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The Toybox

people for the conservation of limited amounts of indignation

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seriously, i am so enthused!
children of dune - leto 1
For those with a deep and powerful need to geek out on twitter.

Seriously. This is so *cool*.

We live in twittery times. Yes indeed.

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Oh fair purveyor of the cracktastic...
damn you


I actually am fighting the urge to go update my memory of javascript here. I feel like a junkie.

*eyes twitter refresh longingly*

*joins twitter*
*friends seperis*
*refreshes compulsively*
*invites other people who spend too much time on PC*

Have you found a Twitter client (for Windows) yet?

I haven't tried to use one yet. *thoughtful* Though I'm thinking of adding the google plugin tomorrow to see what it does.

Do you use the Firefox browser? Because there's a cute little addon called Twitterbar that lets you write a Twitter post (I'm having MAJOR resistence to calling them Tweets, even though I'm trying - but it's *conforming* so maybe no) in your Firefox address bar and then click this little tiny symbol and it posts it - and opens your Twitter homepage so you can observe what's happening.

All the clients I've investigated so far have required some *other* thing to be on the computer in order to work and I ... it ... just not geek enough (computer-wise) to get into something that complicated.

I see you got yourself a picture on Twitter - for future reference, it will take an LJ icon and resize it for its own use. I was seeing it would work (experimenting/being lazy), using my current default icon, and it did!

Finally - HUMMUS! *bwa-ha-ha* ::hmm, now I'm hungry::

(Deleted comment)

Twitter - crack for the aimless days

You can set the refresh period from the toolbar. The default for both the public and firends timeline is 2 minutes (the same as the web interface)

Steven Hodson
Author of TwitBox

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