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The Toybox

people for the conservation of limited amounts of indignation

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children of dune - leto 1
devildoll made the New York Post.

Linked in her lj.

Okay, *that* is awesome.

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She and logansrogue should get medals for fangirl excellence or something. (Also, that article is kind of amazing. 'Canadian lass'?)

Yeah. *winces* Canadian lass.

Otherwise, rock on. Seriously, *ten pages* back on google and I'm still running into new blogs on it.

I also love how Nancy's picture is basically *everywhere*.

I don't like the article at all, it misses the point in favor of cutesy word-play and it suggests that the people who do not like the statue are going overboard (they're "steamed") over what the author seems to suggest is a merely "sensuous" statue. It's about the anger, not about *why* people are angry.

And I hope this PR doesn't give those idiots at Sideshow the idea that they can do a second run & sell yet more of these fugly things.

Hmm. I'm not going to disagree it was treated fluffy, but from the first paragraph, it was sympathetic to the outrage, though granted, it felt a little condescending at times. That to me was more the writer's attitude toward the group in an internet medium rather than the subject.

*shakes tiny fist* One day, non-net people will stop doing that.

New York Post! Awesome indeed!

As usual you were the one that pointed me to the interesting stuff going on. Of course that's why I friended you in the first place and you are rapidly becoming my favourite "friended".

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