also, Fox News? Wow, baby -- we've hit the big time now!

The Fox thing was my hysterical giggling point, because *man*. Yes.

And the part that dazzles me is it started so small and just *exploded* into this issue, and that is possibly the best part of all of this.

Not to mention the fact that the Spidey pic is pretty much *everywhere*.

Yeah, It popped up on Inside Editon. I just caught as I was flipping through the channels.

*bounce* I checked their website and I dind't see anything.

God I hope someone tapes it. Or youtube's it. *crosses fingers* What did they say?

I just got done collating all these links for girl-wonder.org:

When Fangirls Attack (compilation of links from livejournal & blogs)

Pandagon.net / Feministe.us/blog / Feministing.com

Boingboing.net / Entertainment Weekly’s PopWatch blog / The New York Post / Fox News

Scans Daily / Metaquotes / Ohnotheydidnt / fandom_wank

Fun times!

See, what was interesting to me was-- if you check out some of the very first comments on scans_daily or Devildoll's journal, the reaction to the statue's critics is, "What's so bad about THIS statue? Why didn't you complain about XYZ cover or ABC statue? This statue isn't so bad, so it's stupid and pointless to get all outraged about *this* and therefore ignore all the *worse* sexism in comics."

And then when we pointed out that, um, you know, there are plenty of feminist comics bloggers like Kalinara and Ragnell and Kphoebe and Stephen and Rachel E. and-- on and ON, you know-- not to mention girl-wonder.org itself. So, we *haven't* been ignoring Everything Else. We talked about the Peej cover and the Star Sapphire cover and the sexualized rape scenes in this comic and that comic and Huntress' stupid new costume and-- we've *been talking* about this stuff.

Then, of course, the counter-argument quickly mutates to "Well-- well, all *that* outrage is a waste of time, you should be doing RL stuff!" Which, I mean, is a criticism that applies to EVERY post that EVERYONE EVER makes about comics, you know? I mean, surely it's just as horrible to actually make a post about who would win, Batman or Captain America, while the rainforest is being chopped down AT THIS VERY MOMENT ZOMG YOU COULD BE DOING SOMETHING ABOUT THAT.

And yet somehow the "But what about the rainforest! And the whales! And the kittens!" derail only ever gets applied to the posts about *sexism* in comics. (Or racism, or homophobia, etc.) Funny how that works.

*basks in your general awesomeness*

(I'm totally sitting on the fringe and just keeping up through clicking on the occasional link for this one, but I'm blinking and a bit amazed that it hit actual, y'know, mainstream tv.)

That is the best part. I did a little dance. A little dance of *joy*.

In my history-through-media class we are watching Birth of a Nation, so we can see how one movie changed people's perceptions and inflamed decades worth of hatred. Watching the first part today I was kind of amazed that people had been so stupid as to even watch such horrible tripe. I guess I need to update my wonder that people are still investing in such tasteless, awful things.
At least now, it seems, people are a bit more aware of just how stupid such things are.

My history teacher showed us that movie and another one in that line as well. It was--well, surreal.

Honestly, the flamage going on somewhere is encouraging in its own way. That's a fear response. OTOH, I am very tired of seeing new and improved stupidity in DD's comments.


I have to say, I'm still standing here, blinking in stunned silence at the reaction to the MJ maquette.

I am so proud and pleased at this reaction, at the outcry, so glad to see the comics industry being called on this. I'm delighted to see some of my faith in humanity restored, that this statuette is considered disgusting by the greater world at large.

But also? I'm honestly horrified to realise that I didn't even really register it on looking at the statue. Even knowing people were reacting poorly to it going in, it didn't really register because that? Is par for the course.

That so many comics-fen--and not the fanboys this property was aimed at--saw it, shrugged, and moved on is terrifying. That so many of us are that de-sensitised because there is so much worse and just... that our baselines can end up so skewed that being hit in the head only a *little* isn't worth comment. Well, it's really frightening.

It is just absolutely stunning to realise the extent to which women are abused in comics--both in the properties themselves and the female readers. It is stunning to realise that I'd been traumatised into a numb lack of response to the lesser things. It wasn't even burnout, going 'oh, I don't have enough rage left in me to rant,' but actually not registering how much was *wrong* with it at first because I'd seen it all before.

I'm so glad that this came along and made me realise that my baselines had been skewed like that. If nothing else, I'm grateful for that. And I am so glad that the comics industry is being called on it. I'm amazed that it's gone as far as it has and just... god, I'm grateful that other people are finally noticing.

*thoughtful* I think a lot of it is based on the tone of the earlier posts and that very fact--that at first, the response was eyerolling. And then the first rebuttals of "There's so much worse!"

Actually, that's what hit *me*. There's *worse*? And I think a lot of us went to look and were kinda stunned.

*grins* It's encouraging. It's *amazing*. And it's hit a nerve.

Dude, I never thought I'd say, "Yay, Fox News," but I can't believe they posted a link to logansrogue's illustration. OMG, I am so amused.

Seriously, who would have anticipated *that*? *shakes head*

starched Spidey undies

I can't help but laugh at the silly statuette. To me, the smirk on MJ's face says: "He thinks I'm doing laundry. Laundry. In a bucket. What century is this? Yeah, forget the cute product placement at my feet -- this is a bucket of *starch*. I don't think he'll forget when it's his turn to do the laundry after this."

Of course, that brings up the passive-aggressive crap that drives me nuts in a whole different way.

But I still laugh.

Re: starched Spidey undies


Hey! I love the Huntress' new outfit, it's stupid, and completely pointless as a costume, but I like looking at it.

Those comments don't phase me in the slightest, but I don't really understand how men and women date each other half the time anyway. That statue doesn't offend me so much as it's stupid. Is that really a male fantasy? I've been called sexist in my life, but even I don't fantasize about chicks doing my laundry in slutty clothes wearing pearls. I don't want to fuck Donna Reed.

I always have weird flashes to Stepford Wives and the MC Archive of maximum creepiness. *sighs*

So has anyone found out what Adam Hughes' response has been?

This is based on one of his pinups after all. Loosely based as it seems. His original pinup had very baggy jeans, a larger top and a much more evil smirk on her face.

You know, I liked the pin-up, and I can see how the sketch can fall under that heading easily. And that, honestly, would be something I would hang on my wall if I were into the classic pin-up idea.

And hmm. You know, I haven't seen a response anywhere yet from him or anyone actually involved in it. Must google.

Hey, I just added you to a filter on my lj, you might want to check the top post.

Hi, a question I have for you !

Ok i`v seen some episodes of SGA, now would you know anywhere i could download episodes of the show ? pref. season two....???

I`m air fedex`ìng you large amounts of cuddles and smootchies.....

Re: Hi, a question I have for you !

Off the top of my head? I can't think of any place currently.

I am really just amazed by the reaction to this whole thing.

I was looking back at the post earlier and mine is something like the 4th comment, because I just happened to be starting to check my flist right when she posted. I commented with my disgust, but I'll be honest, I wasn't surprised. And I certainly didn't expect more than just the normal eye-rolling frustration these type of things usually get.

Because the thing is, we do talk about this stuff on lj all the time. About the representation and treatment of women in the media about fan products aimed at the lowest male common denomiter. About the casual misogyny we run into daily. But usually we're just talking among ourselves, venting our frustrations and sharing coping mechanisms. It's so odd to see something that started out as another post like that turn into something so much bigger. Odd and yet strangely hopeful as well.

And I'm with you about the assumptions being the most frustrating. It's a classic tactic in these kinds of debates, if you can assume the other side is young/stupid/bored/lazy/uneducated/just an angry loveless feminist/etc. you can justify dismissing their arguments out of hand without actually wasting time thinking about any of them.

I cannot prove it.

But after reading everything, it feels like it escalated this much not because of our initial reaction, but the hysterical defenses and troll attacks, bringing more attention, more awareness, more people looking not just at the statue, but the attitude of those defending it. The tagline of some of the trolls is YOU TOTALY ARE MAKING THE STATUE SELL OUT!!1111! YAY BOOBIES.

To which I have to say, thank you for making it so damn easy to prove our point. Please, keep doing so. But next time, please practice your grammar. And save some whales, dammit.

I really wish they didn't act like the spoke for all men

As a guy, I cringe at the whole male "how dare you complain!" reaction because it always goes like this:

Comix Dudes: (taking up most of the store) Boobies. Boobies. Boobies. Boobies. Boobies.

Comix Girls: (standing outside) Y'know that whole boobies thing really annoys me. (they talk amongst themselves)

One Comix Dude: (inappropriately loud and creepy) BOOOOOBIIEES.

Comix Girls: Okay, that was over the line.

[Some Comix Girls walk over to the guys]

Some Comix Girls: Hey, that last "Boobies" was way too creepy.

Comix Dudes: OMG HOW DARE YOU AHHHH boobies boobies boobies HEY WHAT IS HER PROBLEM boobies

[Dudes rush at the girls]


Comix Girls: Um, actually this was about excess...


Comix Girls: Look, can you just go back inside the store? Which you dominate?


I mean honestly, it's like they think even permitting women to express displeasure is the same as burning their entire She-Hulk collection or something. Last time I checked, freedom of speech works all ways and free speech doesn't mean "free of other people calling you a sexist buffoon."

Re: I really wish they didn't act like the spoke for all men

I'm seriously amazed at the fact that in a lj of all places, far, far away from the normal shores of fanboy comicdom, they chose to try to make their point.

It was, in short, about the equivalent of Napolean and Waterloo. But it did have death threats and rape comparisons, so I have to give them marks for artistry. Though I do wish more had learned the art of using the return key between paragraphs.

I seriously think at least a couple of them are convinced that cooties is spread by keyboard. It's very, very disturbing.

::is so proud of the internets right now::
Seriously, when I saw this story hit feministe I was really, really pleased. I never expected it to go further than that.

Thank you for the links! (and you too, liviapenn.

No thnx necessary . . . LINKS are MY LiFe!