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in the annals of the weird
children of dune - leto 1
What the heck moment.

Every once in a while, I google seperis to see what comes up. As one does. Today, discovered two new things.

One, it shows up in Malaysian messageboards as a non-name.

Two, it shows up in Kurdish messageboards. Again, not as a name.

Okay, I swear, I *made it up*. It's a thing made from Cipris in Melanie Rawn's books. Yet here it is. And I have no idea what it means.

Also, an Egypitan deity, though I have no idea which one.

*blank look*

What if it means "person who eats rabbits"?

*very worried*

P.S. - there's also a programmer out there named Elian Seperis. A *family* of Seperis's. Every time I google, I think, God. I am so sorry, Seperis family.

ETA: Seriously. What if it means rabbit-eater????

ETA 2: Because Ami totaly said I was lying on the Egyptian deity front: http://www.unrv.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=2761

This is not encouraging.

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And, apparently, a Croatian cardinal (though I believe that's a declension, as his name, if memory serves, was actually Franjo Seper).

I believe I've also seen it as a Greek surname :)

Oh God.

*buries head somewhere*

Obviously it's always risky to rely on online dictionaries when you're totally clueless about a language, but if you look up "rabbit" in a Malay-English dictionary it gives you "amab", and "makan" for "to eat" (and a number of other results apparently there's many different words for whether you eat greedily, gluttonously or just a little, but none look similar to your pseud) and when you do that for Kurdish it gives you "kêvrîşk" for rabbit and "xwarin" or "bixwe" for "to eat" so I think you're save?

Actually, rabbit in Malay is arnab. :)


(Deleted comment)
*grins* It's surreal as heck.


You know I once thought I totally made up the word Eleusis for an old screename on AOL and it turned out to be the gate to hell in Greek. That was a fairly amusing thing for me to find out.

I am sure it does not mean rabbit eater. In as much as I don't think the Egyptian had rabbits?

Let us hope not. I will not worry. Yet.

Language freak here. I own 70+ foreign language dictionaries. I know I'm a dork. I did my own googling, found a common phrase "seperis" is used in among Malaysian sentences: "tinggal seperis aku tuk"

Malay dictionary says...
tinggal = (1)to live (2)to leave (3)to stay behind (4)to be left
aku = me, I

Couldn't find a straight sample of "seperis" or "tuk" in dictionaries, but since those appear to be conjugations of other words, these are the nearest matches...

skilled workman

to change; to exchange


tukar ganti
to substitute

a hammer

My guess is it's one of the verbs.

Then "seperis" close ones...

(1)to chew (of betel leaf) (2)scattered

(1)to slap (2)to kick

a section only

half; semi

What does all this mean? Quite possibly nothing! But it was fun! By the way, betel leaves (the only way seperis means you're eating SOMETHING) are a commonly chewed medicinal plant in Asia: stimulant, antiseptic, breath-freshener, aphrodisiac, relief of headaches/arthritis/joint pain, antibiotic, indigestion aide, laxative for constipation, decongestant, aid to lactation, or as just a way to break the ice in an awkward conversation. Hehehehe. Or...if you're in need of a bride in Vietnam...you can get one from the girl's parents in exchange for betel leaves and areca nuts!

*dies* God. Breathmint.

Thank you!

If it has no other meaning, I think we should start translating it as "a deadly addiction to Twitter".

*is of no help at all*

I totally made up my name too, and then found out that it wasn't as made up as I thought.

There are some butterfly's named paraka, which there apparently was a Star Trek episode about. :P I also had this random guy named Steve Paraka e-mailing me to ask if we were related :P

I've also found my name in some sort of prayers. Isn't it fun when you find out what some people may interpret you name as?

God, yes. It's *surreal*. *shakes head*

I love it. A Star Trek ep *and* a butterfly *and* prayers. That is totally a jackpot.

I was curious enough to google your name too, and I think I found the messageboard you're referring to. In any case, to be more accurate, the posters in the forum is speaking in Sarawakian slang, so speaking as a West Coast West Malaysian person with no knowledge of street slang of East Malaysians... I cannot help you. :) And the official Malay dictionary is no help either. Neither is further googling and reading, because I cannot parse the context in which the word is used. Though my Sabahan friend thinks it might refer to some mode of transportation.

(ok, now would be a good time for a Sarawakian to jump in and point out the error of my ways. ^^)

(context: Sabah and Sarawak are two states in East Malaysia, part of Borneo; Peninsula Malaysia is also known as West Malaysia, and that would be the part of Malaysia "above Singapore, and below Thailand". :D)

Seperis is not an Egyptian god, so you're safe with that! The Graeco-Roman god who is the husband of Isis is Sarapis/Serapis (a combination of Osiris and the Apis-Bull). (I could talk about this for days but won't.) It looks like someone just typed it wrong on the link above.

I *wondered*. I went through, like most kids, a *huge* Egyptian history period, and that deity? Never showed up. It was surreal, especially when linked with Isis.

East Malaysian here, pointed over by shusu.

The word might be Iban (also the name of a major native race in Sarawak). I think the general language in that forum is street Sarawakian or Bahasa Sarawak - a fusion of Malay and Iban. I recognise some of the words as Malay but I don't know what the rest means.

I don't know what 'seperis' is, but from the context I'm guessing it's an emotion. It could be a variation of "(se)perit" (Malay), which means a feeling of distress or heartbreak. I'll go ask an Iban person at work later.

"tinggal seperis aku tuk" could mean "leaving me [in pain] like this".

In this context:

tinggal = leave
aku = me
tuk = this
seperis = ?

Ergo, there's no eating rabbits. Maybe just torturing them.

Thank you very much! I found this site: http://www.pegari.com.my/sepil_iban.htm

But I didn't have a lot of context for what I was looking at. And honestly, I cannot figure out how I got here. It definitely wasn't off google, but for the life of me, I can't remember how.

Thank you very much.

Hmm. Seperis = distress. That's oddly accurate.

"ETA: Seriously. What if it means rabbit-eater????"

Er...don't tell the rabbits? ;)

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